Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Problem Solving 101 at my house

 We all have those weeks - when things just don't go as planned.  Those who are living alone for the first time realize how much dependence was put on another opinion!  I used to always ask hubs for advice or "how to" do something.  Now I have to figure it out - as most often I am not going to bother someone else.  It sure is exasperating at times.

This week I have done some small problem solving.  Nothing big at all - but just using the old noggin!  

I mentioned a while back my frig was leaking - and I got to looking underneath and boy did it need cleaned under there.  Well, that stopped it and now it was leaking again (just a little).  Hmmm - looked and not dirty yet.  So I decided to trouble shoot online and see what I could find.  Found the exact problem in the exact spot as mine and the answer!!
It appears that the defrost fan line of the freezer was likely blocked and frozen up.  WHY?  It didn't have the air flow it should have had.  If you look inside the freezer you will see where the fan is and then look in the frig (inside & on back) and you will see the continuation of it.  They both need to be clear of items!  Mine were both packed solid with stuff right up and over.
                                This is vent/fan in freezer - it needs to be clear of items
Mine was packed up against this - so I moved items and left the area open, as well as directly below in the frig.  Nothing blocking.  It took a couple days for the blockage to melt - but now all is clear and there is no more leaking!!!  Makes a lot of sense really.  Never block a fan!  
The leakage happens because the tube that runs to drip pan underneath is frozen do to not having proper air flow - so water is diverted (according to online - always the front right side - when looking at frig).  I could have tried a hair drier - but wasn't that brave, beside the tube is way at the back & underneath.
Sometimes trouble shooting on the computer sure does come in handy.  Saved me a big expense (at least for now).

My current glasses have driven me crazy since I bought them. I have never had so much trouble with a pair of glasses in my life.   I have adjusted and re-adjusted.  Regardless of what I did - every time I bent over, they wanted to fall off.  Well, that is sure annoying!!!  The other day it hit me - they needed some kind of non-skid stop on the ear pieces.
I happened to remember I had a pack of tiny rubber bands that I have had for ages (I think for crafts).  I got one out and wrapped it around the ear piece about 3-4 times.  You can't see it, as my hair covers it.  I did that to both sides and BOOM it worked.  No more slippage.  I can lean over and bob my head and no more slipping!!!
I got the bands (a pack of 500) for a $1 so needless to say a cheap fix!!!!!
                                                      Tiny rubber bands.  Tiny but mighty!

Working in the kitchen cleaning the other day I decided the cabinets needed a good polishing.  That led to cleaning out under the sink to find the polish!!!     You know how it goes - one thing leads to another.  Well, I was out of my normal cabinet polish.  CRUD!!  BUT, I had other stuff and got creative.  I always have Old English on hand - light and dark.  Light colored, I have bottles and bottles of - I was given a bunch many years back.  Dark is hard to come by around here now days.  For my cabinets the  light is too light and dark is too dark - so I mixed them!  Just a little of the dark oil added to the light worked perfectly.  Now I have cabinet polish to use for a long time!!!!!
                          Have loved this stuff for eons!  Sure covers up blemishes on wood.
They still look pretty darn great for being over 33 years old.  They just get better with age.

Another thing I have in the planning is, prettifying my outdoor flower pots.  I went out to the shed looking around the other and I have 3 or 4 new ones to use in storage.  Pretty colors.  I love pots with color.  Most of mine have been used for several years now and have totally faded.
Not being one to just go out and buy a bunch of new ones (these work fine) - I had a brain storm!!!!
PAINT.  I have lots of partial cans of Krylon spray paint that can be used on plastic.  I decided once it warms more and before I plant the pots - I am going to do a tie dye effect on them.  Yep, I will use different colors and swirl and blotch it to look like tie dye.  I think it will be cool looking.  NO ONE will have pots like mine!!!!!!  I like different and original - so that is my plan.  I can't wait to do it and take pictures to show you.  Wish me luck!

I have one more problem I am currently working - and before I brag - I want to see how it works out.
"It's always something" as Rosana Rosana Dana used to say!!!  LOL

Some days we all just get so frustrated and tested.  It can knock you down if you let it.
Breathe - take a moment to clear your head - then research and think outside the box a little.  Get a little creative.  If there is a will - there is a way -  hopefully without spending a fortune.
Happy problem solving!!


  1. Your cabinets are beautiful..I can't believe they are older. With staying at home more we are getting a lot of things accomplished. Can't wait to hear about your next project.

    1. Thank you. I still love them after all these years.
      It is amazing what we can get done when staying home!

  2. Great ideas,thanks Cheryl! I've used spray paint over the years to revive and make many things "new" again. I think your pots will be unique and lovely!

    My new favorite wood/furniture polish is Scott's Liquid Gold. It has done wonders to anything wood in my home! I bought it a couple months ago, after hearing good reviews about it and I've already used at least half the can! It also has a light almond scent that smells so good! Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. I have used that in the past as well. I some how found myself out of all the usual stuff. This worked so I am OK.

  3. Don't block fans! Ahhh, those little things, which are common sense, but we forget!!!!

    Speaking of blocked, do people remember to check the place,on the outside, where their dryer exhaust comes out????? Lint can build up there, and it's dangerous.

    My glasses slip too. Need some tiny rubber bands. But, last time I tried to get regular rubber bands, I could not find them!!!!! Crazy but so. Must look again.

    Thank you for your last paragraph! It is Wisdom!


    1. Yep the things we should know - yet still do. Sigh!!!!
      Oh yes, on the drier vent - lint build-up can cause fires.
      I got the little bands a long time ago at the dollar store I think. My try there.

      We all get so flustered at times - but life has a way of taking care of itself with a little trial and error.

  4. Your kitchen cupboards look beautiful. I so remember Rosana Dana, she was one of my favorites.

    1. Thank you. She was my favorite and I use that phrase a lot in my life. She was just the funniest person.

  5. You are a clever gal! The Urban Farmer checks our refrigerators and freezer for airflow. Glad you were able to suss out what you needed to fix the leaking problem. Same way with the Old English polish! When I had a housecleaning business, one client kept the red Old English for me to use on her rosewood furniture. We have some older pots that could use a shot of paint. All good ideas!

    1. Thanks. I figure if I can fix something myself or re do something, why not.
      A shot of paint can brighten up all kinds of things!!

  6. Good work Cheryl! I love the idea of the spray painted pots - they'll definitely add some additional color to your garden.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thanks - I think they may turn out pretty. Conversation starter at any means!! LOL
      Take care

  7. Your wood cabinets look great! What a great solution to falling glasses, too :).
    Wonderful you found the solution on-line to fixing your's such a satisfying feeling.

    1. Yes mam. I get so frustrated at times and being alone just exasperates that - so when I can come up with a solution and it works - I feel a bit better.