Sunday, January 23, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/23

 Happy Sunday to all.  My goodness, this month is flying by.  Another week and it is gone!!!!  I hope this finds you all well and safe and warm.  
Cold weather seems to have permeated much of the country.  We are finally having some winter here.  This morning we are seeing a few flurries, maybe an 1".  If we get an inch, that will be our biggest snow of the winter so far!!!!  Crazy winter for sure.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining!
We have had some sunshine this week, which is so much appreciated, because it has been cold.  January is our darkest month, so sun is wonderful.  We sure have been having a big, bright full moon lately.  It has been amazing to see.

I tell you it has been another quiet week for me.  I do believe my get up and go has got up and went!  I have no desire to do much.  I do go outside every day, several times, so I get fresh air and sunshine when I can.  Maybe I need to go somewhere (other than outside), but have no desire for that either.  January is always a blah month for me.  I always have a ton of plans - then the month passes and not much gets done.  I do believe it is a seasonal or moon thing.  I will get my mojo back soon!

This week:
  • Again, using from pantry and freezer and using up all leftovers in new ways
  • Paid all the bills I had
  • I did order the FREE C tests - but I still am not sure why.  If I am sick with ANYTHING - I will not be out and about or around anyone and there isn't anything much that can be done other than resting, fluids, and vitamins.  BUT I ordered them!
  • I did spend parts of a couple days downstairs trying to get the craft area and gift, wrapping and storage area back in shape from after the holidays.  I don't think I made much progress - just relocating things!
  • Ran by the PO and dropped off mail
  • Ran to Kroger on my outing to PO.  First time to grocery this month.  I got a lot more cat food (dry and wet) I get it when I can.  I also got fresh goods - broccoli, radishes, mini sweet peppers, lettuce, 2 kinds of tomatoes, 8 lb. oranges, 5 lb. grapefruit, lots of bananas, milk, bread, 1/2 ga. ice cream.  I also got more eye drops and 2 packs of RLS tabs ($20) and found a bottle of Airborne on clearance for 3.99 (reg. 14.99) - spent about $90.  Not bad for the entire month - shouldn't need to go again this month.
  • Made a small pot of split pea soup with various veggies, cooked up a lb. of sausage (froze most), fried a tin of Spam (froze some)
  • Doing all the normal stuff we all do.
Meals this past week:
Grilled burrito (stuffed w/leftovers) topped w/salad
Waffles (freezer), eggs and sausage patties
Pulled pork (freezer) soft tacos
Pasta with sauce and meatballs (meatballs from holidays/freezer)
Tamales over rice
Split pea soup with bread and butter
Cheesy potatoes, Spam slices and salad

How was your week?  Any deals or bargains?  How is your weather?  Anyone else in a blah mood???
I hope you have all had a good week and continue to have another.
Well, looking out the window - the flurries have picked up and it is sticking - some big flakes!  Not predicting a lot, it is pretty, but YUK!  LOL

Stay safe, healthy and warm.  Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation.
Isaiah 12:2


  1. My son in Tennessee is having more snow this year than we are. We live in central Illinois. Erratic weather happening everywhere. We spend our days watching the geese on our frozen lake. Saw two fox scampering on the frozen water the other day. We also have felt the desire to go somewhere. But the question is where?.... So, we sit at home. I am considering making a "temperature quilt" this year, it has been so varied.

    1. It has been a weird winter. The snow here, stopped right after I posted - less than a 1/2".
      How cool on the fox and geese. I love watching wildlife. Last night I was outside about 6:15 and a flock of geese flew over just carrying on!
      I hear ya. Where? What to do in winter? At least a quilt will be useful!!!

  2. My hand shot up when you asked if anyone else is in a blah mood. As one friend once advised, I'm trying to settle into it and see where it takes me. Typically, my goal is to do something every day that needs doing and something that wants doing. I can usually get the needs done, i.e. meal prep (Italian skillet, borscht, green salad with chicken), housework (bare minimum), snow clearing (gets me outside daily), wood brought in (temps have increased to OC from -40C) but I feel despondent about anything else. I don't even have the gumption to make a to-do list. I take some solace in hygge and the increasing daylight and I will keep keeping on.

