Sunday, December 31, 2017

Frugal Happenings 12/31

Oooooohhhh baby it's cold outside!  We are in the coldest stretch of weather we have had in ages.  Weather man said this will be the coldest New Years in decades.
They have changed plans for festivities tonight and shortened them by several hours due to the cold.
It is just not fit for man nor beast.  Tomorrow's  high is to be 3*!!!
On the bright side, it is staying light longer in the evenings by about a half hour!!!!!

I think about the homeless and just can't imagine.  The shelters are bursting at the seams - turning no one away (as it should be).  There are some that just don't want to be constrained by rules that will stay out.  I pray they live through this.  My outdoor kitties have been staying in the greenhouse a lot - as they have nice warm bedding, they are out of the wind and weather and have heated water bowls and bedding.  They are staying snug!

We had a couple inches of snow Friday evening.  Flurries again this morning.  I have seen my winter snow, it has gotten cold - OK, I am over it - ready for spring!

We had a lovely family get-together yesterday.  Still have one lone nephew (and fiancé) that need to come.  They had to work yesterday.  We will see them when they can get away.  We got some lovely home crafted gifts - I will show them this week.
Eating leftovers today, and we will have our annual seafood dinner tonight!

My frugal week:
  • Replenishing cabinets/pantry from deep pantry
  • Made a cherry cheesecake and lasagna from items on hand for Christmas dinner
  • Kept the lid from a parmesan cheese container
  • Finalized Dec. receipts
  • Cut the cats nails - saving $20 per visit (3 cats) and stressing out the kitties
  • Had an unexpected expense this week.  My battery in the Blazer died for good!  A dear friend went and got us a new one and installed it.  Bless his heart.  We paid him, so he got a little spending cash and we are good for years.  (Last one was 5 1/2 years old)
  • Made several dozen more cookies.  Many were gifted and the rest were ate yesterday.
  • I went to get cabbage at Kroger (for NY dinner) and found some deals!!!  I found Hershey milk chocolate chips marked down to .99/bag!  I got 15 bags.  I also got 2 - 2lb. bags of fresh mixed veggies for. 1.99 ea. (reg. 4.99).  I used some for veggie plate for get-together and the rest will be steamed later in the week or used in soup!
  • I also got 4 - 12 oz. packs of natural bacon on sale for 2.49 ea.  Regular $5.  And I got 5 tubs of frozen Cool-whip for .49 each.
  • I topped off the gas tank while out to prepare for this super cold weather.  I saved .30/gallon.
  • I made ice outdoors for the get together.  I set the trays on the handrail outside kitchen door and it was so cold that it froze lickety-split!  It was colder outside than my freezer was!
  • Had everything on hand for our get-together.  No need to purchase any food or drink and everyone was well fed and enjoyed.
Meals this week:
Homemade blueberry pancakes and fried ham (from freezer)  YUM
Lasagna and salad (2X)
Mac n Cheese with jalapeno smoked sausage and side salad of lettuce topped with sweet/sour red cabbage
Burgers and fries
Chicken/rice/veggies in cream sauce
BBQ meatballs/little wienies, veggies and dip all with crackers (left from get-together)

Cheesecake and cookies for desserts

Today will be a day to rest up.  This body is tired from shoveling snow and cooking.  I will probably take down the few decoration today or tomorrow and get back to a nice fresh look!

WHAT did you do to save money this past week? 
Did you go to any AFTER Christmas sales? 

My prayer for everyone on this New Years Eve is that we can all put our mistakes behind us, and go into the new year with promise and grace.  That we will recognize the good inside each of us, and use it to help better the world.
God bless you all.  I am so honored to have had you in my life this year and look forward to many exciting things to come in 2018!
Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy, stay frugal!



  1. Some great deals there and what a great deal on the chocolate! Our kitties are coming inside tonight too as they say it is going to be so cold tonight. I hope you have a wonderful new year, Cheryl and receive many blessings. :)

    1. I thought that was some great deals too.
      Bless you and your kitties.
      Happy new year. May we all be blessed this year!

  2. It's very very cold here too. Right now it's 10 degrees. I stopped looking at the night time temp. too cold to think about it. When you can make ice faster outside than the freezer it's cold. They said that car batteries and tires were flying out the garage doors this week. I'm glad you got it fixed and were not stranded. Have a Happy New Year.

    1. I bet mechanic garages are swamped. It is just crazy cold.
      Yep, kind of what I thought about the ice!

      Happy new year.

  3. It was -11 when we headed to church this morning. Brrr.

    I saved money by staying home and reading and sewing (even though I should be cleaning 😉).

    I did not go to any after Christmas sales since it was super cold all week and I can't think of anything I might need. I am jealous of your deal on chocolate, though! I always *need* chocolate.

    Happy New Year, Cheryl!

    1. Cheri - the grocery is the only place I went shopping. I only went for cabbage - but a deal is a deal. We ALWAYS can use chocolate - heck I have been known to eat straight from the bag when I need a chocolate fix!!!

      I think I will be staying home all this week. Frigid.
      have a great new year

  4. Great deals, I love when I find those. I count you as one of my great deals for 2017. So happy I am getting to know you, I feel like I have a kindred spirit. Thanks for all you do to lift my life.

    1. Aahhhh what a wonderful thing to say! You just made my day! Thank you.

      I so love that we 'make friends' all over the world and come together to teach and learn.
      You are all blessings to me.

  5. Cheryl, I saved my Christmas money and hit the after Christmas sales at JoAnn's Fabrics and got several great bargains. I love it when I happen upon the kind of deals you got, good job. It's cold here too, colder than what's normal for us. Happy New Year!

    1. Patsy - that's great that you got some deals at JoAnns. You can really get some good ones there. sounds like your sewing pantry got a boost!

