Sunday, October 18, 2015


Thought I'd share a picture of the tomato products I canned this weekend.
They look so pretty and they sure will be yummy this winter!

Now this is what is left AFTER doing the canning.  We love eating fresh tomatoes and we should be able to do so, for a few weeks yet!  Lots of different stages.

And lastly, here is a pretty picture of what several of our sunsets looked like this past week.  AWESOME!  This is from the front porch.

This picture really doesn't do it justice.  The pinks and oranges have been so pretty.  Sunrises have been awful pretty lately as well.
God sure is a wonderful painter!



  1. beautiful pictures Cheryl!
    what variety tomatoes do you grow?

    1. Thank you miss Ellen!
      I grew mainly Rutgers this year. They are really old school and reliable. I try different ones sometimes. Last year was Big Beef and I loved them. May go back to them next year.