Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fun & Frugal Last Minute Gift Ideas

You all know I am a big "homemade" gift kind of gal.  There are so many cute ideas available.  You have to love Pinterest and all the ideas you can find.  The internet provides us with a world of fun and different ideas.
Step outside the box.
Most of the following pictures are pretty self explanatory.

If I receive a handmade gift - regardless of what it is - I think the giver is being so creative and smart.  I am getting something that is just a 'pick-up' at any store!

 Coffee or Hot chocolate baskets - complete with stir sticks (candy canes), marshmallows and mug

Find pinecones and dip in wax (colored or plain).  Make wonderful fire starters - gift in a little basket or bag them up.

 Big mug with fuzzy socks, chocolate, nail polish and a couple special tea bags

 Decorate up a special 6 pack of specialty brew or special pop

Make up a cute basket or box with makings for ice cream sundaes.  Toppings, sprinkles, little cups, cones, and a scoop
 Snack jars are wonderful for all ages.  Any kind of snacks can be added and the jar can be used later too.  You can use jars or baskets or totes.  What fun!!!!!!  Pick a theme or mix it up!

Make specialty gift boxes for the small items from TP tubes!  These could hold jewelry, candy, pocket knives, miniatures............................... 

 Mini bottles of liquor in a jar - you could attach to  6 pack of pop in cans - but I think this alone would be cute for that hard to buy for person.

Make up a cute little sewing kit with things you have around the house.  Great gift for a college student, or someone moving out for the first time.

Never forget about home canned goods or homemade candies, cookies & breads.
Pretty pillows, lap quilts, afghans, scarves, mittens, placemats, dish cloths, etc. are always welcome.

Get creative with what you have, stay frugal, change things up a bit - but most of  all - HAVE FUN!!!!
Tis the season!!!!!!


  1. I love those!! The mini bar made me laugh. My favorite gifts to make & give are embroidered flour sack kitchen towels, fudge, & caramel corn. I change the theme of the towels every year. Herbs, coffee, desserts, vegetables, etc.

    1. Oh, I wish I was on your Christmas list!!! Those all sound like wonderful gifts.

  2. What wonderful ideas Cheryl! I am doing a "foodie basket" for several family members this year filled with gourmet and homemade goodies tailored to the likes and dietary restrictions of each recipient. :)

    1. Love it!!!!! I like to get special gourmet things for my baskets as well. Everyone really seems to like them.
      Heck, we all have to eat!

  3. I love homemade gifts also. I think of the time and trouble the person went to for me.

  4. I like homemade presents also. Always on the look out for ideas! Nancy

    1. I think they are the best. Homemade all the way!!