    1. So sorry! I am out every day taking care of animals. I do the daily work. Just don't feel the need for much else.
      That is cold!!!! ICK!
      YES the days are slowly getting more daylight hours and temps will go up soon.
      Hang in there!

  3. No shopping here at all this week so no bargains. But I guess that in itself is a bargain!

    The weather improved overnight so we're expecting a day near freezing, but back into the deep freeze again tonight. More snow too, but just a skiff this morning. I'll clear the driveway and sidewalks later today.

    Have a good week!

    1. No shopping is a money saver! You stay so cold there - I guess you must be used to it.
      Stay warm and safe

  4. My last grocery expense was a carton of milk on 1/14. We continue freezer/pantry eating.

    I had some waste though 😬 I had some clams I purchase last year or so and a can of coconut milk and decided those were next to use. Well, apparently I cannot tell time. The 2 cans of clams expired in 2012 and the coconut milk in 2014. I wasn't willing to trust those so down the drain they went. So sad. And a jar of plum sauce from a neighbor. Date? 2017. That too went down the drain. But that is the sum total of waste in January (and the 2 molded mushrooms last week). Yippee!!!!!!

    We've had some intermittent sunshine the last 2 days which is lovely. We get inversions here in this valley which keeps it cold, dry and gloomy.

    I've been working on quilt UFOs all week. 1 completely finished last night, 3 tops finished and another ready to assemble (needed to make 7 blocks and cut sashing) and 1 of those quilted and trimmed yesterday.

    1. Well I think you can be forgiven on the waste considering 10 years! LOL
      You are doing really well on the shopping and eating from what you have.
      Good job on the UFO's. I need to do that as well. SO many things I have need finished.
      Sun sure can make a difference.

  5. Happy Sunday! We got about 4-ish inches of snow overnight. Our neighbor very thoughtfully plowed out our driveway, so I'm grateful!

    This week, I came across about three-ish pounds of Brussels sprouts and three containers of mushrooms on the marked-down produce rack. Mushrooms have stopped going on sale here, so I was very happy to see all of this. This grocery store stopped doing the marked-down rack for a long time, but they recently started it up again and I'm taking FULL advantage!

    January is a tough month. It's cold, it's often too icy to go outside, and being stuck indoors with all the windows closed is a mood-killer. I've been doing my best to stay busy, but an awful lot of naps have happened as well. :)

    1. How nice of your neighbor!! Ours is gone already!!! That was much to do about nothing! LOL
      YAY for produce markdowns. Brussel sprouts are so good and they are usually pretty expensive. Good going! I would take advantage too.
      I have had more than my share of naps too. It is just that time of the year I guess.

  6. Yes I believe it's after the Holidays Blues. Not really warm enough to get in the yard to do anything either, just look out the window and see all the stuff that needs doing. We are getting my bathroom shower re-done, the pan on the bottom got a crack in it and we have had a time finding someone to commit to tiling it. So that is coming up probably in a couple of weeks after the tile comes in. We have been having inversions here also sometimes the sun peeks through in the afternoon, sometimes it's cold and foggy all day. I have been still going through totes from our move and found some things to put on my book case and finally found our barometer. On the wall now. I went to the store the other day but mostly for fresh stuff. When we went up to visit the kids we came back with lots of milk products from our Son, so I'm good for milk for quite a while. I have been really trying to be diligent on using up everything food wise. The birds are getting lots of bread these days!

    1. I think you are right. The holidays were really nice and got to enjoy so many people this year and now nothing. I go out to feed the cats and birds - then back in. Not doing anything out there - too cold.
      Great - glad to hear you are having that done. Hope it turns out beautifully.
      I am glad you have found some things you 'have been missing' for a while! It is time to enjoy them.
      Your son takes care of you with the milk products - that is neat. Good on using things up. I am trying to not waste things. My birds and squirrels get lots of stale goods that I may not eat - at least it gets used!

