Sunday, October 25, 2015

Frugal Happenings 10/25

Happy Sunday to all.
It is hard to believe that this month is just about over and Christmas day is just 2 months from today.  Wow!  I will start giving a few homemade ideas for gifts after Halloween.  YES, I will wait!!!!

Last weekend we had our first hard freeze of the season, then this week we had the most beautiful Indiana summer weather.  It was just perfect.  Now we are back to having normal fall temps.
The trees have been gorgeous.  Many have shed their leaves, yet there are many that haven't even turned color yet.

I got the garden all cleaned out, flower beds put to bed for winter, and most of the pots cleaned out.  I will finish those up this week.  I have to figure out a way to get rid of all the plant debris.  It has to be bagged and put out weekly, and there is so much (I only have one can).  I may try to burn some on the garden patch, the potash will be good for the garden next year.  Of course the leaves will all go on the garden when I start raking.

I managed  run errands all in one day this week, maximizing my gas usage.  I ran to Meijer (sale), Big Lots (just because), and did my $30 Challenge research.
How was your frugal week?
  • Bought 4 regular size boxes of Nabisco Honey Graham Crackers for .25/box on clearance at B.L.  I can get creative with those this holiday season.
  • Got 6 regular size bags of Veggie Straw snacks for .19/bag clearance at B.L.
  • I got a FREE sample of dry cat food in the mailbox plus a $1 coupon
  • Processed in water bath the kraut that has been fermenting for past weeks
  • Bought canned cat food at Meijer (sale).  $35 worth for FREE with balance of the GC we had.  Bought a total of 200 cans this week.  Sounds like a lot, but at 3 a day, it goes quickly, and I really utilized the sale.
  • Got a FREE 12 pack of hamburger buns.  Cut them up and air dried to use in dressing this Thanksgiving.
  • Only groceries (for people) I bought this week was a gallon of milk.  Two weeks of not buying groceries.
  • I did get treats for Halloween.  Bought packs of cheese/crackers.  Really just as cheap as candy, and they are nice size packs.  We are known amongst the neighborhood kids for giving 'big stuff''!!!!!
Let us know how your week went.  Enjoy these fall temperatures, and may you be blessed with many frugal happenings in this coming week.

I hope and pray you all have a wonderful week. 
God bless


  1. Thanks Chryl for the Blessings!
    The Good Man and I did 4x8 ounces of habanero tequila lime mustard, 4x8 of scorpion tequila lime mustards, 10x12 ounce of peppers in tomatoes and oil for cheesesteaks and sausage sandwiches, 7x32 of pie apples, and dehydrated another 12 trays of peppers and herbs.

    Like you I returned to the grocery for rain check items and at the customer service desk was able to get cash back on coupons for items I had purchased the previous day but did not have my coupons with me then.

    1. Are you making all that yumminess for you guys or for gifts too? Sounds good and HOT!

    2. Just for us, I think baking is for the sisters in law and some homemade knit yoga socks and wrist warmers for my sisters and brother.

  2. I was having trouble with online shopping for birthday and. Christmas, so called the local BBB and she gave me 20% off all five items in addition to the instant rebates! Saved $50 on that purchase.

  3. We got the garlic sauce in the ground and I am about to go out and get the chicken straw on them. We too had a cold front last night with rain, and our Indian Summer is over also. It was very nice while it lasted. Colts in our hardwood forests are a nice contrast against the evergreens.

    1. OMY, spell checker strikes again, we put garlic bulbs in the ground! not sauce! And there are nice Colors in the forest, would be fun to see some colts too though. (mostly just ticks that the dog picks up though).

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