Sunday, March 14, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/14

 Well happy Sunday to all.  Hope you are all well and doing good.
Doing well here.  Spring is for sure in the air in my part of the world.  I have daffodils and lillies and hyacinths peeking their green heads out about 4". 
I saw the first Robin, brown headed cowbird, and red winged black birds of the season all on Monday.  Robins are now every where.  I have birdies nesting in the overhang on the front porch.  Yep, spring is closing in!!!
Heck I have even seen flies and a stink bug already!

Took this picture through the window the other day. Momma cat, squirrel and Blackie (you can't see him to the right) were all enjoying the warmth and sun on the front porch together!  So cute how the co-exist!

My week:
  • Paid all the bills and balanced the checkbook
  • Did a root touch up on my hair
  • Started working on spring cleaning - did a lot in the kitchen.  Cleaned out under the sink base - UGH - it becomes a catch all.  Polished the cabinets.  Fixed the leak in frig.  Started cleaning out other drawers
  • Got outside on nice days and worked on the big flower garden in back, up against the house.  Just pulling out the dead stuff I didn't get to last fall.
  • Made up a new jug of OJ from concentrate
  • Set up date for this week to get taxes done
  • Cooked up an entire package of bacon
  • We had an exceptionally windy day this week and trash galore was blowing all around.  I went out and picked up a big bag of trash from my yard, the neighbor's front, the alley and the front sidewalk.  Grrrr - wish people would take care of their trash properly!!!!
  • Scoured all the water bowls and birdbaths
  • I did go out one day.  I stopped at Big Lots - didn't find what I was looking for - but I did get 4 gifts at 90% off!!  WOOHOO!  I got 2 scarf wraps - each cost me 1.50!  2 Sherpa pullover tops - each for 1.80!  YAY
          These are just really neat - great replacement for a jacket on a chilly night.
                                              These are the fuzziest and softest tops!
  • I then ran 2 blocks up the road to Kroger.  I got salad veggies and 2 heads of cabbage (will last me a long while).  I did find some markdowns there as well.  Bread, bagels, 3 jars of peanut butter and yummy jelly filled donuts!
       2 jars are Jiff and the 1.19 jar is Kroger honey blended peanut butter.  YUM
  • I went to a house warming event for my great niece yesterday.  Her and her hubs bought their first home and they had a nice little event.  They have a HUGE back yard - which will be great for the dogs and their son - even a creek running through it and a tree climbing tree!
  • Just doing all the normal stuff.  Nothing much exciting happening here!
  • Got to open windows and doors several days and air the house.  That has been nice
Meals this past week:
Tamales and a salad
Fish sticks, tator rounds and side salad
Pizza (from what I froze last week)
Cheesy broccoli rice and salad
Bacon, egg, cheese soft 'tacos'
Can of Beef-a-roni  - and some goodies at the house warming 

Snacked on cheese/crackers, oranges, donuts

How was your week?  Is spring or fall staring to appear in your area?  We have so many from both hemispheres - it is neat to hear what is going on.   Did you get any frugal deals this week?
Have you started any garden seeds/plants yet?  None here - still a bit early.
I truly love hearing from you all - we have so many new folks commenting lately and I love it!!

I pray for health and healing for all.  May you and your families all be safe.  
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a man who is perverse in speech, and is a fool.
It is not good for a man to be without knowledge, and he who makes haste with his feet misses his way.
Proverbs 19:1-2


  1. It has warmed up here and I am loving it. What good deals you were able to pick up at Kroger. Bailey saw a stinkbug here the other day and knew it was time for warm weather. LOL

    1. Thanks. I hate those dinosaur looking bugs! Don't squish one - they DO stink.
      Loving warmer days.

  2. Spring has sprung here! Lots of crocuses blooming, robins galore, red-wing blackbirds. Birds are courting and starting to nest. Daffodils and iris are coming up. Yay Spring!
    Wrist is healing. Going to PT twice a week and doing it at home 3x/day. They took the stitches out Tuesday, and I nearly fainted! The incision is not completely closed, so I go back in 3 weeks.
    The medical bills will be coming soon. Sure glad we have good insurance, though it will still be well over $1000 out of pocket. Used up the health reimbursement fund, so we'll be paying over $50/mth for our Rx copays the rest of the year, too. This is the type of emergency we save for.
    Lots of reading, a few walks around the block, a trip to Aldi this past week. No sewing etc. yet. Made a crockpot casserole with meatballs last weekend. This week is chicken breasts in the crockpot to be served with Bob Evans mashed potatoes and a jar of gravy. Will freeze the extra cooked chicken for future pot pies when I can lift heavier things in and out of the oven again.
    Not much frugality going on around here. Am trying watered-down shampoo in a liquid soap dispenser in the shower since trying to pour shampoo one handed isn't working very well. Reading library books and books I have on hand. Supplementing dishes with cheap paper plates since doing dishes one handed is very fatiguing. Driving only when necessary.
    I did buy an adaptive one-handed cutting board and a rocker knife so I can cut apples again. I sure did miss my daily apple!
    Hope everyone has a good week.

