Sunday, August 7, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 8/7

 Happy Sunday all.  One week of August over already!  It will be September before you know it. It is hot here again - hoping for better temps and humidity this upcoming week.  We did get some rain as well, so that helped things a bit.  I think it sure made the Robins happy, as I saw them out there yanking up worms!!  Poor birds have been pecking away at the 'cement' dirt for ages!

We had a couple cooler days and the outdoor kitties sure did love them.  Lounging out on the front porch and in the glider and just hanging out on the back walk.  Usually they are finding some cool place to honker down for the afternoon.  Can't say that I blame them.

This week I got to enjoy an old classic from the 40's that I just adore.  The Secret Garden.  It is just the most lovely movie.  I just happened upon it last Sunday on TV.  I think it is one of my favorite old movies.

These 'secret ladies' popped up in my garden this week!!!!  I just love them.  I always feel mom and daddy are here with me when they bloom.  Such a shame we only get a few days, once a year, to enjoy them.

I got a lovely card and letter from a reader this week. Shout out to Cindy W from WV.  Your card and note were lovely, I was really touched by it.  She is having a hard time trying to figure out how to post - if anyone can offer tips, it would be appreciated.  I think one needs a Gmail account - but I am not sure if that is all true.  Can you guys offer her some advice?  Please and thanks!

Kind of a quiet week here.
  • I went out and cleaned out the front flowerbed and walk area and then the side of the house - of all the spent spiderwort plants.  Sure makes a difference
  • I went to lunch with a very long-time friend.  We probably haven't seen each other in 10 years except on FB.  We started working together back in the 70's.  Had a great time catching up and spent the afternoon going to antique shops in the area (a new thing).  Seemed like the old days!
  • I followed a friend to the mechanic shop and then took him back another day to get his car.
  • I got new wiper blades for the Blazer and got them on!  What a difference they make
  • Harvest - tomatoes, cucumbers - (got my first big one), cherry tomatoes, okra and peppers - zucchini seem to be done
I get a bowl like this or bigger every day of cherry tomatoes.  They are growing crazy good!  Gosh, good thing I love them and eat them like candy all day long!!!!!!!
  • I did make a run to Kroger.  I got a seedless watermelon for 2.49, bananas, 2 - milk 1.29/half, 4 huge rolls of paper towels for 5.49 (Brawny) that will last all year, and some cat treats.  I also got a few markdowns that were nice!
4 pack of lettuce - 1.39, French bread - .99, 2 - 2packs of individual sirloin steaks for 3.99, and some tasty donuts for 1.29 (my treat)

I have already made one 'bunch' of lettuce last for 3 meals.  The bread will be 4 meals of French bread pizza for a crust of .25 each!  All other ingredients from what I have.
The steaks are perfect size for me (not a big steak eater).  That is $2 a meal for a steak dinner!!!  NOT BAD!!!!!
  • While out I did stop and fill my gas tank.  I got gas for 3.89/gallon.  Not great, but better than it has been.
  • Made plans for a Menard's trip for today.  I am getting a light for out back and made a list of other items to get there as well.  I don't go often, so I will get all I need.
  • Just general cleaning - dusting and vacuuming.  That is about it on cleaning, the house never gets messy
Meals this past week:
Leftover zucchini/rice/cheese and a tomato sandwich
Fish, fries and cucumbers
OUT TO LUNCH it was yummy.  Went to a tea house called Rustic Root. Def. a girly place!
Big plate of cut up veggies and ranch dressing
Ham, cheese and veggie sandwich
Italian bread pizza
Taco salad
SNACKS - lone pork chop leftover, watermelon, banana, sweets

French bread pizza - 1/4 loaf.  Used all things I had open/cut in the frig for toppings!  It sure was tasty!

How was your week?  Did you all find any bargains?  Are you canning or freezing?  I know some of you are - so far I haven't had enough to can with - just eat and share with neighbors.  I am really enjoying eating a lot of fresh goodies.
Give us a shout out.  I love hearing from you all.

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.  For he who sows to own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption; but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. And let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.  So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.
Galatians 6:7-10

Lord, we thank you for this week and for all our blessings big and small.  Help us to continue to be our best selves and to be humble servants of Thy word.


  1. Good morning! Dawn is trying hard to light up a dark, very cloudy sky today. Up very early again. Seems you were, too, Cheryl. LOVE those surprise lilies! So pretty.

