Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Frugal Happenings (for last week)

Good morning everyone.  Well, the big day has come and gone.  So much hoopla and BOOM it's over!  We still have another Christmas get together, but not sure exactly when that will happen.  It is in the plans for this coming Saturday - but the weather may not cooperate.  The kids will be traveling from out of town and we are supposed to have  a big snow.
I don't want anyone taking any unnecessary chances - so it may wait another week.
It will happen when it's supposed to - no big deal.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your families and friends.  We had a nice weekend, although it was pretty quiet.  Watched lots of classic holiday movies and ate!!!!!  I did go see some family for a couple hours on Christmas day.

We ended up having a white Christmas after all.  Amazing.  We got about an inch of snow on Christmas Eve.  The news said it was the first white Christmas since 2010!!!!  WOW.
It got cold as well!  Todays high is going to a whopping 14*.  Brrrrrrrr.

My frugal week last week:
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Colored my hair (got holiday ready!) with supplies on hand.  2nd color from one box and I have another session left in the box!
  • Filled up all the wild critter food bins from supplies on hand
  • Made rice krispy  bars
  • Got all my wrapping finished
  • Did a lot of small jobs and chores inside and out.  It was warmer the first part of week, so accomplished a lot of little projects
  • Bought $25 worth of groceries from WM with a GC we received.  Got a couple things we wouldn't normally buy - and I also got our shrimp for NY eve dinner!
My WM FREE purchase with GC.  Got to love FREE!
  • Cleaned out the oven - oh my!  I do it by hand - not auto clean.  I about killed  myself and my kitty years ago using self-clean.  Won't do that again in the winter!
  • Cleaned out and re-arranged the refrigerator freezer
  • Stopped at the Christian thrift store (across from WM).  Bought nothing - but they had lots of goodies dropped off by a local grocer.  I got 2 - 12 oz. bags of romaine lettuce hearts and a doz. seedless tangerines.
  • Got the new 2018 wall calendar all marked up with special dates and ready to hang
  • Started working on cleaning up my computer files - that will be an on going project!!
Meals for last week (ending Saturday):
Sausage, eggs, toast and leftover cheesy potatoes
Chef salad topped with chicken
Burgers and ravioli
Meat/cheese & crackers - dip and chips
Cheesy chicken and potato casserole (2 X)
Goulash and salad
Menu from Christmas Eve on will be listed on Dec. 31 post

Pooty found a new hiding place.  "No one will see me here".  Please Mom, just don't refrigerate me!

I hope to get the upstairs pantry straightened back up this week.  Those gremlins have played havoc in there again!!  What a mess.
I also plan on doing some more baking.
I will also be cutting the Christmas cards received this year into gift tags for next year.
It will probably be pretty quiet around here.  Don't need to go buy anything and no place I need to be other than my warm, cozy home!

Did you get any deals last week?  Did you stock up on anything in those last minute sales?
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Take care and stay warm.  Blessings from our home to yours.
See you Thursday!


  1. The today will be -7. There is no sale on earth that will tempt me to go out today. Just puttering around taking care of some chores, reading, maybe some baking.

    I'm so thankful for a deep pantry. No need to go anywhere for a long time cuz there is plenty to eat here!

    1. I am with you. I love having the pantry for times just like this. I do go outside to feed the kitties (in greenhouse) and the squirrels and birds - but that is it.
      That is a 365 day chore (love).

      we will be having Christmas leftovers tonight.
      -7 sure is cold. Brrrrrr.
      Stay safe and warm!!!

  2. So great that you got goodies from the thrift store. Love it when that happens. Sounds like you had a great week and Christmas. When I woke up this morning it was -3. I think we have warmed up to 5 now. Have a great day!

    1. Ok guys and thought it was cold here. You are all making me feel like we are having a heat wave!

      I am about done with winter now!! LOL It wasn't supposed to snow till the weekend and it has been snowing for the last 2 hours covering everything. YUK!
      Have a great (warm) week!

  3. Hi Cheryl!

    Sounds like you did well and had a nice and quiet Christmas. We had snow here too and unfortunately, it made it impossible for Rachel's sister to make it to spend with us. We still had a lovely Christmas with my cousin, grandkids and kids, even having Josh join us via Facetime so he could watch his nephews open their gifts from him. So many special moments and memories were made this year and I feel truly blessed!

    1. Debbie so glad you had a lovely Christmas. Things do happen that keep folks away, but we want them safe. Aren't computers amazing when it comes to face time? That is so neat.
      I am so happy for you and yes mam, we are all blessed.

  4. I am not commenting on our warm weather here in Florida. It was wonderful to get together with my brother's family and celebrate Christmas with them. The "grand girls" were richly gifted with so much more than they need, and had a ball opening, and even helping to distribute gifts. The food was delicious, and the family time watching a marathon of the Karate Kid was great.

    Glad you had a blessed Christmas Cheryl.

    1. Norma you don't have to comment! I see it has been nice and warm there - at least compared to most of us!!! ENJOY IT! Heaven knows you have spent your time in the cold.

      I am so glad you had a nice Christmas. It sounds wonderful - kids are such a hoot. They enjoy themselves so much.
      Too bad we don't still have 'children eyes'.

      I look forward to another family Christmas - hopefully this weekend. I just love being with family.

      Take care my friend and continue to enjoy all that warmth!

  5. Cheryl, could you share how you do your hair dye? I'd love to split the box to do a 3 wk. touch up instead of a whole dye, which I really don't need. My grandma used to divide hers up, but I had gorgeous young lady hair way way back then and I didn't pay attention!!!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Sure. The dye I purchase has 2 types of solution that need to be mixed. Each bottle is 2 oz.
    I use a shot glass that I have made a mark about 1/4 way from top. I measure and then pour each solution into the squeeze/application bottle and shake.
    I use most of the dye closest to my roots - but do use on the rest of hair as well.
    I squeeze out solution in an area and use a small comb to comb through my hair. (an old toothbrush works too). If need be, I use my hands (gloved) and apply in hard to color areas.

    My hair is short so I can get by with 3 colors from a box.
    Hope this helps - ask away if something isn't clear!

    1. So you put half the app bottle solution into the shot glass, then mix half of the dye solution with what's left in the app bottle? Then apply as normal, clean the bottle, & put the shot glass stuff back into the app bottle for next time?
      That makes sense to me and the toothbrush is a brilliant idea! Thanks.

  7. I'm glad you all had a good Christmas, Cheryl. Your cat is like ours, any box and he is a happy kitty! LOL

    So glad you had some snow. We are supposed to get some, but I will believe it when I see it.

    I got a good deal on some wrapping paper at Walmart today. 50% off, so 61 cents each, not bad. :)

    1. There is something about kitties and boxes! Too cute.
      I am not like so many others - I could do without snow and not be disappointed in the least.
      That is a great deal on paper. I still have enough for several years, so I didn't even go out to look at after holiday sales.
      Have a great day!

  8. It's so great that you could get shrimp. We just love it, too, and only eat it a few times per year. This time of year is one of them:). I get it at Grocery Outlet at times, for a reduced price. This time, I got more than I needed because I had invited several family members over for our traditional fondue dinner on Christmas Eve, and some could not come. So, happily, I still have some in the freezer to eat! Yum:)

    1. Becky we love shrimp too. It is a treat maybe twice a year - it is so expensive here in the middle of the country. I would think it would be cheaper on the coast.

      Sounds like a great day of fondue! YUM. Nice that you have leftovers and can enjoy them at a later date. YAY!!!
      Have a great New Years