Sunday, January 14, 2018

Frugal Happenings 1/14

Good morning all.  It just dawned on me that we are half way through this month already.  WOW!
Time flies when you are having fun!

What a weather week we have had.  It started out frigid, and by Thursday we had 60*.  It melted all the snow and it was great seeing green grass for ONE day!  Within hours the temperature dropped 40*, and we had rain, ice, sleet and snow again!  Oh boy!
All the snow has been shoveled for now.  More snow coming in tonight and frigid again.  Next weekend is supposed to get close to 50*  Crazy weather.

I was out back this week after the ice and snow feeding the birds and squirrels, it was cold and windy and just plain yucky - YET I stood there listening!  It was just wonderful listening to all the different birds singing.  I stood quietly, and I heard so many different songs.  It was lovely.  I was then brought back to reality by the squirrels standing at my feet begging for peanuts!
We have such a variety of birds -- woodpeckers (large and small), blue jays, cardinals,  juncos, finches, sparrows, nut hatches, and even pigeons and crows.
It is nice to slow down sometimes and just listen and watch - so much beauty.

It has been a quiet week around here.
My frugal week:
  • I made up a double batch of Co-Co Wheats for G.  I bought a box of them a couple weeks ago with a GC we received as a gift.  He has been wanting some for ages!  Childhood here we come!
  • I re-arranged the freezer and found enough room for that whole ham I got cheaply last week.  That will be great around Easter.
  • I mentioned last week that the garage door was broke.  Well, it actually WAS frozen (to the ground)!!  You could see no ice at all and the handle was moving, but not far enough.  I guess I just didn't have the correct amount of strength needed!!  We had called a repairman, but G's Uncle came by and got it open for us!!!!!  YAY!  That saved us a lot of money on a service call. YIPEE.
  • I re-arranged several items in the living room, so as to be able to display recent gifts
  • I ran to the feed store to get more squirrel corn.  Oh what lovely corn I got this time.  Huge full ears!  It is sold by the bag and there is a specific number of ears.  Last time the ears were short and partially full.  These are lovely and will last longer.
  • I stopped at the orchard while out, and got apples.  They are about to close for the season and are having a B1G1 sale.  No matter how many (5 lb., 10 lb., I/2 bushel).  I got 2 - 10 lb. bags for eating.  They will last us the rest of winter.  Didn't need to can any - still have plenty canned.  They ended up costing .80/lb.  Pretty darn cheap around here.
  • I used ALL leftovers either in chili or soup.
  • Made a batch of onion dip
  • I got to turn off the heat and open the doors for a while on Thursday - aired out the house
  • I have made ice tea (cooled outside), filtered water, made a gallon of OJ from concentrate, used the Soda Stream, and drinking home canned juice.
  • G has a rolling desk that he utilizes daily.  One roller quit working - so I messed with it and greased it and got it working properly for him
  • I actually started reading a book!  It has been ages since I set down to do nothing but read!

Meals this past week:
Chili (2 X)
Sausage gravy/biscuits & fried potatoes
Homemade meatball hoagies
Baked fish served over beans and rice
Hamburger/veggie soup (2X)

How was your week?  Are you keeping warm (those in U.S.)?  Are you Aussie gals keeping cool?
Did anyone get any great deals this week?  Let us know what you are doing to stay on the frugal path!

I hope you all have a lovely week, and that God blesses you with health and happiness.
Stay safe my friends.


  1. It's amazing the drastic change of temperature this past week Cheryl! I'd forgotten that we opened a couple of windows. Now though it's freezing! Winter time is great for reading though like you said. So I'm glad for the break from the garden. Enjoy your break from it too!

    1. Thanks Vickie. I am trying to just chill and enjoy!

  2. Cheryl, our weather this week has been crazy too, but like you on the warm days I opened the doors and aired out the house. Today, we are back to the cold temperatures though! Brrrrrr! patsi@aworkingpantry

    1. I think much of the country is going through crazy stuff. It is supposed to be below zero tonight and snow. UGH!
      Stay safe!

  3. Crazy weather here but at the opposite end of the temp cycle. Yesterday, on my cool veranda it was in the mid 90's. The humidity was in the 80%range. It was just YUK!!!! My wasing pool got a workout. Our poor little 14 yr old Jack Russell was not coping too well at all. I gave her a hose and this made her feel much better.
    The Aussie school year starts for our State next week. I hope to get some work supply teaching. I made myself a dress for my work wardrobe which is in a sad state. I made a pair of 3/4 white cheesecloth pants thinking these could be work pants. Sadly no, as they are rather see through. Will be good as home pants. I cut down an old caftan dress and made it into a gathered skirt with a side zipper and fitted waistband. I have two more of these to go.
    Our neighbours gifted us a large pumpkin. Bluey cut this up into cubes. The cubes were bagged into meal size portions and put through the vacuum sealer and into the freezer. These bags can go straight into the microwave to cook the pumpkin in their own juices.
    We had a storm come through late last night so it did cool things down for sleeping. The rain was brilliant for a very dry garden. It has however added to the humidity and this is now rising. Might need to give my bathers a quick wash as I think they will be in use again very soon.
    Stay warm and safe with the return of the cold weather.

    1. Wading pool not wasing pool. I really need to proof read more.

    2. Jane I am sorry you are suffering such extreme heat and humidity. That is awful.
      I didn't realize that you are a teacher. How neat on repurposing and making your own clothes. That is lovely. The outfits you described sound nice and cool.

      I feel sorry for all the animals during extreme weather events (hot or cold). Unless they have loving parents who take care of them (like you and I) they are on their own. Poor babies.

      Take care and stay cool.

  4. Crazy weather in NC too. I did open the door for awhile one day to allow the doggies to run in and out. I was cleaning and actually got hot inside the house. Tonight, I'm wrapped up with a blanket and freezing!!

    1. I do believe it is crazy all over the U.S. Hopefully we continue to get those warm spells which help. It is supposed to warm up here again by the weekend.
      Have a good one.

  5. My daughter got me a squirrel feeder for Christmas with a bag of the corn. It is so neat!

    Sounds like you had odd weather where you are too. It was chilly and really warm for this time of year here, so odd.

    We shopped for groceries yesterday and found some good deals, especially in Kroger's crash and burn section.

    1. Belinda you will have hours of enjoyment out of that feeder. It is such a joy to watch them.

      Glad you found some good deals at the store. Got to love Kroger clearance!
      Try to stay warm and safe!

  6. The weather has been strange all over! I'm glad that your door was just frozen and not broken. I'm sure your little squirrel friends just love you to bits for feeding them. :)

    I too love to just stop and listen to nature. I will do this when it is just me out in the hot tub at night. I'll turn off the jets and listen to the sound of the wind in the trees and the owls calling back and forth to one another. It just seems magical somehow. :)

    1. Debbie I know for a fact that those little squirrels love me! They come running up to my feet every time I go out and they are begging for peanuts! It is the cutest thing. They take them from me.

      No matter the weather, it is calming to just stop and listen. There are so many sounds that we miss normally, and if we still ourselves, we can enjoy them.

  7. I had a bit of a chuckle at you opening the windows on warmer days, i am opening them on cooler ones. For the next few days the temps are expected to be in the high 30'sC. though unlike Jane, here in Victoria the humidity at the moment is non-existent.
    After reading about your garage door last week I have signed up for ours to be serviced, the price isn't determined yet as it decreases due to the numbers signing up.