    If I don't sign into my G-mail account first, I can still post comments as "anonymous" it seems. There's a little menu bar that drops down when you click on the comment button. Blogger seems to have changed this up a few months ago.

    It was a solid, steady week. Nothing exciting. I consider that a very GOOD thing these days. There are more canned goods in the pantry (using $5 off $25 coupons). Meals were quick, easy and nutritious. More work done inside and outside.

    My main concentration this week was going over our finances to develop a new budget now that hubby's SS is kicking in. Our water bill and electric bill for a full month, with central a/c, are at least $100 less than where we lived before; the electric is a few hundred less. We have propane gas and a septic system, eliminating those bills. Trash pick-up is roughly 1/3 of what it had been in CA. Our internet service is about $50 per month; no cable or landline phone on it, which makes a difference. Add the huge drop for housing costs and I can say that "downsizing" is a financial and emotional "upsizing" in a big, big way.

    I had to get very firm, even asking for a full refund, but the pellet stove we ordered/paid for in February will be here and installed within 2 weeks. None of what we've been going through has been easy, but by the grace of God, we're learning and gaining confidence each day. --Elise

    1. P.S. We do pay for propane, but with a 500 gallon tank, it should last a year by filling it with the annual July sale; it was $800 last month when filled.

    2. Hi, I agree with Elise. I am just commenting now as anonymous….I haven’t been able to “sign in” with my Google account, it never works for comments for me, so I just use anonymous and then add my name to the comment. However, maybe 10% of the blogs I read “require” signing into Google (this isn’t one of them) in which case I can’t comment. Hilogene in Az.

    3. Thanks gals for the advice - hopefully Cindy sees this and will be able to comment. Here's hoping.

    4. Elise, you have had quite the year - but golly, it sounds wonderful that all your bills have gone down. All sounds like a win-sin to me. You did good getting the $5 off coupon. Sounds like you have had good week.

  2. Good morning. It looks like it's going to be a wet one here, and the result will be cooler temps for a couple of days. My tip is to make sure you're logged in, and it you have the option to "keep me logged in", use it -- or use a password that you will remember.

    My week began with strong storms blowing through. They were strong enough to take one of my balcony boxes off the rail and down one story to the garage slab. Luckily, it landed on the side and I was able to salvage my basil and parsley plants. Only lost one geranium. Herbs are ready for another haircut, but I need to find some counter space for my dehydrator, first.

    I may have mentioned that I have a dear friend who is a self-taught home chef. He and his wife literally and figuratively fed me following my husband's passing. A couple of years ago, he indicated that he wanted to learn to can tomatoes, and thus began our canning journey. On Weds., he asked about going to get tomatoes -- even though he can't can until Tuesday. He wanted to make sure I had what I need, and "we can make another trip next week." We went on Thursday, and he drove. When we got to the farm, they had Roma seconds for $10 for a 20# box. Because of timing, I only got one box, and also 1/2 bushel of pickles, garlic (2 large heads for $1), green peppers (3 large / $1), sweet corn, and banana peppers (8 in a mesh bag $1). My friend got a bag of tomatillos for $1 and garlic, as well, and insisted on paying for my tomatoes. At his request, we made a visit to the cemetery, so he could "have a conversation with is buddy" (and I could, too). Because he drove and got the box of tomatoes, I picked up the tab for lunch (and still came out ahead).

    Yesterday, I canned spaghetti sauce -- 7 1/2 pints, and Polish dills -- 12 pints + one that siphoned so badly that I had 3/4 with no juice; must have had the ring cross threaded. Today, I'm doing it all over again. Four pans of roma's are roasting in the oven, onions and peppers are chopped and ready to go, and my jars are in the dishwasher on the sanitizing cycle. I'll also do a batch of Kosher dills and a couple of jars of hamburger dill slices. Don't ask me what the difference between the Polish, Kosher, and hamburger recipe is, I use the Mrs. Wages mixes, cuz I've never been able to get it right (and my son-in-law loves them).

    When we go back for more tomatoes, I'll also get some peaches, as Red Havens have JUST started. Hoping the price might be better once they're in full season. Another friend said she'll pay me to make her a batch of peach jam. Told her I'd do it, if she pays for the peaches and comes and helps. Having company makes the job more enjoyable.

