Sunday, January 16, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/16

 Happy Sunday to all.  Here we are midway through January already!!!!   I hope this finds everyone safe and warm and healthy.  There has been a lot of nasty weather out there (all over) and cold temperatures.  I sure hope you have all managed well through it.

We have had cold days and nights and warmer days.  We have been in what the weatherman calls a "snow hole".  All the snow has gone around us.  We got just a dusting Saturday morning.  Mind you I am not complaining at all!!!!!!  It has gotten what I consider plenty cold here - but again I shouldn't complain, as it is sooooo cold other places.
We are halfway through meteorological winter and have faired quite well.  I think my count is correct - 56 days till we "spring forward" with the time change and 63 days until the equinox (SPRING).  Thinking back that Thanksgiving was over 50 days ago - it doesn't seem so bad.  Time goes so quickly.
I have noticed that the daylight hours have increased some.  It is light longer in the evening and a tad bit earlier in the mornings.

I have been dealing with a rash/hives for over a week.  I have no idea what has caused this.  I have changed nothing, used nothing, nor ate or drank anything different.  All I know that at times the itch has been so intense!!  Benadryl finally helped ease it.  It is doing some better.  Weird how it just popped up.
Oh well, such is life!  If that is all I have wrong - well, I can't complain.

My week has been super quiet.  Nothing exciting or big here.  That is OK.  
  • I filled up some seasoning jars and bouillon jars up.
  • Restocked all the feed containers with stock on hand.  Squirrels and birds have been eating a lot
  • Using Soda Stream and flavor packs and drinking water
  • Have been cleaning door jams, windowsills and woodwork preparing for repainting them.  I have the paint - just need to motivate myself!!!!
  • Laundry all done and all the winter jackets and sweatshirts (daily wear ones) have been laundered
  • No shopping
  • I have been using leftovers, and bits and bobs from freezer and pantry again.  Used 2 very small, pre-cooked pork chops in a meal (2), a single smoked sausage, home canned sauces, pre-cooked fried chicken (homemade), kraut in frig (from making Reubens) just all from my stock I have here.  
  • Doing all the normal daily things we all do
See nothing exciting at all

Meals this past week:
Leftover lasagna
Pork (chops/diced) Mexican rice bowl
Loaded nachos - made w/leftover rice bowl stuff 
Fried chicken breast and leg (from freezer) and veggies and dip (still left from holidays)
Fish, quartered potato and lima beans
Kraut, smoked sausage and mashed potatoes
Pasta, ground beef, zucchini (freezer) pizza flavored skillet
SNACKS - almonds, cereal and fruit

Very basic meals - yet they have all been tasty.  Using what I have and not making even the slightest dent in stocks.  It sure goes to show that I have a tendency to shop too often!

How has your week been?  Have you gotten any of the nasty/cold/snowy weather?  If so, I hope you are safe.  Have you been shopping or getting deals?  Using what you have?  Give us a shout out and let us know what is going on in your part of the world!

Please stay safe, healthy and warm this coming week.  My prayers go out for all and your families.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

So faith, hope. love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 14:13

Lord, help us to love everyone.  It is so hard to do today, there is so much strife and wickedness in the world.  Help us to turn our hearts to love and to turn our eyes and hearts to You.  May we forgive and go forward with the faith that You have us in Your loving and protective hands and that You are our one hope.  Amen


  1. Sometimes those weeks where nothing exciting happens are the best weeks of all. Just living life. I hope you have another good week this week too, Cheryl.

    1. I kind of think so too. Just the simple life.
      Have a good one and thanks!

  2. It sounds like you have a good week as have I. The weather here had been in thw 70's and we have had a cold front this weekend that brought us down to the 30's. I like cold weather so I am happy.

    I am sorry to hear about your rash, maybe you just need extra lotion, when the cold comes and we also run our heaters it has the tendency to dry out of skin. I know you know this but may have not used extra, sometimes I forget.
    See you on Tuesday!

    1. Glad you had a good week as well. I am not a fan of cold - but can tolerate it. Heck I have lived here my whole life - so I should be used to it!
      I think that may be some of it. I do need to use more lotion. I have been finally realizing that towards the end of the week!
      Have a good one!

  3. You had a great week -except for the rash. Our temp this morning is zero˚F. I am so sick of winter and, like you, know it is only part way over. Keep that count-down clock running and keep us posted! lol.

    Have a great frugal week! Hugs- Diana

    1. Brrrrr. We weren't that cold, thank goodness.
      I will - I am so ready for spring. LOL
      Have a good one.

  4. We're having a normal-for-us winter in my part of the NorthWest. It would be lovely to get some fresh snow to go along with the cold temps however. Surely it will come?

    -mac n' cheese with steamed broccoli and some diced ham from the freezer.

    -pot of chili Friday. Out of the freezer----3 bags of stewed tomatoes, partial bag of diced green peppers, partial bag of smoked Hatch chilis that we grew and smoked and a bag of shredded zucchini-also from the garden.