    1. Glad you are healing. I have never had stiches - but imagine removing them isn't pleasant.
      I guess a 1,000 is better than the whole amount. Maybe you will get the stimulus which will kind of replace those funds.
      Your meals sound yummy. I need to get chicken breast out this week and get creative.

      Glen had Ula (rocker knife) which really helped him a lot. He had one hand that was weaker than the other. I use it it a lot - those are nice.

      Take care and don't over do it. Enjoy the spring flowers and nature!

  3. Spring is looking closer to us as the weather is quite lovely. While it freezes overnight the day time highs are well above it. I expect our snow will be gone in the next week to ten days. Hooray!

    No robins here yet, but I think they will be here soon. Love the photo of the cat and squirrel.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. We are still having the occasional below freezing night as well. Maybe some freezing rain in the morning. I am sure we will still have some nasty and cold stuff - but less all the time!
      Glad your area is getting so much better too.
      Take it easy

  4. We have had some nice warm days here but today they are forecasting a little wintery weather. We'll see. I have continued my decluttering and we took two loads to the thrift store. So nice to get rid of things we have had in storage forever. We went to an estate sale the other day and I did buy a few things for the trailer, got some Corelle dishes, some plastic glasses 25 oz. some hand towels and 2 small bath towels for my hair. Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls that was fun. Our daffodils and crocus have been up this past week and I see signs of tulips out there too! Have a great day!

    1. YAY on the declutter!!! That is great. So happy you found some things you needed for the trailer. I can't wait for those kind of sales.
      Yum, the cinnamon rolls sound so good.
      I just walked about and saw some buds on daffodils. No blooms yet. I think we still have some nasty stuff coming as well. It is still March!
      I just don't want a repeat of last years freezing everything!!
      Have a fantastic day!

  5. It sure is nice to see some signs of spring! I noticed our daffodils and hyacinths coming up. Had have a few crocus come up. We got peas planted and getting ready to set out the kale plants that the Urban Farmer started in his garage garden.

    The house wrens are using the birdhouse they have used the last few years. An Eastern Bluebird couple have claimed the other house. We may try out hand at making some birdhouses.

    We got a variety of flyers yesterday and one was from the new Rural King that will open in Avon in a couple of weeks. Woohoo! No more driving to Greenwood for chicken supplies. They usually have a nice selection of annual flowers in the spring also.

    Happy to hear that Frances is doing much better!

    Going out to ready some of the raised beds for planting.

    1. Yes, it is very nice to see the greening of things. Grass is even greening up. Good going on your plantings.
      Love the birdies.
      Yay on getting a Rural King so much closer! That will be so handy for you! Love that store. They have a bit of everything.
      Have a good day.

  6. Same weather as you so still too soon to start seeds. My order did come in though so I'm looking forward to it. We were able to move the large rosemary bush back outside that wintered in the garage. It needed a good soaking and the rain this week seemed to perk it up a bit. Have a great week!!

    1. It won't be long! Good going on keeping the rosemary bush. The rain was really needed.
      Have a good one.

  7. Love the picture of Mama Cat. Her fur looks so thick, and I'd love to pet her. -smile-

    We are having teases of spring, but had snow shower this morning. It's just not fully here yet. As per usual.


    1. She has really thick fur and is so soft and squishy! She is a sweetheart.
      We may have sleet/snow/rain in the morning - so no it isn't over yet. Closer though!!!!!!

  8. We are having a windy & rainy weekend on the prairie. I'm still doing hay chores for dh. The rain made is much harder to see and the wind made pitching the hay harder this morning. But I saw the walking onions, day lilies, crocus are all up. Soon I'll be planting broccoli and cabbage.

    Frugal: We purchases a hog from a co-worker and it was taken in on Friday. Butcher called and it's ready to be picked up. I defrosted the upright freezer and organized. I'll still have to take some to DS. I'll post on my blog the final price per pound after we pay the butcher.
    I bought cabbage, broccoli, carrots and asparagus on sale. The asparagus I will finish eating this week and the rest will keep.