    Make it a great week!

    1. I love that you have a canning buddy - that is just too neat. It would make the job a lot more fun! Sounds like you have really been busy canning all kinds of yum! Fresh peaches sound so good.
      We may end the day with rain. It is sunny and hot right now!

  3. Hubster has been picking blackberries for a few weeks now, from his backyard patch. Yesterday, we made 4 batches of jam. We have 28 1/2pints canned and another pint in the fridge for fresh eating. This morning will bring sourdough french toast to give the jam it's first spin on our plates!

    Zucchini are producing slowly. I put in 9 plants, 1 has died, 5 look sad and 3 are thriving. Just never know right? We're getting enough for fresh eating and a bit of sharing.

    1. Oh yum, fresh jam and fresh bread! Mmmm.
      I do believe my zucchini is done. I hope your 3 keep doing good! You have been busy!

  4. I spent 5 nights with my son & his family who live 4 hrs away. My 12 yr old granddaughter is always curious about how I spend my time & asked if I had a routine. Like you, Cheryl, I find that my days are full with looking after my home & myself. We camped 2 nights near an amusement park. My ride days are over so as not to trigger vertigo but I did have a blast on the bumper cars & boats. It was fun watching my family enjoy themselves & there was great people watching in the park. It's so nice to go away & be looked after & spend time with my family. I feel like the reset button has been pushed. I came home to 1" of rain. My DIL thinned her beets & sent beet leaves home with me. They will be turned into freezer meals with bacon & rice (lazy beet leaf holopchi). There's a touch of fall in the air with cooler temps in the single digits overnight, grain crops are turning golden & waning daylight hours. Love the seasonal changes.

    1. That is just so wonderful you got to spend time with family. I bet they had a great time at the amusement park. I miss camping! I hope they spoiled you!!!!!
      Our daylight hours are sure getting shorter. They say we hit our peak heat days within the next couple weeks and then the average drops a lot. I could stand a little cooler for sure.

  5. Nice entry, love the scripture too. It's fun just seeing other women like you who post their finds, the recipes are so appreciated too. I love them. I normally follow you through blogloving but bloglovin is not notifying me of many blogs I follow. So...I followed you the traditional way and will have to give bloglovin the boot if things don't get straight. I don't know if they are shadow banning people or what...I can't even get into my account dashboard page to see blogs that way. Oh well. Thanks for the great entries!

    Bless you Cheryl.

    1. Thank you! We have such a great group of gals here. I love it. All are so helpful and caring.
      Glad you can still get here!

    2. Amelia, I use Feeder for my RSS notifications and, so far, it's still doing a good job. Some blogs, however, I have to follow each section individually, if I want to catch everything. May want to take a look at it. It's a freebie, too, which is helpful.

    3. Thank you Lori K! I will definitely look into that. : ) I appreciate it so much, blessings to you!

  6. Hoping to see my nephew this evening. He plans to work on my computer which needs updating. Will make meatloaf (the meat was reduced for quick sale!) - the first meat cooked in my house in many months.

    For commenting here, I need to have javascript enabled, and I'm "anonymous" with no google account, just put my name into my comment (if I remember!).

    Harvest: tomatoes have some bugs laying eggs in the fruits. Ugh. Beans have no blooms, and bugs are eating the leaves. Yellow squash are still giving me meals. :) One plant has NO girl blooms at all, only many boy blooms. ??

    Rain rain rain, all week and forecast for next week also!
    MaryB in NC

    1. Thanks for helping Cindy out. There seems to be many ways to get here - I had no idea.
      Glad you get to see you nephew.
      Bummer on the crops not doing so great. Glad the yellow squash are producing.
      Rain can be good! Hope there is no flooding!

  7. Excellent Scripture! Personally I think there is a lot of deception going on and that is as political as I will get on this platform! Gratitude and humility are underrated and should be part of our daily lives.

    Sure was glad to have that rain the other night. Right now it's just muggy. We had a huge tree limb come down from one of the sweet gum trees in the front yard and will finish dragging to the back yard to be cut up for firewood.

    I have been to the Rustic Root a few times and took my neighbor once. There used to be a lovely tea room in Plainfield but it is long gone. I have read all of Laura Child's tea room mysteries and would love to have a shop like the fictional one in our neighborhood.

