Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prepping for winter

Back in August I talked about the scenario of "WHAT IF". 
Nothing in the political or economic world has changed much since that post, except to maybe get worse.  I think there is a long way to go, before we can all feel safe in this world.

 Winter is coming soon, and as in the past, we have all seen what happens when there is a terrific snowfall or blizzard.  Last year and the year before many MAJOR cities were at a standstill due to the severe snowfalls.  Many cities had sections that were without power for weeks in the dead of winter.
That is a scary thought. 

Would you be able to survive at your home, if you couldn't get out for say 2 - 4 weeks?  I am not just talking about food - but everything.
Here are some things to ponder and plan for.

  • Do you have alternate heat?  Perhaps a fireplace or heat stove?  If so, make sure it is in good working order and clean.  Have a supply of wood at the ready.            Do you have a generator that could run maybe the frig or freezer at short intervals, or an electric heater from time to time?   OK, now do you have enough fuel on hand to be able to run that generator per any extended period of time?  REMEMBER - you can't get out - so that probably means no one else can either (gas stations).                                                                                                       Last year we had a whole house geni installed, which is linked directly into the natural gas line and the power box on the house.  Within 10-15 seconds of a power outage, we will have power!  YES, it is costly to install, but it is peace of mind.  This is something to think about, especially if you have a loved one with health issues.
  • You will need candles or oil lamps for light.  Also remember you can bring in the tops of any solar lights that you have outside (if snow free).  They will give off light all evening long!  Flashlight and batteries are also important.
  • Have a phone charger for your car.  That way you can run your vehicle to re-charge your cell phone, and still keep in touch with the outside world!   DO NOT stay inside the car when doing this, and make sure tailpipe is clear.  You don't want to die for a phone!!
  • Make sure if they are predicting extreme weather, that you have plenty of meds on hand.  If you can't refill yet, think about alternatives (natural) that you may be able to use, just in case.  Meds are so essential - this is very important.
  • NEVER get rid of extra blankets, throws, or afghans.  They may make the difference of life or death for you or your pets.
  • Not only do you need to make sure you can survive on the food you have, but that you have enough food for pets.
  • Do you have a way to cook?  If you have a fireplace or wood stove, you can warm up food.  If not, make sure you have a grill (probably propane) that you can use (OUTSIDE ONLY).  You will need to have an extra propane tank or 2 on hand.  There is also the option of cooking over fire outside, although if the temps are stupid cold, that may not be desirable.
  • Keep water on hand for drinking and cooking.  Toilets need water too, but if worse came to worse - use a bucket and a trash bag, and then dispose outside in trash or under piles of snow.  Hay, you got to do what you got to do!!!!!!!!
  • It would be nice to have a hand cranked radio or a battery operated radio on hand, just so you know what is going on - and for noise for your sanity!
Make sure you have winter proofed your home.  Close all outdoor under house vents.  Have outside water turned off.  Maybe insulate your water pipes and water heater with insulated wraps.  Have all doors and windows well caulked.  Have your snow shovel and ice melt, close at hand.  If you have heavy insulated curtains for winter - put them up.   Use the heat from the sun during the day, as extra heat in house.

WINTER may be long and fierce!  You want to make sure that you and your family can survive.
I pray that this info is all for naught, but we all need to prepare.  It could be things other than weather that can cause us grief.


  1. I love the solar lights idea!
    How and where did you get started on the whole house generator?
    Can you disable as needed and turn on again?
    How loud is it?

  2. Ellen, we had heard about them, and decided we really needed one with G's medical issues. It will come on automatically once the power goes out, and will go off automatically once power comes back on.
    With it, you are never without power.
    It is actually much quieter than a regular generator.
    You only hear it outside, and it's not that bad.
    It tests itself every Friday - that's when we set it to test.

  3. Thanks Cheryl! I talked with The Good Man about it. AT first he objected but I said, listen, you are bound and determined to stay in this house until they carry you out! We need to think ahead to when we are THAT OLD! then he listened. The cost for our house will come in somewhere between $6 and $8K installed so we'll have to save up for it.

    1. YAY!!!! I think you will be quite pleased when you do it. Price seems on target. We were at 6,800.
      Glad he listened to you.

      We only had house hooked up - not detached garage. BUT we did have a 4 receptacle (covered) plug put on back of house. That way could run an extension cord to freezer in garage if nec. in summer, or to greenhouse heater in winter.