    1. I bet the weather has made your chores a lot harder and very uncomfortable too!
      I looked at asparagus - but it was really big and woody and it didn't appeal to me. I like the tender skinny young shoots. I do love some asparagus.
      YAY on the hog. That is great. You will be set for quite a while. I am sure the savings was pretty darn good too compared to store prices.

  9. I am always so happy to see you have put up a new blog post!
    This week was not frugal at all, dear husband had to have emergency surgery so there were several meals out, and parking on top of what the medical costs will be. He’s home now though, and I am so grateful. Today I spent part of the afternoon working on my mending pile. I fixed holes in four pairs of jeans for my husband and oldest son, mended a tear in a pillowcase and a tear in one of my daughters shirts. So that was nice.
    Thank you so much for your blog!

    1. I am so sorry your hubby had to have emergency surgery. I sure hope he is on the mend and doing better. Prayers for healing.
      I bet you are glad he is home.
      Those things happen and that is why we save and are frugal in other parts of our lives - you got this!
      Good going on mending. You need to come to my house!!!!

      Thank you for being here. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends here.

    2. Offering prayers for your husband's quick recovery.

  10. Sweet picture of the squirrel with the kitties. You got some screamin' deals at Big Lots and Kroger. Jif is my favorite peanut butter. Those sweaters and wraps will keep you nice and warm and you'll feel so smart every time you think how much you spent.
    Jelly doughnuts sound so good right now.
    It's been rainy here for a few days, which is so welcome. Our hyacinths are blooming to beat the band and our smooth agave cactus has shot up its stalk of blooms....pretty impressive-looking. Wish I could share a pic of it.
    Take care~
    Mary in San Diego

    1. I was pretty pleased with the deals. The donuts have been a real treat!
      I love hyacinths and they smell so wonderful. I bet that cactus is impressive.
      Have a great week.

  11. It has warmed up considerably here which makes going for a walk just wonderful. I have extended the distance, but will probably stick with this for awhile as I am awfully tired after.

    Worked on my cross stitch the last few days, and tomorrow I get to book Harvey an appointment for his first jab. Hopefully mine will be coming very soon.

    God bless.

    1. Glad to hear you are out an taking walks. Glad the weather is cooperating!
      I haven't cross stitched in years - that was such relaxing thing to do.

  12. The robins were here in SC about two and a half weeks ago for 2-3 days. I guess they were resting before moving on north. We always enjoy seeing them.

    1. I love them - it always means spring is just around the corner.
      I bet they are second thinking this morning. It is so windy and going to have a mix of weather.

  13. We had a very cold weekend here but that's okay, I tend towards cooler weather. Didn't get any frugal deals this week but we bought some delicious cinnamon rolls and decided to pick some up for our neighbors across the street as well. It made them happy, so it made us happy. Your great niece's house with a creek running through the back yard sounds wonderful. Stay safe.

    1. Oh why a treat and such a nice thing to do for the neighbors. I bet they were appreciated.
      It makes for a lovely first home, especially with a kiddo!

  14. Your cat looks just like my cat, so cute that she ignores the squirrels. We have daffodils blooming in the neighborhood.

    1. She really does ignore them - now if they get in her face, she will chase them, but never to hurt them.
      I can't wait to see flowers!

  15. I love the gifts you got at 90% off !

  16. I’ve been killing mosquitoes already!!!! But I’m excited for Spring. We really enjoy the birds and squirrels, too. I saw those clearance items at Big Lots and didn’t even think about gifts for next year!!! Good for you to pick up some things already!

    1. The dreaded mosquitoes - UGH. WOW
      I am excited for spring too - sure doesn't feel close today - it is C O L D!!!!

  17. You would think those stink bugs would die out in the cold but no they are back!
    Your birds sound beautiful.
    Housing prices just sky rocketed here within the last month or two. The problem with that is when you sell your home you are not able to get one that's comparable. So here we stay..good thing I like it. I'm glad the kids were able to find such a nice home.

    1. You would think a lot of nasty buggers would die - but noooo - guess that is why they have been around for millions of years.
      They are in an older neighborhood. I guess turnover here is very quick - seller's market for sure.

  18. Tulip trees and tulips and daffodils are blooming here.

    1. Oh how lovely. I can't wait to see pretty colors. I have a huge tulip tree in my back yard. It is messy, but always pretty.

  19. I love that picture of Mama Cat and the squirrel! When we had Mama Squirrel, she knew the difference between our two dogs...she knew to not mess with Keesha but knew she could walk right up to Shelby.