    We called those flowers surprise lilies. My mom always had them but I've never tried growing them.

    French pizzas are the best! Doctor it up the way you want.

    Have to see if I can find The Secret Garden streaming on YouTube. I love films that don't have nasty surprises and go for shocks.

    We went to a celebration of life for the Farmer's stepbrother yesterday. He died July 13 and they were just then having a service. No one said when or where he was buried. We didn't know about it until the day before the celebration of life gathering. He had been a Navy veteran and seeing the folding of the flag and presentation of it to the widow is always touching. As you can guess, the Farmer and his stepbrother were not especially close.

    Stay cool this week, the temps will be dropping soon! I need to go out and pick green beans along with helping to clean up the tree limb and debris.

    1. I call them surprise lilies as well. There are so many different names.
      I agree with the deception!!!
      Sorry about your hubs step brother. WOW, amazing you knew nothing until the day before. Glad you got to go. I watched a bit of the funeral service for the young police officer that got killed - It was so sad. The flag and taps always get me.
      The Rustic Root is very tasty as well. They have a lot of neat gifts there as well.
      I am ready for some cooler air this week.

  8. Good morning, My zucchini are done too. We did get quite a harvest from them. Our tomatoes are coming on now. I hope they don't all ripen at once, we have 13 plants! Hubby just can't help himself when it comes to tomatoes. It's been a quiet week here as our temps are too hot to go out in the afternoon so trying to keep busy in the house. Have a good one.

    1. Hi kiddo! My tomatoes are really starting to do good too. I just love tomatoes so much.
      The heat just wipes you out. I don't blame you for staying in. Me too for the most part.

  9. Another hot, humid, stormy week here, with no relief in sight until late next week. I mowed and weedwacked this a.m. This weather just drains me and makes my asthma act up, so I try to spend the worst of the day indoors. Been quilting, reading, and doing lots of genealogy indexing lately. Lots of outdoor projects on tap when it cools down in Sept.
    The cukes and zukes are producing abundantly, more than enough for us and some to share. The cherry tomatoes are ripening just enough for our daily salads. I will be freezing some and giving a lot away when they really get going. The hummingbirds are still coming to the nectar feeder all day.
    Our power went out again during a windy thunderstorm on Thursday. Thankfully, it was out for only 55 min. The electric company sent some tree trimmers down the hill behind my house to clean up some downed limbs in the right-of-way.
    More empty places on the shelves at Aldi last week. Paid $4.19/gal for gas at Costco. Picked up a couple books at the library. Husband enjoyed his outing to the bank. Tuesday he has his annual dermatologist appt. Hoping she doesn't find any more skin cancer.
    Dinner is simmering in the crockpot: ground turkey (free), tomatoes (free), mushrooms, garbanzo beans, onion, tiny sweet bell peppers (free), Campbell's golden mushroom soup, and tomato sauce. Will add zucchini later. Should make at least 3 meals for us.
    --Frances in the Trailer Park

    1. Sounds like your veggies are doing great. That hot humid stuff is for the birds. I like cooler temps than this!
      Glad you got some things trimmed up and it didn't cost you.
      Gas is finally come down a bit here. I need to go check Aldi - it has been a while.
      Hope all checks our well with hubs doc visit. Your dinner sounds really tasty!

  10. Your pizza looks yummy! I made pizza with sliced grape tomatoes and basil last night and it was so good!

    1. It was wonderful! I love fresh tomatoes on pizza.

  11. Granddaughter and her little dog moved out last weekend so we had a busy time helping her pack and moving an hour away. Her car, her Mum's car, our car and friends transit van were all full, wow so much 'stuff' we have had a major de-clutter since.
    In the UK we have had quite hot weather and a lack of rain so some of our fruit and veg are not growing too well. But we have had lots of tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot so I have pickled beetroot and shared the tomatoes, cucumber and some home grown potatoes with daughter and our lovely neighbour who lives opposite us. Yesterday, father in law gave us a joint of beef in exchange for some gardening and family history information. Our daughter called in not long after I'd taken out of the slow cooked, so I swapped half of it for the spinach, white vinegar and spring onions she brought around. Love a swap. Your pizza looks yummy.
    Our gas prices (petrol) have gone down too, good job, we are being warned about the huge price rises in electricity and gas to heat the home etc, so we are trying to be frugal now and stock up the pantry which is looking rather empty at present.and
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Your home will seem quiet and lonely for a spell, I am sure. That is a lot of vehicles helping her move. I bet you are doing a de-clutter.
      You go girl - great bartering on all fronts!!!!! How neat is that? Love it.
      I imagine utilities will be higher this winter. I will dress in more layers if that is the case. We got to do what we can to combat the high prices. Hope you have an opportunity to get that pantry all restocked before winter sets in. Good luck.