  7. It's a snowy Sunday here, as well, in SW suburban Chicago. Roughly 4" and still spitting some. Had to run my pup to the vet this morning for a follow-up visit and to get his rabies shot. The roads were terrible! But the homeowners association seems to be on top of it today, starting clean-up around 4:30 AM and are now doing driveways and sidewalks.

    I did a bit of grocery shopping this week, but stuck entirely to what was on my list. It added up, due to a refrigerator lightbulb, AAA batteries for my clock, and vitamins. Dairy was still slim pickings, with only fat free half & half, so I passed and will use milk in my coffee instead. Since I'm a household of one, I like the small tubes of Pillsbury biscuits -- only 4(?) to a package, but they've been out of stock for weeks. And the meat selection was pathetic. While they had a decent buy on chicken breasts ($1.99#/family pack), I have an ample supply in my freezer. But their beef selection was pathetic and limited to ground or steaks, no roasts or other cuts. I wanted to pick up a chuck roast for making pot roast, and/or some meat for making a stew. Sorry, not using porterhouse for that! When I got home, I had an email from a grocery chain that closed their location by me, but have numerous other locations in other suburban areas (5-10 miles away). They have a good sale this week that includes pretty much every item that I couldn't get. So, I may make a trek to the nearest store (~ 5 miles) mid-week to get those missing items. And, I'm beginning to re-think my allegiance to the major chain I've regularly shopped for the last 5 years. In the meantime, I'm shopping my refrig, freezer, and pantry first, making my menu plan around what I have on hand, even if it's not what I WANT to cook, and only purchasing essentials and perishable items. I've set a goal for my monthly grocery budget and I'm going to stick to it as closely as I can.

    1. Sorry you got so much snow and had to get out in it. The little bit we got, has already melted!
      Sorry you couldn't find so many things. I will go where I can find the best deals - no allegiance to one. You got to watch out for you.
      Good job sticking to your budget.

  8. Snowmageddon forecast for last weekend turned out to be a big bust, only 6.5". I'm not to get out on the ice & snow any more, so my driveway was not cleared at all. Fortunately, I have all-wheel-drive in my CRV and was able to get in and out of the driveway. We're getting another 2" today. The birds are eating me out of house and home!

    The four seasons around here are Garden Planning & Prep, Gardening, Garden Clean-up, and Quilting. I have been making lots of Project Linus quilts lately. Trying to unravel a really messed up family tree on FamilySearch. Two families with the same progenitor's name have been combined with disastrous results.

    Will be going to Aldi for a long list of items tomorrow. As the supply chain gets more restricted, I want to stock up on things I normally would be able to get as needed. The Tuesday food box has been pretty sparse lately, but we look at it as all a gift. Any food we don't have to pay for is a good thing.

    Like Lori K., I am menu planning from what I have on hand. I had some carrots in the fridge left from making stew a few weeks ago and had received a sweet potato in the Tuesday food box, so I chopped them up, threw them in the crock pot, and added a few Italian meatballs, chopped onion, chopped black olives, a can of garbanzo beans, seasoned tomatoes, tomato sauce, a can of mushrooms and some beef stock. It will make a nice, filling stew. I'll add corn (from a free can) to Husband's portion since I can't eat corn.

    Went to the library last week. Husband has been watching Jack Benny shows on a DVD from the library. I don't really watch, but can hear it from the sewing room. Nothing like good, clean, wholesome entertainment! I'm reading a Jack London anthology and a couple of books on the French Revolution.

    Got some free clothes this week. My mother sent me 9 knit tops, mostly long-sleeved. These were quite welcome with the frigid temps of the past week! She can't wear them any more because she broke her shoulder and upper right arm in a bad fall over a year ago. She was not a candidate for surgery, and didn't really do her rehab, so the shoulder has very limited mobility and she can't raise her right arm high enough to put clothing on over her head. Cheryl, I'm glad your sister is doing her rehab and getting better!

    We're having heavy snow right now. I'll be happy to box some up and send it to anyone who wants it LOL!

