Sunday, October 11, 2015

Frugal Happenings 10/11


Hope you are all doing well and had a great week.
We are having a beautiful day in this neck of the woods.  It was really chilly this morning, but got in the mid 70's, with a breeze and tons of sunshine.  Just a PERFECT day!!!!!!!!!!!
We haven't had to use the AC for a least 2 weeks, maybe longer.  I think the AC days are over till net year.

I have been doing more organizing and de-cluttering this week.  I also vacuumed all the register vents and cold air return and as far back into the runs as possible this week.  Getting ready for heat time!

I spent parts of 2 days cleaning the hard wood floors.
I always dust mop and damp mop them - but this time I used a product on them.  It removes all grime, wax build-up and any deep seated ground in dirt.  I did all the hardwoods twice and they look AWESOME!!!!!!!  No mixing - it was used straight from the bottle and it did a wonderful job.
I still have walls to wash down and then I will go over the floors once more, and then wax to protect for the winter.   **If interested in brand name - let me know!
Oh by the way, I did it all on my hands and knees!  I had more control that way.  CAN YOU SAY EXHAUSTED AND BACK ACHE??????

This week;
  • I re-carpeted the cat scratch post again, with scrap carpet I had on hand.  The kitties love it, and it saved me at least $45 from buying another 2 story post!
  • Cut G's and my hair, and colored mine with product on hand
  • Got a FREE pretty 2016 calendar.  FREE 5 lb. container of thistle seed.  FREE package of blueberry bagels
  • Picked more tomatoes and lettuce
  • Bought 20 lbs. of potatoes - 5 lb./.77 bag!   Can't bet that price
  • Bought 2 'new to me' sweaters for .99 each.
  • Got 2 clearance containers (20 oz. ea.) of hot chocolate mix for 1.29 each.  Shoot I can't make my own mix that cheap
  • Gave myself a much needed pedi
  • All meals from home
  • Got Christmas gifts for 6 of the 'littles' for a total of $16!  Everything I got is so cute and was on sale or clearance.  WooHoo!  Only 3 young-uns and a couple teens to go, other than adults (goody baskets)
  • I spot cleaned the bedroom carpet
Guess that's about it on frugal stuff - except for all my normal stuff.  I had a pretty productive week.  Hope this coming week is just as productive.  Trying to get all my fall cleaning done and wrapped up.

Oh here is an idea for you to try.  I did get 3 - 4 packs of yogurt on clearance, so I decided to do something different.  G has been enjoying yogurt pops as an evening snack.

I keep popsicle sticks or you could use craft sticks.  I simply cut a tiny slit in each top and inserted the stick - then froze them.  Break apart, and you have yogurt pops!  Just a tad bit of warm water run over the outside, lets the 'pop' slide right out after removing top.
It doesn't get much easier than that!

Well kiddos, I hope you all have a fantastic and safe week.
Let us know what you are up to!

God bless each and everyone of you.


  1. Cheryl, I would love to know the name of the product. We have hardwood floors too.

  2. Sweet autumn arrangement Cheryl! I wish I could figure out how to post pictures and I would send in our entryway arrangement!

    This week in being frugal:

    Needs vs Wants: Well! I am getting well financially. Now with my finances in the green months, I have also been able to resist purchasing everything from the catalogs that come to my us and that tickle my fancy. I even resisted Plow and Hearth, a very luxurious and warm homey catalog. I already have a fire place utensils set, we already have a woodburner steamer, we already have warm bedroom slippers, and so I was able to put this catalog into the paper recycling bin and go on with my life, saving what little money I earn for bills and necessities. The reform of the first nine months of this year paid off (1) at least it did yesterday!

    This Year’s Garden: I was able to pick enough green tomatoes for a good pickle relish, will be putting that up tonight. Also have been looking at eggplant preserving. Aside from freezing it as cubes or mush…there is an interesting ‘jerky’ I have yet to try. Will try to get that done this week, but meanwhile we have been enjoying fried eggplant, and parmigiana, and have added it to stews and quick frys. Our lettuce is almost done, one more picking. The hot peppers are still out there, dh needs to get those managed and soon. Our first frost is usually this week. The tomato plants bed is now closed for the winter…poles stored out of the weather and about thirty blush colored ones ripening on the kitchen counter. Celery and root vegetables still to be harvested. Picked another batch of apples at the in-laws and had them stewed with cinnamon and sugar for dessert last night.

    Next Year’s Garden: I put in an order for some fruit trees and shrubs. Half payment now and half next May when they ship. Two pears, three cherries, four blueberries, and four grapes. Will be fun to prep the sites and anticipate them through the winter. I regret planting ornamental shrubs in the yard and want to remind homeowners to think of their household investments with Food, Clothing, Shelter in mind. I have a list of bean seeds saved on my favorite site, Baker Creek Seeds, so will try to get that order in around Christmas time. Also, I asked my husband if I could have a cow…I am tired of going to the store to get my dairy products. LOL!

  3. Stores: How ever did you get the free thistle seed?! DH did pick up an inexpensive bag of outdoor bird food. I think I’ll plant sunflowers next year to help the migrating birds. Great going on those bagels! We pick up our cheese order this week, it will be about $200 and it also has boneless skinless chicken breasts so I need to remember to bring some zip loc bags home. Love the yogurt pops! And much better for my health than ice cream.

    Rebates: I have been steadily working on the rebate apps…my total is meager…not quite $20 but I am getting better at it and have developed a routine. It will add up, steady as she goes ….

    Found Items: Brought home some more items from the in-laws: a set of eight beaded bottom stemmed glasses, will be good for parfaits, and a set of five silver rimmed wine glasses with a leafy brushed glass design, will give to my daughters each a set as they were from their great grandmother on my husband’s mother’s side. Saving them for Christmas. Two pictures were also given to me, with frames, and one I can put on the door for Halloween…a still life in charcoal with some flowers and a skull! Forget about the proverbial pear, he drew a skull at the base of the vase. My husband inherited two army uniform -- from WWI and WWII so I need to find out the protocol for displaying them, and also how to keep the moths from getting at the wool.

    Research funds: I screened for a new study this morning. Fingers crossed that my bloodwork passes as this study is $230 for 20 hours of time over the course of four months. More than what I make an hour! Plus a free vitamin supplement to take. I am still donating plasma locally which is about $30 a pop, it adds up, we now have enough for the solar panel frame.

    I think the roofer comes this week, so that is one less household fix up we will need to do. I think my husband said it was 14 squares (?) but anyways, my sister who was visiting thought our price $10K was excellent for as large a roof as we have. What do you all think?

  4. The product for the floors is PLEDGE FLOOR CARE. Squirt and mop.
    Came in a 20 oz. bottle. I got 3 bottles on clearance at Sam's for 6.61. I don't know what the regular price is.

    Basically squirt it in an area and either sponge mop or rub in with a damp mop or rag. Like I said I did mine twice. Didn't realize how bad they needed it - they are a lighter color now!

  5. Ellen, good job on resisting spending. The longer you do that, the easier it becomes. Love the idea of fruit trees - an investment that will produce for a long time.

    On the roof - it sounds expensive considering what ours cost - but my house is much smaller. A friend just recently had their big old home done and it was $14K - so I guess you are right in line.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. We did well today at the Amish markets...40 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $76 and then some logs of cheese we cut up into half and one pound blocks and got into the freezer. I had budgeted for $200 and the bill was $156 so that was good.

    1. Sounds like you are getting all set for winter and holidays!
      I love Amish markets.