Sunday, January 30, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/30

 Well, I say WOOHOO we have made it to the end of January!  Actually, we got more sun than I anticipated this month, but it has still been a gloomy one.  We got a half inch of snow on Friday.  February will start out warm here - then the bottom will drop out and it will be C O L D by next weekend, with sloppy, snowy weather coming.  YUK!  I guess it is all part of winter - just not the parts I like!  LOL
I guess I better get the snow shovel out!

We had some pretty darn cold days this past week.  The cats always amaze me.  The temps are so cold, but the sun is out - and they love it!  They just love sitting in the sun despite the temps.
I have had many, many cardinals back at around dusk every day.  I think the other evening I counted 6 pairs.  They are just so pretty.  The birds have sure been liking the heated birdbath for drinking.  The squirrels do to.
I see geese going over every evening as well.  They sure are noisy!

Another quiet week here.  I have just been blah lately.  This past week would have been anniversary week for G and I (36 years).  It just got me down a bit. (not looking for sympathy - it is just part of life).  Reminiscing a lot this week and looking at pics.  I am so grateful I can do that.  I think between the holidays being over, less sunshine, cold temps, and special days - I have just allowed myself to wallow!  Now it is time for another new month, and I WILL get myself and my mojo back!!!!!!!!!  Time to get out the big girl panties and get with it again!

My week:
  • I did have a neighbor come by and visit for a while.  It was nice to catch up
  • Did 2 weeks worth of laundry
  • Made a cake!  YUM
  • Worked on going through a lot of paperwork and started shredding a bunch of older stuff
  • NO shopping or leaving the house again this week
  • Been using the pantry and freezer stock again this week and using up leftovers
  • Made a batch of drop biscuits
  • Doing all the normal stuff we all do each day 
  • Started boxing up some donation items - things I just don't need.  I have so much stuff to go.
Meals this past week:
Leftover split pea soup
Cheesy potatoes, steak burger and salad
Broccoli rice and chicken tenders
Hard shell tacos
Homemade pizza with all kinds of stuff added
Air fried fish, fries and baked beans
Biscuits and sausage gravy
                                                         Drop biscuits - so fluffy and light

Well, there you have it.  Not much going on here.  How has it been in your neighborhood?  Any deals or frugal finds this week?  
I seemed to spend most of my time going out and visiting/feeding my kitties, watching birds and squirrels, thinking of food (LOL!), and watching some You Tube.  Soooooo exiting!  NOT
Give us a shout and let us know how your week was.
I hope this finds you all well and safe.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Fear not, for I am with you. be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.
Isaiah 41:10


  1. So cold here, too. We did go to the grocery store and out for BBQ which was delicious. Other than that it is home and under a blanket when sitting to stay warm. It is crazy how much I think about food, too. Eat one meal and start thinking about the next one. It's a full time job!

    1. LOL - Glen used to do that. We would finish a meal and he would be asking about the next. I used to tell him he was crazy - NOW I do it!!!!!
      Stay warm!!!!

    2. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 30, 2022 at 10:51 AM

      You guys are making me laugh about nthe food thing. Some years ago, when my parents and friend's parents were alive, I made a hearing observation. When I asked my mom about her day, it was all about what she ate and what she was gonna make for dinner. Near the same time, my friends parents went to the Super Bowl. I asked her mom about it and she barely mentioned the game!! It was all about how good the bbq was in that particular city, the wonderful hotel brunch, and the tailgate party nachos! Again, I spoke to a relative returning from a cruise to Greece and all she spoke of was the food! Both on the ship and in port. I so clearly remember telling my friend that the highlights of everything after 60 is the food! My friend and I just laughed while we compared stories. She added that her parents had just returned from New Orleans and all they talked about was the biengnets <----no idea how to spell them! Not a word about the city lol!!
      I'll have to mention to her that 60 is coming up fast lol....

    3. That is funny. It does seem to be how many people are. Even those not 60! My nephew went to a resort in the sun and warm and that's all they talked about - food and drinks.
      We are what we eat!!!!!!!!

    4. Have you noticed that people go on cruises and all they talk about is the food?

      My parents were both obsessed with what they ate. My mother used to call me every . single . day to tell me what she had eaten/would be eating, complete with how she cooked it. She also went on endlessly about her kitchen gadgets, especially the little fold-up steamer thingie. This is probably why I don't really care what I eat. PS We had smokie hotdogs on hamburger buns for lunch, LOL. No idea yet what's for dinner.

