Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pennies and Pantries

2018 here we are!  Are you ready for a new start?  I am.
We have a chance to begin again on everything.  New habits.  New friends.  New skills.  New ways.  New saving.  New everything!!!!!!
Let's reboot and recharge and get our lives and pantries in the best place they can be.

The state of affairs in the world is a mess right now.  We never know from day to day what could happen.  It is OUR obligation to be ready for any disaster.  Lost wages from job cut backs/loss, illness, horrible weather and acts of nature, inflation, even results of acts of terror can change our daily lives.

I show lots of pictures of the deals that I find for pennies on the dollar.  These have saved me a small fortune and have tremendously helped stock my pantry and freezers.  These are the types of things we all need to look for and do!   I rarely buy  much at the grocery that isn't a markdown. 
YES, it takes some time to walk the aisles and look - but it is worth it!

If you have salvage stores near your home - GO VISIT them!  They are wonderful.  The only one close to us closed it's doors this summer.  So sad.  I used to go to the Amish store when I traveled more.  They have wonderful deals and most also have a salvage section.

Remember too - dates on food items are NOT expiration dates!  Most are BEST IF USED BY - that doesn't mean they magically go bad on that day.  It just means that over time they may loose a bit of nutritional value - but if sealed, they are still good (canned goods).  I am careful with meat.

Coupons can be a  money saver for many.  I used to get tons of stuff for almost nothing with coupons, then our stores quit doubling (and even triple) coupons.  Most coupons in our area are very short term and for things that I don't buy.  Gee, I remember when coupons lasted for months!  I do use them when I can for cat food.
REMEMBER - Buy what you eat!!!!!!  It isn't a deal to get things you will never use.

I save my change as well.  I pick up pennies or change when I see it on the ground - I am not too proud!  Money is money!  Pennies add up and make dollars and dollars make twenties.  This money can be put back in your savings, used for special items, or used for all those wonderful clearance items you find or just to add to your long term pantry!
Coupons are money as well!

Remember that your pantry is not just about food! 
You need to have health and beauty items on hand - like over the counter medicines and vitamins, bandages and wraps, soaps and shampoos, lotions and antiseptics, laundry supplies, TP, anything that you use daily. 
You also should have gardening supplies (seeds) on hand.  It may come to a point that you HAVE to grow your food.
Self help books are a fantastic thing to have on hand.  We continue to grow and learn every day and books and the knowledge they carry may save your life some day (you may not always have internet).
Books for entertainment are also important, as well as games.  We all need distractions in life!!
Crafting and mending supplies count as pantry items as well.  We all need to re-create, re-invent, and take care of what we have.  That can save so much money!

Freeze eggs when getting them cheaply.  Great for cooking and baking!

Figure out new ways to store the deals you get.  There is no need to pass up a deal because you can't use quickly.  Freeze, can, dehydrate, etc.  You can process just about anything for long term storage.
Dry goods can be stored in totes and tins to get them away from pests and humidity.
Canned goods can be stacked in boxes in out of the way places - closets, under beds, behind couches, in basements, under stairs, etc.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX this year.  Be prepared for anything.
We all need to work together to get creative, to share tips and hints, to encourage, and to be better prepared.
Change your thinking.  Your pantry and your deals ARE like money in the bank!

I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from each other.



  1. Great advice. Chuckling over our new title - Frugal Queens. I am imaging all of us with crowns and scepters. :)

    1. Of course!!!!! We are the queens of our homes and the manager of funds.
      I think that should be considered ROYAL!!!!!! LOL

  2. My father was a baron in Sweden does that count, of course all the money was lost supporting the Nazis during the war, shhhh don't tell. So happy I met you .

    1. Sure it counts. I would imagine if we all go far enough back we will find some sort of royal blood. But we don't need no stinkin' royal blood to be Queens!
      I dub us all Queens of Frugal!!!

      I am happy we have met as well.

  3. THis is a great blog post, Cheryl. I do the same as you by going down all the aisles and seeing what is on markdown. It really pays to do that. :)

    1. Thanks Belinda. With prices the way they are, we need to do everything we can so save our precious dollars.

  4. Every penny counts Cheryl. My granddaughter found a quarter not too long ago. She will also be the queen of frugal! You always get such great deals!

    Have a great day!

    1. Those pennies do add up. I am always pleased with my finding money on the ground. I bet she was thrilled!
      We have to pass the traits on to the younger generations!
      Have a good one.

  5. Cheryl, My mom and I both bought a lot of eggs at Aldi's when they were .39 cents a dozen. We froze them too like you and now we are so grateful that we did - they are now $1.39 at Aldi's and I don't forsee them getting any cheaper. I agree pennies makes dollars and I pick up every one I see. My husband and I have decided that this year we are going to put all "found" change in a jar and see just how much we will have at the end of the year. We are just curious as to how much we found last year. I love your blog and am looking forward to a frugal yet prosperous new year. Cindy Jane Norred

    1. Cindy - I have heard egg prices are up every where and will remain so for quite a while. Those frozen eggs sure can come in handy.

      That is a great idea to see just how much you find. It could be a tidy sum.

      Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to learning from you all and hoping we all have a prosperous year.

  6. I'm right there with you my friend! Saving change really does add up and scouting the aisles for bargains pays off big time. ;)

    1. Debbie sounds like a plan to me. every little bit counts!

  7. I love that idea, that stockpiles are like money in the bank. It’s so true.

    1. It truly is the truth. We get bargains and can and freeze - then we are saving money and hopefully that money stays in the bank!
      Buy cheap - eat great!!!!!

  8. Great advice! There is nothing more satisfying than making a dish with ingredients already on hand and that were purchased at a bargain!

    1. I just love knowing that on any given day, I can go through what I have and make a hearty and filling meal.
      The fact that it cost little is a huge bonus!

  9. I too roll up the change and take it to the bank. Now, when I go shopping not only do I save the change, I save the dollar bills. When I get 30 of them they go to the bank. Just rolling up quarters and dimes last week I deposited $85.00. Next week I will most likely take in all the pennies - I know there are a lot of them, so it will most likely take me a day of rolling. Should be interesting to see how much it will come out to!! (And NO, I will not pay some machine to count it out for me!!) This extra money helps when the insurance bills and taxes come due at the same time. Even though I try to save ahead for this, you sometimes run short due to unforeseen other expenses.

    Had to laugh, my husband can look down in a parking lot and find change. I could be there ALL DAY and not find one red cent!!

    1. Kris, I don't blame you for letting the machine count it for you. Even though that is a free service for us at our Bank - the machine makes mistakes. We counted ours one time before using the machine and we were shorted .75 cents. (Hey, even machines make mistakes) LOL

    2. Good job Kris. Not only are you saving, but have a goal in mind. I think goals help so much in trying to save.

      Cindy is right - no sense paying a machine to count it. Nothing is fail safe.

      I am pretty lucky at finding change. Usually always find at least pennies.
      Good job!!!

    3. You can freeze eggs!! I had no idea. How do you do it and how long will they stay in freezer? Heidi

    4. I freeze mine in muffin pans. Lightly grease pan. One egg per spot. break yellow. Once frozen I pop them in a freezer bag with wax paper between layers. I use for baking or scrambling or any type of cooking.
      They last quite a long while I have had some a couple years before using and they were fine.

      Some people use ice cube trays - but I usually get large eggs and my ice trays aren't big enough for one per.

      Hope that helps!!!
      It sure is handy when you get a deal!!!