Friday, October 9, 2015

Organizing - Containers

There are so many different types of containers that can help us organize and store our goodies.  One of my favorites is baskets! 
I get baskets often, at the holidays with goodies inside.  I used to buy baskets at the thrift store for many of the gifts that I gave - then I figured maybe everyone had enough!  Now I give many gifts in re-usable cloth grocery bags or recycled ice cream buckets.

We all need to think outside the box a little.  I am going to give some more examples today of different ways to store about anything or everything.

I have baskets on both sides of the love seat, as the space is too small for anything else.  I have all my research and reference books in them for easy accessibility.  This pretty basket is sitting on top of a tiny stool, which can be pulled out when extra company (kids) come and there aren't enough seats.

This baskets slides under the bathroom hutch and is the perfect place to store extra toilet paper out of sight.  It can easily be reached from the 'throne' as well!
Another bathroom area.  My bathroom is very small, with only 5 x 6 floor space (not counting tub).  We have a pedestal sink next to the tub, and this sits under the sink and against the tub.  It gives me extra storage for little things that get used often.  3 stackable baskets from the dollar store.

These old popcorn tins are used to store extra sugar in the basement.  Both are decent size and hold many bags.  Tins could be used for pasta, beans, sugar, flour, bird seed, pet food, etc.  They keep bugs and moisture out of whatever you store.  I also have one that has many canning supplies in it - mixes, lids, pectin, etc.

Lastly today, save those ice cream tubs.  They are great for all kinds of things.  They can be spray painted and prettied up with Krylon paint, cover with contact paper or wrapping paper or used as is.
These are great for storing small packets of seasoning, beans, rice, flour, craft supplies, sewing goods, etc.  Super for anything that needs to be kept dry and free from insects in garages too.
I have one that I keep rock salt in, in the winter.  That way I don't have to keep that big bag in plain sight.
I often decorate them up, and they are used as goodie baskets for many of the younger nieces and nephews (bonus their mom's can use them for storage at home).
I have some square ones, that I use in the freezer to separate different types of meat, like lunch meat or hotdogs.

Hope I gave you some useful ideas on things that you may have around the house that can be reinvented to something that helps with your storage needs.
Do you have any special things that you use or recycle for storage?  Please let us know.

More storage ideas next week.


  1. Cheryl, Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to get some stacking baskets for my bathroom. I have a small basket but it's overflowing.
    I have been perusing the Goodwill and haven't seen too many baskets or tins lately. Also have been watching for Estate and garage sales but not much of that going on either.

    1. Check after Christmas for baskets and tins, LaurieS!

    2. Laurie I also meant to mention - ASK! Ask family, friends, co-workers if they have any they want to get rid of. You may be surprised.

  2. You are quite welcome. Hope you can find what you are looking for.