Sunday, October 4, 2015

Frugal Happenings 10/4

Howdy friends!
Hope you are doing well.  Today has turned out to be a beautiful day here.  It has been so extremely chilly here this week, and we had rain on top of it a couple days.
Yesterday it rained almost all day and only got to about 50*.  I decided to nest!!  I worked on re-arranging, organizing, and cleaning.  Took a nice hot bath and then slept like a baby.  It was wonderful!

What did you do frugal this week?  Let us know.
Here are my extras:
  • I bought 15 boxes of mushrooms for .69/8 oz. box.  All sliced and in the freezer!!!
  • Keeping the solid plastic boxes the mushrooms came in, to use at Christmas for candy and cookie gifts.  I am sure that container will hold a good pound of fudge!
  • Got a .30/gal. discount on gas.  I am good for the month
  • Stopped at the "GW Boutique" this week.  I had never been in that particular one.  Got some Christmas d├ęcor and a skein of yarn for $11 total.
  • Had take-out Chinese for dinner 2 nights this week.  G was gifted $30 for a belated birthday meal and that's what he chose.  It always lasts both of us 2 meals.  FREE!!!
  • G has been craving KFC for a while.  That stuff is so expensive.  So I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and homemade coleslaw for dinner one night.  We had some leftover biscuits from earlier in the week too.
  • No AC this week.  I did turn heat on one cycle both yesterday and today.  G was cold.
  • Picked 8.5 pounds of tomatoes this week.  Still many green ones on the vines.
Made the rest of meals from home this week.  I am getting into comfort food now.  I made a big pot of stew-like hamburger/veggie soup yesterday.  I also made 2 pies.  I will share the easy recipe and picture this week.  The pie is soooooo good.

Click on pictures to enlarge
These are my cute Christmas items from GW.  The wreath will be for indoors.  The little bisque colored item has holes in it, I will add a cord and light to the back (I have several).  The container is full of Christmas stamps.  I always use the fronts of old cards for gift tags, but this year I may make my own with the stamps and colored paper.  I also got a skein of black yarn, to do a repair on a large hand crocheted bedspread my Mom made me years ago.   Not to snaggy - all for $11.

I really don't know why I bought them, except that I liked them.  I have totes of Christmas stuff I haven't used in years, and don't really remember what all is in them.  Note to self:  go through them soon!!!

I plan to share a yummy recipe with you this week, show you some of my organizing, and have some thought provoking conversation.

I hope you all had a good week past, and I wish you a lovely coming week.
Stay safe and God bless.


  1. Hi Cheryl, I think it is so fun to get new decorations for the holidays. I need to go through ours and decide which I can bless others with to make room for some more. One thing I know is our old train table, I will recover the plywood and boards from it, but won't be using it as we are getting a much nicer one from the in laws. It will be a nice surprise for our daughters coming at Christmas time; to see the old HO trains set up and running, something we haven't done for fifteen years or more! We were able to also snag an artificial tree that will set atop the table in the middle of the tracks. Instead of a fairy garden, I will figure out a winter wonderland to do instead. Now if this isn't a hint for some grandchildren I don't know what is! LOL!

  2. We had quite a few frugals this week...
    1. An $8 off coupon on an oil change. And I kept the old air filter and will figure out a way to clean it so we won't be buying another one again. DH thought this was a good plan. Soooo I will be using you tube to look into it and see if it is feasible or not.
    2. Used a $50 gift card to eat out after a tough day at the office. Even with an Irish Coffee (yes it did work to relax me!), we still have $20 left on the GC. I think we are getting to the age where we could actually split a meal and an appetizer and both be full.
    3. I signed up for RedBox, used one of the free movie codes, and sent the rest of them to my daughter who is across the continent, an almost poor graduate student, she manages well enough but a few extras are nice to have.Usually she goes to the drive in for $5 but this Red Box will mean some free movies. And FREE is always good.
    4. Got a 10 lb sack of russet potatoes and each morning I bake two of them in my toaster oven at the office. I put them in, go do the blood draws on research participants for the morning and when I get back, enjoy breakfast while catching up on email and your blog!
    5. We bought my daugter's airline ticket home for the holidays early enough to get the price well under $400 round trip. This past spring she didn't opt for the ticket insurance and paid $200 more when she had to change flights, so this time I was glad I did pay for it ($20). Although, it was $20 when I had to change a flight time immediately after booking. But $40 is nothing compared to $200!

    1. Sounds like a really good week. Are you including the buying of the trip home as part of her gift??

  3. My birthday weekend was well heeled also. I used a $24 Exxon gift card to pay for the gas one way and on the way home we filled up at 12 cents a gallon less than what the cost was back home. Gas Buddy is the app that I use to find good gas prices both home and away. My sister and other daughter paid for a nice meal at the house. Serving 9, I mentally estimated the six course meal to have cost $75 total. At $8 a head, that is so much better than what one gets at a fast food place for an equivalent amount, and much healthier too.
    The menu was tomato based broth with vegetables, greens with pears walnuts and champage dressing, herb roasted chicken, brown rice with parsley, baked carrots and yams, asparagus, broccoli, ginger soda, lemonade, water, tea, cupcakes and gelato.

    1. Dinner sounds yummy! Free to you is even better. Sounds like you had a good birthday.
      was the movie good? I have heard a lot about it.

    2. I think it was worth seeing on the big screen!

  4. My daughter also treated my husband and I to a movie, Martian with my fav, Matt Damon. He just gets better with age.