  12. Harvesting cucumbers, beans and pretty soon I can add in eggplant and green peppers. Hopefully they will come a bit faster as I am not liking doing only 1 or 2 quarts of dills at a time.

    God bless.

    1. YAY on the harvest. Glad you are getting to can.

  13. Hi Cheryl and friends- Cindy from WV here, thanking you all for your advice. I feel like I know some of you. I started reading Cheryl's blog at the beginning of the pandemic and read straight through from 2008 to the present. I have learned so much from all of you and appreciate your kindness and sharing. Cheryl is a gift to all who read her blog. I'm so glad I found you all ! xo

    1. Hi Cindy!!!!! YAY - you got the answer you needed to get on here. So happy everyone offered advice.
      Glad to have you here and look forward to your ideas and thoughts!
      Thank you for your kind words

  14. Debby in Kansas USAAugust 7, 2022 at 8:49 PM

    Are those Naked Ladies? The lilies. They're beautiful! The only thing I have blooming now are phlox and hydrangea.
    As for our veggies, this just hasn't been a good year. We went from pouring rain to Hades heat and I don't think they handled the whiplash well.

    Well, husband is officially COVID positive. I'm hoping I won't be, but it sounds unlikely. It's affecting him like a bad cold. He's even got a blanket around him to ward off chills. It's over 100 outside.

    Due to that, I had to order the good deals for pick up tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm having a bit of anxiety!!

    Good and productive week in the cleaning and clearing out jobs. I found several things that I lost lol.

    Meals were simple. Sloppy Joes, salads, quiche, pork loin, breakfast, and some Mexican rice bowls.

    *On my nightstand - The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle by Jennifer Ryan. (I love this book!!)
    *In my craft room CD player - The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
    *With my Bible study - Beautiful in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George.
    *By my reading chair - Foxfire in the recipe section (possum and squirrel...gahhhh...)

    1. Oh I hope hubs gets well quickly and that you don't get it. Take good care.
      Yes, those are naked ladies. I just love the color of them - not quite pink - not quite lilac.
      Glad you are getting some cleaning done. Amazing what staying in can accomplish. Sorry your garden is limping along. The weather has been something.
      LOL - years ago I did try squirrel meat (can you believe it). It was good - but I couldn't do it now. They are my little friends now!!!!!!!
      Stay well

  15. It seems I am not the only one having trouble getting your blogs through my email. I went into my internet and found your site and then put it up on my desk top with an icon. This is now working for me as I do not have google to get emails from you now. Anyway that is what it seems to be and I can get your site this way. What a bummer not getting it in my email now.

    1. Dru - glad you are here. We all get to blogs the best we can. I have several listed on the right side of my page - and you can visit them by clicking on their name. I do what you do as well on some sites I follow. Whatever works!!!!! I am usually here Sunday, Tues., Wed., and Thurs. with new posts!

  16. How lovely for you to get to catch up with an old friend and have a nice lunch out! Have a great week. Lynn Ewing

    1. Thanks. It truly was nice and it seemed just like old times. Didn't skip a beat!

  17. We love the Secret Garden movies. There are several different versions of it and we’ve seen several of them. Glad you finally got some rain and able to visit with a friend/former coworker. That French bread pizza looks amazing!

    1. I have always watched the 1940's version. It is just so neat. Such a nice story with a good ending.
      Thanks - it sure was tasty.

  18. Oh that restaurant sounds so good..I bet it was delicious. I ran across a old ww2 movie yesterday. Husband was out fixing something so I had the remote. It was very good. Love to get lost in a good movie.
    Now, I want to watch the secret garden too.
    My zucchini are just now getting started LOL.

    1. The restaurant was great - the food was super. I love old movies as well. There is just something special about them.
      You will love it!
      Glad your zucchini is just starting - I pulled my plants out this AM. Enjoy!