      I think it is colder than normal all across the states.
      Happy New year

  6. I just found your blog. I can tell by the price stickers you must be a Kroger's shopper like me! I'll be happy to follow your frugal corner this coming year. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Rachel, so glad you found your way here. We are all learning together and we have fun and laughs.
      Glad to have you come along!

      Yes mam, I love the mark downs at Kroger - that is about the only things I purchase there.

      Happy New Year - looking forward to getting to know you!

  7. Bluey picked up a whole ham on the bone that had been marked down by $20. We cut this up into chunks then put through our new vacuum sealer. The ham is in the freezer and off the shopping list for some time.
    Here on the other side of the world the heat and humidity were almost unbearable. We are now on a storm watch. Here's hoping we get some rain and no damage.

    1. Jane what a deal on the ham. Glad you found it and that you are set with ham for quite a while.

      I don't like unbearable heat and humidity at all - but would be happy with about 30 more degrees here! I hope you get the needed rain and no problems.
      Happy New Year.

  8. Happy New Year Cheryl, to you, your dear husband and the kitties.

    You got some great deals on those markdowns.

    I have been trying to stay out of the stores since moving, until I get a place of my own. But I am "stocking up" on more preparedness items. I am now a Thrive Life Consultant. Thrive Life sells freeze dried food - no pouches. It is ingredients that contain no salt or preservatives - corn is just corn, and mushrooms are just mushrooms. They have sausage crumbles, mushrooms, and onions which, when put on your pizza, you would swear are fresh. Lots of other good stuff too.

    I also bought the book, "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" from Books A Million. I ordered the book, "The LDS Preparedness Book" from These two books should help round out my frugal library.

    And this past year has been filled with youtube videos on everything from harvesting goats and deer to what to plant for the most yield. Of course, first and foremost, don't plant what you will not eat. If you are planning a market garden, what happens if a SHTF situation hits, and there are no more customers.

    My life has changed too - moving from NJ to FL was a tremendous step. Left all friends and moved with family I had not lived around for over 40 years. Still don't have a job yet, and brother won't allow me to look for a place of my own, until I get that job. Then I can figure out a new pantry, what I can grow, and where, all kinds of new and exciting things.

    Sorry to take up so much of your time.

    1. Norma that is cool that you are now a Thrive Life consultant. I have heard much good about freeze dried.

      I too have been watching lots of You Tube on living off the grid, frugal living, and pantry preparedness. You just never know! Our world can change in an instant.

      I have the encyclopedia of country living as well. That is a wealth of info. May look into the LDS book. I love my helping/teaching books!

      You took a huge step moving so far which shows great strength and confidence. I don't know that I would want to make such a drastic change. It sounds like it is good for you. I am happy you are 're-connecting' with family on so many levels.

      May 2018 bring a job that is meant just for you.
      Things are really looking up. Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year, Cheryl! I'm a frequent reader of your wonderful blog! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your lovely writings! You help keep me on my frugal adventures in my life, thank you!!!!
    Hugs, Holley

    1. Holley thank you so much for the kind words. We never really have a full understanding of what we do and how it affects people.
      I really appreciate your comments.

      I hope we ALL have a wonderful frugal adventure this year. It is nice there are so many folks sharing and caring.
      Happy New Year

  10. Here in Canada, our coupon shopping is limited and nothing like the savings you have in the States. We don't have double coupon day and our coupons are usually only cents off - sometimes not worth it, just covers the tax. The stores are so crowded after Christmas and the so called 'Boxing Day Sales' are not worth fighting the traffic and crowds for. Sure, you can buy next years decorations for half price, or a tv for 150$ off, but it annoys me that you pay full price right up to Christmas only to have your item reduced the day after. We should buy our gifts the day after Christmas and open them on New Years Day. As far as the weather, this is a cold one! It's a lead in to what could be taken as a joke but it's for real - It's so cold!
    How cold is it?
    It's so cold that the penguins in the Edmonton zoo had to be taken out of the cold and put indoors!!
    True story!!
    Anyway, keep up the good blogging, I enjoy reading your blog and your ideas!! Happy New Year

    1. Hi there. Double coupons days are thing of the past in my area as well. Most coupons are for things that are very processed and I use very few now a days. I do use them for cat food and hair dye, but that is about it.
      Most of my deals are just Manager markdowns for one reason or another. You never know what deal you will find.

      I agree with the after Christmas sales. Makes no sense to pay full price one day and get it for half or less a couple days later.
      I have purchased Christmas gifts after and held them till the next year.

      Yep that is cold - if the penguins can't take, how are people supposed to!

      So happy you stopped by, and please continue coming and sharing.
      Happy New Year

  11. You go0t some amazing marked down deals! Way to go my friend! I found some containers of mango spears marked down and got those because they came out to much cheaper per pound than whole mangos are at the moment. Mangos are a huge treat for me and remind me of home. :) Be blessed, stay warm and Happy New Year!

    1. I love Mangos. They are such a sweet treat to find.
      Trying to stay warm. Take care.
      Happy New Year

  12. Hi Cheryl, Trying to stay warm here too. I can't remember it being this cold for so long and my heart goes out to the homeless. We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. Really special with all the kids being together. Rare occasion. So I think probably our bills went up between that and this very cold weather. I will have to look into The LDS Preparedness Book. I had the Country Living Encyclopedia but got rid of it when w downsized and now wish I would not have! Stay warm. Nancy

    1. Nancy I think the deep freeze has us all in it's grip! Brrrrr.
      Glad you had a nice Christmas and that all your family was able to be together. Times like that making having a higher bill OK!
      I never get rid of my self help books while de-cluttering. Those are life savers.
      You stay warm as well. Happy New Year.

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