    -oatmeal buckwheat pancakes and threw in the remains of a bag of blueberries found in the back of the freezer.

    -today we will eat the last 2 pieces of hash brown casserole from the freezer.

    -Today I'll make a pot of split pea soup. Hamhocks, sliced ham, another ham bone, all from the freezer.

    -half loaf of rye bread I'd made a few weeks ago was pulled from the freezer. Love rye toast! We'll finish that tomorrow for breaky.

    All of the ziploc bags except 1 survived, have been washed/dried and are back in circulation!! Big win saving the earth 😀

    I went to the store Friday for milk-I had used the last of the carton dated 12/30. That's what I love about organic milk. It easily stays good for 2 weeks beyond best-by date.

    I'm working on a quilt that is 2/3 donated "waste HSTs (half square triangles) received in the mail 4? years ago. I'm having fun with this and adding maybe 2 yards of my own fabric to it.

    Glad you got that rash controlled. Very strange how it came up.

    Happy Sunday!😀

    1. Your menu sounds very good and YAY for that freezer! I forgot I did wash a couple of baggies too. Why not?
      I keep my milk at the back of frig and it always lasts longer than it should.
      Your quilt sound fun and pretty neat. Great way to use it up!!
      Have a great day!

  5. We woke up to six inches of snow this morning and now we have switched over to freezing rain with 30 mph winds. This is not good. Just hoping the power stays on! We had a big hot breakfast and then I loaded the crockpot with potato soup.

    Our sick baby grandson is due to go home from the hospital today. I sure do appreciate the prayers for him.

    We ran to the discount store on Friday after I saw them post on Facebook that they had our favorite pizza kits in stock. Two crusts, sauce and cheese packets for 2.99. Also sour cream for 50 cents with a couple of months left on the date. cases of hummus for $1! They also had cases of edible cookie dough tubs for $1. I looked online hoping there was a hack to be able to bake those but could not find any information on it. Grocery store shelves were pretty much cleared here ahead of the storm but they were well stocked.

    Apparently it is not uncommon to get a rash after a Covid vaccine but I don't know your stand on that and don't want to start a discussion or tell you my opinion lest someone take offense. Rashes sure are difficult to sort out. I am glad you are getting some relief!

    1. Oh I am so glad to hear that your grandson is coming home! I have meant to ask all week, but was almost afraid to. Praise the Lord.
      Your weather sounds icky! What deals at the discount store. WOW. For $1, I think I would experiment a little on baking up something. Surely there is a way.
      All they have to do is mention snow around here and the shelves are empty. I can understand it.

      I feel pretty confident now thinking on it, it is probably just really dry skin. I dry out terribly in winter. I am feeling much better.
      Have a great week

  6. My neighbour tested positive on Friday and she was here Wednesday so im staying at home and testing each day. Thankfully negative. A tad boring even tho I've plenty to do.

    1. Hope you stay healthy and don't get sick. HUGS.
      I had someone in my home right after Christmas that found out the next day their child had it (they live together). Luckily all is good for both of us.
      Being home all the time is old hat for me - so it wouldn't bother me. You must be a goer!!!! Take care and check in and let us know.
      Have a good week

  7. Quiet and basic makes for a very GOOD week, Cheryl. We've had a busy week. More busy-ness to come (with a few road trips) as our retirement move time gets closer. Lots to do!

    I'm so glad to hear about Lana's baby grandson. Continued prayers.

    As for the rash/hives, you might try no dyes or perfume everything for awhile and see if it helps. I developed rash/hives issues about a decade ago and had to go that route, and a few years ago, my mom (in her 80s) was also determined to have developed sudden allergies. In both cases, as soon as we went no dye/perfume laundry products, shampoo, soap, deodorant, lotions, etc. it cleared up and has stayed gone. Saying a prayer yours is an easy fix, too. --Elise

    1. I already use the 'fragrance, dye free' stuff. Have for years. I am very allergic to perfumes on my skin. I use the hypo allergenic items as well.

      I bet you do have a lot to take care of with the move. I envy you and I don't! LOL! Love that you are getting out and away, but would sure hate to move. Slow and steady!
      Have a great week

  8. Quiet is good. I'm hoping that is what this upcoming week will be after a busy one this week.

    I hope the rash/itch are gone, never to return.

    Have a good week!

    1. I think quiet is pretty good too. I'd rather it be that than crazy.
      Me too - never to return!
      Thanks. You have a good one.

  9. Prepared for Snowmageddon here, expecting over 9". I may have to break my rule of no shoveling (instituted after falling and breaking my wrist while shoveling last year) because we'll be plowed in.

    Lots of sewing/quilting and genealogy lately. Reading in the evenings. Walking the trail when weather permits.

    Took Husband with me to the bank this week so he could chat with the ladies. It was his first outing since a November haircut. He used his walker but was still worn out by the time we got home.

