Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Spring Fling - Let's Perk Things Up

 We are now in meteorological spring!  Solstice comes latter in the month.  The down under is now into fall.  They are looking forward to cooler temps and relief from the heat and we are looking forward to warmer temps and less snow and frigid weather!

Either way - it is now time to perk things up.  Change is always a way to brighten a day.  Adding color and texture - flowers and plants - just changing up the decor a bit with the seasons can truly brighten the mood.
It is time to work on that spring cleaning again and time to work on decluttering again.
Let's make our homes all pretty and spiffy!
Here are some ideas!!

Do you have any old wooden chairs that need spiffed up?  Whether for indoors or outdoors - go a little crazy.  Paint in fun patterns and wild colors!  Think 'Mary  Englebreit'.  I have had some old outdoor chairs I have painted over the years and used for plant stands.  I have an old chair I am planning to paint for use inside just to brighten a room.  Get creative - there are no rules.  You can also make cushions with all kinds of fabric used together for the same effect.  You can also do tables the same way.  Oh my, have fun with it!!!!!!
             Not my picture!  I just love this.  You can use any colors and just have fun!

Use old baskets - I often throw baskets in the shower or hose them down outside in the summer to clean.  Let them dry and use as is - or PAINT them.  You can really jazz them up.  Use ribbons or material as accents.  Place pretty country napkins inside before using.  You can make all old baskets new and exciting again.

Outdoor pillows or cushions - these can be perked up with new coverings.  If you want them water proof  - think about getting vinyl table cloths and use that as your material.  Those can be purchased cheapy at thrift stores or a discount stores.  

Paint flower pots to brighten them up.  Bright colors and fun designs.

Inside - update or change up a dull old lampshade.  Add silk flowers, buttons, material - you name it.  You can paint bases and add fun things to shades.  I used to have a floor lamp (low watt bulb) that was just dull.  I draped a pretty scarf over the top and the light was diffused and so pretty.
                                    Again - not my picture.  Get creative!!!!!!

Make your storage look pretty and you don't have to hide it away.  Totes or even shoe boxes or any type of box can be used as stores.  You can cover any box with gift wrap, pretty copy paper, comics, material, contact paper, etc.  Another fun effect is using jute rope or twine and wrap boxes partially with it.  Looks so cute (and helps keep it sturdy).  You can use old cereal boxes - cut to use for magazine holders or office storage.  12 pack pop boxes - make great storage for cans in pantry.  Any larger carboard box (diapers, delivery boxes, shoe boxes) make great storage for all kinds of things.

Recover throw pillows - use a bright color to add a pop of color.  Change out table linens.  You can always go back to your duller colors come winter ( or not).  Play with texture and color.

Paint an accent wall in a room.  It sure can change the look of a room - with just a little effort and a little money.  You may already have paint on hand.

An old step ladder can make a great plant stand.  You can paint in a fun color or leave it looking distressed.  I had one for years in my flower garden that worked to add height and fun to the garden.

Think about painting a 'barn quilt' for your outdoor space.  These are just so neat.  They can be placed on the garage, storage shed, wooden fence, the house or patio - they are just so pretty and add whimsy.
Any old wood you have can be turned into a barn quilt piece.  They can be simple as you like or a complicated pattern.  

                                                               Not my pictures.
They can be big or small.  I am definitely going to do this this year.  That will be a spring/summer project.  I am a huge lover of whimsy and color outdoors and this fits right in.

Paint the front door and new and exciting color.  Maybe paint shutters a different color.  Spray paint accent tables or patio furniture.

A little paint and a little imagination can change your outdoor scenery OR you indoor look.  It doesn't have to cost much - but it can sure brighten a day (or season).
So take time - look around - and make a change or two.  It may just be the mood booster you need!

                   Using different items in new ways - in past years before I got my big geni
                                                  Pops of color in years past.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


  1. All great ideas. I love the two pictures from your yard. The purple chair is so adorable.

    1. Thanks. It was an indoor chair that I found in the trash! It lasted a couple years outdoors. All it cost was a little paint I had on hand.

  2. Your yard is beautiful, Cheryl.

    Speaking of vinyl table cloths, We always look for these after a holiday to get them on clearance because they are so cheap at those times.

    1. Vinyl cloths are so great and inexpensive.
      Thank you so much!

  3. Great ideas! I am in the mood for Spring cleaning and more decluttering. I like to move furniture around and then change up things like cushion covers and throws to make things look fresher. I also keep a lot of different prints that I swap out for different seasons - I used to try and do it all in a few days but now I take my time and try to actually enjoy the process.

    1. Thanks. It does really make you feel better. I plan on cleaning more and more de-cluttering too. I have some areas I want to paint as well. Going to change out the cover on the couch. Just little things makes a difference.
      Have fun!!!

  4. Once I heal up it will be back to decluttering and planning the garden. Perhaps even starting a few plants.

    I love that chair!!! So bright and fun.

    God bless.

    1. Take care of yourself first - that is most important!!!
      Isn't it a fun chair? I love it too.

  5. What great ideas! I have some old adoration chairs out front that need to be sanded down. I may just do a really bright chair like that and also some pots! How fun! I wish we lived close to each other. We could have so much fun.

    1. Oh, do it!!!! It sure does brighten up an area.
      I know - I wish we had our little community close at hand - so we could get together and do things with and for one another.

  6. I loved those last two pictures. At first I thought they were from a magazine, then realized it was your yard. Wow, so pretty. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thank you! It changes each year out there.
      Hope you found something to use!

  7. I love your garden pictures! Lots of good ideas here!

    Off to get my mammo today. The last time we slid into the ditch. Hopefully nothing will go awry today.

    Enjoy this beautiful sunshine!

    1. Thanks,
      Hope all goes well today!!
      Beautiful day!

  8. I love all these ideas. I have a barn quilt on my fence. My sis in law paints things like the first chair photo. So cute and whimsical! My front porch wreath and flag still look like winter. I hope to work on those today!

    1. Oh how neat. I want to make a barn quilt this summer.
      I spruced my doors up a bit - more to do.
      Have a good day.

  9. Think Mary Englebreit! says it all!!!!!!!!!!

    🌸 🌷 🌺

  10. Trying to comment again ;) Last one went 'poof!'. Anyhoo, I love the purple you painted your garden chair! And your gardens are lovely. Those wooden quilts are so cool on the barns. I'm wanting to learn some simple macramé to hang up some little plants...sounds fun, cheap and not too complicated.
    Take care!