    1. the birds and squirrels here are eating a lot too! Poor babies can't find anything else.
      it is so nice that you do the Linus project. Oh no, a mix-up in the family tree can be disastrous and cause a lot of headaches!!!!
      I haven't been to Aldi in a while - may need to go there first of Feb. when I go back to store. Your stew sounds creative and yummy. Yes, those free items are always welcome. Any bit to save money.
      Glad you got some new tops. I am sorry your Mom had such an experience. I sure questioned why sis didn't have surgery and basically they said age! At least therapy is helping a lot and she is learning new ways to do things. I hope your Mom does OK.
      No thanks on the snow here!!!!!!

  9. First, I have to thank you for the wonderful hamburgers dipped-in-flour-before-frying idea!! Omgosh, 🤤 delicious! (like chicken-fried steak) I made some gravy with it and will make rice next time, too. Your mom must have been a great cook.
    Yes, I’ve been a little blah, too. But, today is better. Our weather couldn’t be more beautiful—sunshine, clear blue skies...cold at night, warming up in the daytime. I think it’s just a minor health issue I’ve been dealing with that’s been getting to me. I surely hope your mojo replaces your mope soon ;). I know you do keep on keeping on however you feel.
    Prayers and love to the kitties and for you. Thanks for your always-interesting posts...I look forward to them.

    1. So glad you tried it. My Momma was a fantastic cook - she could take the simplest things and make them special.
      Glad you like it!!!!
      I hope your health issues are nothing serious! Oh, I will get my mojo back. It just takes time.
      Thanks for being here!

  10. The snow this morning was pretty but I'm glad it didn't last. So grateful for the sunshine even though the temps are pretty cold.

    Glad to hear that your sister is adjusting to her new "normal". The Urban Farmer had shoulder surgery about 8 years ago and it took a while to gain his strength back.

    January has gone by pretty quickly. Hope February doesn't bring any surprises.

    Excellent Scripture!

    1. Yes I am glad it didn't last as well.
      It takes quite some time to get that strength back - if it ever comes back 100%.
      January has flown. I am just ready for spring!

  11. Raising my hand as to being in a blah mood here. I don't know if it is the mid winter blues, or Covid fatigue. I just don't have the interest in things this week (or month) that usually make me happy.

    After what was probably close to 8" of snow yesterday we are getting rain this evening. Guess I will not be taking a walk outside for awhile.

    God bless.

    1. Well, I think it is that time of the year for many. Just cloudier days and icky weather makes for blah days.

  12. I live in NW PA and our winter was also weird until last Monday. And we pretty much caught up in 1 day. We got 23 inches on Monday. Today we are getting a scattering. The bad thing was I was delaying digging the rest of my carrots and I am not sure if I will be able to find them now. OF course if I do it will probably be March.

    1. WOWZA that is crazy. Man, that is a lot in one day. That would be hard to figure out where to start digging out. I hope you have stayed safe and warm. I don't think I would be wanting to dig carrots in that kind of weather.
      Stay safe!!!!

  13. In the last week, the daytime temps were almost 80 and some days below freezing. No blahs here at all. I suppose my new recliners are keeping me pretty content. The fact I am taking Vit D and the days are getting longer helps my mood and energy.

    1. 80's sound heavenly. Glad you got some new scenery in your home and it gives you joy.
      I take all my vitamins - I stay healthy, but it doesn't really affect my mood. Plus I am outside every single day - so get plenty if sunshine.

  14. We just returned from a week long trip this evening, so I had to check your Sunday Wrap-Up. Since it was a week spent in hotels, no bargains of any kind, unless you include AAA discounts and racking up hotel membership points.

    The GREAT news of the week is our youngest son found a perfect little house he loves about 35 minutes from where we'll be moving to. He offered less than asking price and his offer was accepted! There's a full irrigation system in its back yard, a raised bed for vegetable gardening, a little workshop... it's just so darned cute!

    God bless everyone this week. --Elise

    1. WOOHOO!! That is fantastic for your son and you as well. His new home sounds perfect. Plenty of room for hobbies and food!
      Heck, all discounts add up. Glad you had a good trip and made it home safely.