    Been trying to stay frugal, though it is getting harder with all the price increases. Our natural gas went up 20% (the cost-of-gas component went up 60%!). Internet went up $3. Electricity is going up over 5%. Rent increases $24 in March. Don't even get me started on groceries! No shopping beyond necessities. Tried something new thinking I would save money and had a "frugal fail". (Cheryl, sharing frugal failures would be a great topic some time. Might be enlightening for frugal newbies to see that we make mistakes, too.)

    Your meals sound delicious! We're still getting the free food on Tuesdays, though they have gone to preparing food boxes instead of letting people select what they want. This keeps the volunteers out of the weather except for putting boxes in the back of cars. It is also more fair to those who aren't first in line. Getting a box sight unseen makes for some interesting meals sometimes. This week's main dinner will be chicken pot pie made with donated canned chicken. I also received a pumpkin/chocolate chunk cookie mix that I will be making for desserts.

    The number and appetite of the birds at my feeders says we're going to get hammered. After the snow temps will be as low as the single digits this week. However, I received my first seed catalog a couple of weeks ago, so Spring can't be that far away!

    1. Hi - so glad to see you post!
      I sure hope you don't get that much snow. Goodness. I hope some kind-hearted person comes by and helps you out.
      Yes, inflation has really hit hard. SO many reasons for it - and doubtful that any of it goes back down.

      I like the frugal fails idea - may have to do that.

      It is nice that you are getting a free meal once a week - that has to help. So nice for the volunteers to help out. Chicken pot pie sounds tasty.
      I sure hope you stay in and stay safe. I don't want you getting yourself hurt again.
      Spring isn't that far off - we can do this!!!!!
      Have a great and safe week!

  10. Happy to hear that Lana's grandbaby is coming home. The Father is good!

    Hives are no fun at all. I had them several years ago and wound up in the emergency room twice. The second time the doctor gave me an epinephrine injection.

    We had kraut one day this week with fried cottage potatoes and black eyed peas. Finished off chili by putting it over baked potatoes. Going to put a boneless turkey breast in the sous vide in the morning. The consensus among users that it's a good thing. We shall see.

    Our 91 year old neighbor got out his snow blower for that half inch of snow we got. Bob likes things neat and tidy.

    Frances had a good idea: frugal fails. There are time when something seems like a good idea and isn't.

    Stay warm. Hope most of the bad stuff skips us this year.

    1. I thought of everything, including shingles - but I do believe just dry skin. It is much better so far today.
      Your meals all sound good.
      You got a 1/2"? We barely got a dusting here. I won't be sad if snow misses all winter!

      Have a good one

  11. How lovely you had a quiet week. Quiet weeks are a balm for the soul.

    God bless.

    1. I agree. I did a lot of thinking, planning, reading and resting. ALL good!

  12. Tommy said it was raining and snowing. Of course, nothing stuck. We have been eating the same, lots of bits and leftovers. Of course, it is all nutritious and leftovers. I need to cook bscb again. I think it might get to freezing tonight...cold and wet. I have not even stuck my head out of the house today.

    1. We probably won't get to freezing (32) today. Tomorrow will be decent then a big cold front comes in.
      No need to go out is not necessary!
      Have a good one.

  13. Sorry you are going through a hives episode. Could be stress. We're all going through some kind of stress living in these crazy times. I hope it clears up soon. I had them a few years ago. Took a couple of weeks and they were gone. No snow for us. I hope soon though. I would love a good snowstorm before winter ends. We always seem to be in a "snow hole" too. But I'm still hopeful ;-).

    1. I am much better today, thanks. It seemed the itching just turned off yesterday for some reason!
      If you want snow, I hope you see some. I am not much of a fan. It is pretty - just too much work.
      Have a good day

  14. Hives are the worst. Especially if you don't know what is causing them. Take care.

  15. Hives are so awful! I break out in them spontaneously from time to time and always keep a tube of cortisone cream on hand because of it. Benadryl is definitely helpful as well. I'm so sorry you're suffering!

    Nothing big going on here, just doing our best to stay safe while still keeping our sanity! It hasn't been super cold here, just in the 20's (and without wind, which makes a HUGE difference!), and with a fresh coat of snow over the old icy yuck, so we've been able to get out for walks, which has been really nice!

    Stay safe and have a wonderful week!

    1. Yeah, last week was pretty nasty for me. Geesh the itch was horrible. This week I am doing so much better. Thanks
      @0's and 30's here as well - the wind does make a difference. I guess it is to be expected this time of the year!
      Glad you are getting out and walking some. Being out, even in the cold, helps.
      Have a good one

  16. I read this the other day...of course I thought of Roger. When his itch first started and you told him really, really helped. Then it got till it didn't work so well. Well, I picked up Sarna at Walmart and it really helps. But I could not think for the life of me what it was. Couldn't think how to look it up since I could remember the name. And sitting here just now I thought go to walmart and type 'itch' in the search and that is how I found it.

    So if it flares up again, you could try that.

  17. I hear you on barely making a dent on pantry/freezer meals. We've stocked up well and I cook from our pantry/freezer but I still have no room on the shelves. Almost like God is repeating the loaves and fish. :)