    5. I guess maybe because cruises serve so much food - from what I hear!!! It is funny, that it is a focus of conversations.
      Way to use what you have. I bet it was good and wouldn't have tasted a bit better on a hotdog bun!

  2. We don't see cardinals here and they are so pretty.

    Anniversaries always bring up emotions. That's okay because it is a reminder of how deeply we loved someone.

    Just a quick comment on your response to my post in case you don't see my answer. The court case you mentioned relates to businesses in the U.S. This doesn't affect cross border entry rules. In fact, there are many countries in the world that require certain vaccines for entry. Also, our unvaxxed drivers can continue to drive within Canada, it is the U.S. that is not permitting them to enter your country and vice versa, unvaxxed drivers from the U.S. cannot enter Canada but can drive in the U.S.

    1. I do believe that is right - anniversaries, birthdays, etc. just reminders of 'deep love'.
      I love cardinals - they are so pretty and really neat to see against the snow!

  3. First, you're in my prayers regularly, Cheryl. Your blog truly is a bright spot in my life and I look forward to your posts. Do you think those of us who meal plan and cook think of food all the time as part of our job description? I wonder.

    Yesterday I made about 6 cups of super concentrated chicken bone broth for the freezer. Cold weather = soup/stew time and my freezer stock was low. The freezer is, however, fully stocked with recent meat bargains that ought to see us through February.

    Last week I nabbed very cheap prices on packets of Hallmark Valentine's cards this week and just got them sent out to family, friends and (especially) widows and singles I know. It can be a tough holiday for some.

    Speaking of which, we're encountering more frustration with getting our new home on the acre we own. Specifically contractors NOT returning calls or texts. We need a new bid now, since silence meant the 1st one (accepted/contracted) expired with nothing done. ARGH. We may have to move in with our son for awhile and pay for storage if things don't improve soon, but I'm not giving up. --Elise

    1. I don't know about everyone else - but I seem to think about food a lot in the winter! LOL
      Chicken broth - golden nectar! So good.
      How nice of you on sending the Valentine cards.

      I guess I didn't realize you were building. (?) I thought you were buying an existing home. Now I see you own the land - so must be building. That has to be frustrating for you. So sorry you are having to go through all this to get your dream! Seems kind of unfair. NO - don't ever give up!
      AT least you have an option at this point.

    2. We bought the land outright and went with a manufactured home that was finished and has been sitting on the home sales lot since late fall. It's one of the reasons for our trip 2 weeks ago... trying to get something moving. The land just needs graded, a foundation poured and utility lines run to the foundation before the house can be set in place and finish work done. I'd *thought* this would be easier than a site build. LOL! It's been more than a year of hassle, but yes, when our son's house buy closes, we at least have a place to be. --Elise

    3. Oh wow, what a mess. You would have thought (I see you did) that the process would have been easier and shorter. Man, what a mess. I sure hope you get it settled soon.

    4. Yup. And thank you. What's the old saying? "Life is messy. Handle with prayer."

  4. Yes, that would be very hard, that anniversary and right after Christmas and in winter.

    One thing that is giving me joy is something very simple. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and looked forward to that one special tv program. I've *so* been enjoying the 'All Creatures Great and Small' on pbs on Sunday night. The last week's episode starts in the evening (not sure what time) and the new episode starts at 8pm. I'm enjoying it so much and never thought a simple tv program could bring me so much joy, just like a little kid. *big smile*

    It's great you had a neighbor stop by, that makes us feel more community doesn't it? We don't want too much but every now and then it's nice right?

    Take care now, loved the scripture, you will be in my prayers. xo

    1. Simple things can bring a lot of joy. I will have to check that out - sounds lovely.
      Yes, the few neighbors who are friendly and talk - don't see each other much in the winter. Most people are so transient any more.
      Thank you!

    2. Just the sweet stories and the scenery...Oh my goodness, it's wonderful! I adore that show! lol Most of it is from the book by James Herriott which is a true story of his veterinarian years when young and onward. It has romance in a nice way, animals, ...adorable personalities and a little pekinese names "Tricki Woo" who they are trying to get the wealthy owner to tame his treats down a bit. ; ) It's just a wonderful show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! : )

    3. Oh. And it makes me laugh! *big smile*

  5. Greetings from the Chicagoland area. It certainly was downright brutal this past week, and snowy, too. While the official measure for my suburb was 1.5", we had at least 4" here. In the early mornings, pup would go out and down one step and water the dead hydrangeas. Once it warmed up a little, he'd then want to walk and do a complete job. That worked for me! We should be around freezing today and into the 40s tomorrow, then back into the lower temps with what could be a major snowstorm mid- to late week.

    I've been working my pantry and freezer this past week and I was thankful to have that bounty. Groceries have been primarily perishables (dairy and vegs) and dog food. I've been keeping a tally of spending and will run my tallys tomorrow to see how closely I've come to what I had set for myself. Kind of using the old "envelope" system without the envelopes. I read something this morning about February, which gives me hope. In Feb., we start gaining more light, leading the way into the warmer temperatures that will follow. So, even if we still have snow and cold temps in Feb., that additional light is to remind us of better weather and warmer days ahead. I'll be opening that reminder "gift" every morning in the coming month!

    1. I don't blame the poor pup. Who would want to do their business in that!
      Temps kind of the same here this week. Warmer today through Tuesday then boom baby! Rain, turning to mix and then snow. No one will say what they think we might get.
      Days are already longer that I have noticed. Dark comes later. It won't be long and we will all be complaining about heat!
      Stay safe

  6. Debby in Kansas, I'm another one who thinks a lot about food. And that's one of the things that draws me to your blog, Cheryl. You elevate the ordinary and food prep is necessary to the daily routine. In retirement, I'm able to do it more mindfully vs on-the-run. There's leftover beef stroganoff/egg noodles, corn salad & turkey soup in the fridge. I used frozen leftover turkey & dressing in the soup. Delicious! I've been threatening to make raspberry pie for months and it finally happened this past week. And, yes, I will eat that pie myself, one slice at a time. One pie was taken to my neighbors. I got to watch their 7 mo old while they worked cattle. I always get the easy job there. I've been walking 1-2 miles daily and got the ice on the sidewalk managed at my mom's house. 2 appointments this week - hair cut & oil change in the car. I'm working through Michelle Obama's book, Becoming and the Downton Abbey series. I'm late to the party on both of those. Love Downton Abbey. I'm enjoying the longer daylight hours and the glorious sun rises.

    1. I mean what else is there in the winter? Right? FOOD!! LOL
      Raspberry pie sounds so yummy. I haven't had one in ages.
      Lucky you to get baby snuggles!
      Stay safe while out running. Yes sunrises and sunsets have been magnificent.

  7. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 30, 2022 at 11:11 AM

    Your outside sounds much like mine. So much activity and the heated bird bath is the busiest spot. We've gotten a lot of bluebirds and red headed woodpeckers of some sort. We have 4 feeders set up and give the squirrels pecans from our friend's farm. In exchange, they give me and my doggy loads of entertainment and relaxation. I love to watch them all.

    I think anniversaries always bring up memories. I try and think of happy things but it doesn't always work. I think it's pretty normal. Gosh, I remember being in line at the market and the woman behind me opened her purse. The smell of Juicy Fruit gum wafted out and my eyes just filled up in an instant. That's what my Grandma's purse always smelled like! If it's not one thing, it'll be something else. Those we've loved and lost are never far.

    I love drop biscuits!! Especially with jelly, right out of the oven!! Yum! I might have to make some this week. They'll be tasty with soup...and sandplum jam of course!!

    1. I just love watching nature. So many lovely creatures to see.
      Yes, we wouldn't be sentimental if we hadn't loved them. I guess it is quite a testimony to our feelings for those not on earth any longer.
      Drop biscuits are my favorite way to make biscuits. Mmmmm warm with jelly - may be a snack today!

    2. Debby, good to see you posting here again! I'd wondered how you were doing.

    3. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 30, 2022 at 3:16 PM

      That's so sweet Frances! Thank you. I didn't have posting access for the longest time! I was so excited when it was back!

  8. It’s been cold and snowy here too. I love it when the sun is shining and the cats want to get out and lay in it. My neighbors dogs love to lay in the sunshine too. Sounds like you had a really good week, I hope this week is extra good to you.

    1. I guess we all love the sunshine!!!! Big and little animals alike!
      Thanks - I hope you have a great one.

  9. A slow, cozy week here. A little snow and very cold temps (-5F one morning). I finally had to shovel my driveway myself; no impecunious teenagers around here. We're to get into the 40s for a couple of days, so that should melt what's left of the snow in the driveway. Unfortunately, this warm-up is to be followed by ice and more snow later in the week. Will be topping off the groceries on Wednesday. Lots of birds at the feeding station today. The poor male cardinals are starting to get amorous and the females are having none of it. Lots of fights to establish the pecking order. Seeing numerous goldfinches, house finches, titmice, chickadees, carolina wrens, red-bellied woodpeckers, blue jays, song sparrows, house sparrows, and doves today. They know the bad weather is coming. I trust their forecast more than the weatherman's.

    Got our paperwork together to start the income taxes this week. I keep a checklist of all of the 1099s etc. that we are expecting, put them in a special file as we receive them, and will know when we have everything. I also like to annually update a spreadsheet I created that lets us know our net worth. Always good to have a handle on your finances.

    Lots of quilting, crocheting, reading, and genealogy this week. Baked chocolate/chocolate chip cookies. Used dutched cocoa to make them extra rich and decadent.

    About 3 lbs of chicken breast (frozen, on sale) is in the crockpot with chicken stock. We'll have chicken with mashed potatoes (dug out of the bottom of the freezer) and jar gravy (on sale) a couple of days this week. Some of the rest of the chicken will be frozen for a future pot pie, and the rest along with the broth will go for chicken noodle soup in the future. Treated ourselves to hamburgers last night, again, from the freezer. Much better than restaurant food.

    1. Your upcoming weather sounds much like what they are predicting here. Yes, nature sure knows the weather. They prepare.
      Doen's seem like kids have been around to shovel for a few years. I used to get an older guy to come by - but no kids. So sad.
      I think I finally have everything for taxes - I will check this week. No big hurry.
      Chicken sounds good - that will make a lot of wonderful meals for sure. I have gotten to where I don't even think about restaurant food. It never tastes as good as home-made and Lord only knows what goes on in those places. I am with you - eat at home!

  10. WE have had way too much sub-zero weather this year. I am already over winter and it is still January! Thank you for always sharing what is happening at your home! xo Diana

    1. I am over winter too. Come on spring!!!
      Thanks for following along!!!

  11. Winter is a time to think about food (and eating!), and spring and summer is about planting and harvesting food. I am not looking forward to the cold temps that are coming. Those poor folks on the east coast are really buried in snow.

    Significant anniversaries are always difficult when the loved one is not with us.

    "Fear not", that is such an excellent promise to hold close.

    1. I do believe you are right - so we tend to think of food in some way all year!
      No I am not looking forward to the end of the week. AT least it won't be as bad as others are getting.
      A wonderful promise.

  12. 60s today, so no bad weather. I have thawed fajita meat, 3 lbs ground beef, and two pork tenderloins to cook. I suppose we will eat well. I am going to get a bird feeder for us, but it will be a bit before we will be getting one.

    1. 60's sound heavenly! I guess you will eat good. That is a lot of yummy.
      Feeders give so much enjoyment.

  13. I’ve been blah too. I made myself a list last week, which helped a little to get my chores done. I, too, spend a lot of time watching for cats to feed. Lol are we cat ladies now?

    1. YES we are the cat ladies!!! I have been called that many times. A title I love!
      Feel better.

  14. You know I think a lot of us get blah in January and having an anniversary of a loved ones death does not help. But I have you and you have me so we are going to be blah together and that is okay.

    1. Yes indeed it is OK. I feel for you - you went through a lot. We have this!!!! HUGS

  15. Its nice you can look back at your memories. I find it difficult to look at our holiday photos. In April he will be two years gone. ( what month did G die) We were married 56yrs but life is getting on ok. I fill my days well and keep hiding from covid. Just when my friends are getting better my 18 months old great grandson tested positive. I was not in contact with him thankfully

    Very sharp wind here today but sun was outvthis morning. Looks like rain. Got all my laundry dry outside today. Never put it in dryer.

    Well i did do a big shop yesterday. I do it at the end of the month. I do a lot of batch cooking and then i always have something at hand

    1. Glen passed in April as well. The 23rd - my Mommas birthday also. Miss them all so much. Daddy's birthday would have been the 24th of April. That is a tough time for me.
      56 years is a long time. All we can do is go forward.

      I stay in for the same reasons. Careful when I do go out.
      Take care and HUGS!

  16. There is no shame is feeling a little blue while remembering. I'm glad you get out in the fresh air and sunshine. That always helps me too.
    I love that you take care of yourself with good food. So many elder singles eat "junk" or don't eat well at all. I keep telling my kids that if I go first, they must check on their dad. He's not a great one for cooking and would just eat chips and bread.
    PS Your dad's bday is the same day as my DH.