  15. Our weather isn't too bad. Lots of sunshine but very cold. I do hope we get at least one snow before winter ends. No blah mood for me, probably cause I love winter. Definitely not a fan of summer. I don't like the heat. No real deals at the grocery store. We have all the food we need but loaded up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Those are the only things that don't keep and we definitely like to eat lots of fruits and vegetables with our meals so we stocked up for the week. I was also craving a pumpkin pie so had to pick one up too. Have a good week.

    1. I wish I like winter - I guess I never really have. I am more of a spring and fall kind of person.
      Fresh stock up is important - I did the same. It is nice to not need other things. Sounds like you are doing good. Have a good one.

  16. A very dark day here in NI.
    Did a little shop for groceries. I also put fuel in my car. In USA $ it is $7.46 for one gallon. Its very expensive here.

    1. Kind of cloudy here today as well. Those days sure don't do much to boost the mood!
      That is very expensive. I thought around $3 was too much here. Goodness, sometimes we just need to be thankful for what we have. Hoping that duel lasts for a while!

  17. Like much of the middle, our weather is wonky. High 50s today so I'm going out in a bit to soak up some sun. The Robins are around, which is just plain strange. We usually don't see them before early March. I suspect my bulbs are going to be a bust this year. They're probably already popping up, will bud, and then we'll get ice and kill them. Should be interesting!

    I wanted to comment on shortages here. Our Kroger aff. hasn't had qtips or cotton balls for months! And our Sam's hasn't had ground beef the last two times we went. Our Kroger aff had a B1G1 on roasts so I got 2. I think they were $7.49# so they came to about $3.75# in the end, which was decent. It's the best price I've seen this winter.
    My buddies in the Los Angeles area are always telling me about shortages.

    I love the peace and quiet that is January. I'm not a big holiday person and December is exhausting to me. Not because of what I have to do, but because everyone else is so rushed and harried....and rude!! I'm going to spend this year strategizing on how to avoid going into public from Thanksgiving to Christmas lol!!! When I was a single woman in my 20s and working 2 jobs that included. 2 hrs. of commuting daily, I was never frantic. In fact, that was the peak of my organized Christmas!!! I had everything bought, made, and wrapped by Halloween, but the two food items I made. My 2nd job required about 10-12 days of traveling between Thanksgiving and New Years, usually starting on Thanksgiving! I'd board the plane with addressed Christmas card envelopes and by the time we landed, I had written all my letters, signed the cards, etc. I usually dropped them in an airport mailbox and I was 99% done with Christmas prep. I'd spend a relaxing Sat making caramel corn and fudge, and then deliver about the 2nd week. I don't ever remember being snarly and biting like I see people today. If it's so miserable, forget about it and stay home, people!!! Anyhow, this is why I love the peace that is January!! The crazy energy in public decreases substantially and nobody rams their cart into the back of my ankles in a hurry!
    That REALLY hurts!

    I have been very productive this month! I've cleaned out a couple of rats nests of junk in the house and made extra space to LEAVE EMPTY! I've finished some old projects that needed doing and am hoping to finish much more.
    I've started making my Christmas cards for December and am working on a to do list to finish by Halloween.

    I don't feel blah, but I definitely enjoy a longer sleep at night at this time of year! A nice nap in the afternoon isnt unheard of either!!

    1. Robins already? WOW. We got to 38* today and tomorrow is to have a high of like 20*! Crazy weather for sure.
      Wow on the shortages. I haven't really found any on things I would want. That is a pretty darn good price on the roasts. Beef has really gone up.
      Pretty smart you were back in the day on the holidays. When I worked, I think I was more organized. Kind of nuts.
      I think people are totally rude today - no matter where you go and even on social media. They say and do things they would never have done before. It really makes me kind of sick. Just plain old rudeness.

      Good for you on getting stuff done. You should be proud. With animals there is no longer sleeps in the morning here. They eat at the same time all year. Naps - yep I do those once in a while.
      You sound like you are on your game this month - you go girl!

  18. January is always hard for me, as it is cold and dark and I do not like either. It always seems like a long month to me. But I am really trying not to wish time away, it is so easy to do. Just feel I need to appreciate each day I get.

    1. I think it is hard on many. It is almost over - so we will make it! Feb. a short month, will probably seem longer! LOL
      YES each day is a wonderful gift