Sunday, December 17, 2017

Frugal Happenings 12/17

Hello everyone.  Happy Sunday and last week before Christmas.  I am sure Santa's workshops and Mrs. Claus's kitchens will be busy this week getting ready for all the holiday festivities!
I will be putting together additional gift baskets and getting the few gifts that need wrapped all wrapped up.  Baking will take place off and on.  I am not going to stress about it, or go over board.

We had a cold week, and now the weather is warming.  It seems we will be above normal for at least the next 7 days.  It doesn't look like a good possibility of having a white Christmas here.  I am fine with that, but I know others like it.  I just want it to be decent for all the travelers.

Yesterday was my sibling Christmas get together.  That is always nice, because we sit and talk about the 'good old days' a lot.  I love sharing stories, and learn something new every time.  Everyone was much older than I, so they have stories prior to me!  Precious times and memories.

My frugal week:
  • Made a feed store run.  I am good well into January, maybe February.
  • Used brown paper and bubble pack (came in last weeks delivery) when packing the goodie bags for brother and sister.  There were lots of jars in them.
  • Gave myself a lovely spa night.
  • Made my first batch of Springerle cookies and 6 mini loaves of banana/strawberry nut bread for gift baskets
  • Got my cards all mailed
  • All baking was from supplies on hand, as will be the baking I do this week.  No need to purchase anything.
  • Made a dozen hard boiled eggs
  • Ran to Kroger to get bread and milk.  Found a few markdowns and a few closeouts.  Manager Markdowns are items they have an overstock of.  Closeouts are items they won't be supplying any more.
  • I got packages of faux crab legs on markdown - we use in pasta salad, and as an add-in on those rare seafood dinners.  They were marked down to 2.49/lb.  Regular 4.99/lb.
  • I also got several full size cans of Pringles for........drum roll please.........35 cents a can!!!!!  DEAL OF THE YEAR!!!!!  The store won't be carrying these flavors any more.  We tasted both types and they are good.  I got some for us and for basket stuffers! 
  • All meals and drinks from home
  • Sister sent leftovers home yesterday, so we have extra for lunches
  • I received a surprise box of goodies and pretties from a friend in the mail.  What a lovely surprise.
  • At the sibling get together we received 2 - $25 GC's, home canned goods in a re-usable grocery bag, and a huge box of Russell Stover chocolates.  YUM
Meals this week:
Leftover split pea soup
Tuna patties, tangy mac n cheese and salad
Beef and bean nachos
Leftovers and fried b/s chicken thighs
Fish sticks, oven potato wedges and side salad
Cajon rice with sausage and salad
Dinner from sisters

How was your week?  Are you ready for Christmas?
Did you get any deals to add to your pantries?

Here we are a week until Christmas and two weeks before entering into a new year.  This is still hard for me to believe.  It seems just like the other day that we were saying this in 2016.
The hands of time sure do go quickly as we get older!!!

I pray you all have a safe and lovely week.
Blessings to you all.  May the Lord bless you and keep you in His loving embrace.


  1. What a great deal on the Pringles and faux crab meat! My daughter loves the crab meat. I decided I am done with Christmas shopping. I watched a video about it this morning and what we have is enough and I'm at peace with that. My daughter has the house decorated so nice and we are going to enjoy it and all that comes with it. I hope you have a blessed week, Cheryl. :)

    1. Thanks I thought it was quite a deal as well.
      Good for you. We all need to realize that we have ENOUGH! I am glad your daughter did your decorating.
      ENJOY and many blessings!

  2. Yepper on the pringles! The empty cans are good for packing stuff.
    I too am baking from what's on hand Not much going on this week baking wise.
    Made a pot roast yesterday so will have some really good leftovers for a couple of days.
    That is a really pretty picture!

    1. Well Laurie you know me - I am sure I will keep some of the containers!!!
      Roast is so good so many ways. Such good comfort food.
      That picture kind of reminded me of childhood and tree hunting!
      Have a great one!

  3. What a deal on the Pringles! Bacon Pringles sound good too-I've never tried them. You have a great Christmas already Cheryl! Lots of goodies have come your way. Have a great week!

    1. Bacon Pringles are the bomb going down. Burping not so much! LOL
      Yes, we have. We seem to have several different Christmas's with different groups - and you will never hear me complain! They are all wonderful.
      We are blessed for sure.
      Have a good week.

  4. We had Christmas at Thanksgiving with the family so the gift exchanges are done.

    I was co-director of the children's Christmas pageant last weekend at church so that is done.

    I am choir director and we did our singing today so that is done.

    It was busy and I loved every minute of it.

    But this week will be quiet and reflective and I have a feeling I will love every minute of that too!

    1. It sounds as if you have been a busy bee!
      How wonderful that you get to have such a calm and lovely week. Thinks about those who aren't with you, Christmas days gone by, and contemplate the future.
      Most of all ENJOY!!!!!

  5. I'm so late in my Christmas prep this year. I've not really done much Kringling. I will be busy all week long with Kringling, cleaning, doctor appts and chemo. Fun huh?

    Be blessed and enjoy the season while it lasts.
    Let's focus on our LORD and all the good things
    He has done for us.
    Hugs to you!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura I think you have had a few things on your plate - so you can be behind. What doesn't get done - doesn't get done.

      Absolutely - this is the season to face the heavens and our Maker and be so very thankful for all the wonderful gifts we are given each and every day.

      Have a blessed week. HUGS!

  6. No baking and no cards but Christmas presents done so that is good. Praying for good roads for our family traveling. Have a nice Christmas! Nancy

    1. You got the most important thing covered - the gifts! I hope the roads remain safe as well.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours.