Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter wants.....

We live a pretty simple and basic life.  I don't have a bunch of wants - material wise.
I don't really need a thing.  We have shelter, food and warmth.   We have decent health and we can pay our bills.  Not much else needed!

I do have a list of things I WANT to accomplish this winter - this has nothing to do with resolutions.  These are just things that keep getting put off and they really need attention.  My plan is to actually accomplish as many as possible on my list and perhaps even a few more projects. 
It is winter after all - and there isn't a lot to do outdoors.

I think this is needed after the holidays by just about everyone!

  • I want to re-do and totally transform my basement pantry system.  I think I may look for some additional shelving and then re-arrange
  • I want to TOTALLY clean up the crafting area - it looks like a bomb went off - oh my!!!!
  • I want to get to some sewing and repurposing of some old clothing items
  • I want to re-do my written address book.  I have a new one - so it is just a matter of taking the time to sort all those tiny pieces of paper and chicken scratches in the old one!
  • I want to do more work on cleaning up my computer files.  I have so much stuff saved and not in a lot of order.  I need to make new files and sort and I need to delete a lot.
  • I need to do a FB cleanse!!!!!  I don't need the constant drama that some seem to put out there.  I want my new year full of good things
  • I want to clean up and organize my canning supplies in a better fashion.  Again I may need to utilize shelving I have in a new way
  • I want to spend less over the winter.  We have plenty and need to use it.
  • I would like to get some cheap fleece blankets/throws to use in some crafting projects.  This is probably at the bottom of the list - goodness knows I have plenty of items to work with!!!!
  • I want to sit and read a little more.  I haven't done much reading at all this year, except on ideas from the computer.  I am ready for a nice Amish novel!
  • I want to de-clutter more
I am sure there are many more projects that I want to accomplish. It seems that there is never an end to things to do.  I will go at an easy pace (I seem to accomplish more that way), and I WILL get a lot of these done before spring.
I want my house, my life, and mind free from clutter. 
I think we actually save money when our homes are in good order.  Cleaning, de-cluttering and re-organizing doesn't cost us a thing.

Do you have a winter "to do" list? 
What kinds of things do you hope to accomplish this winter?

Let's all get ourselves in good order - so we can just enjoy the spring and summer and the outdoors!!!


  1. THat is a great list, Cheryl. I do have a list of things I want to do in the next year that I am working on this week. I love it when everything is cleaned up and organized so that is always my priority.

    1. Glad you have a list as well. I always feel better when things look neat. it is just a "breathe" moment!
      Can't wait to get things back in order.
      Good luck with your list!

  2. Your list looks a lot like mine. Especially the part about the craft room....oy vey. You've never seen such a mess in your life!! You know how there are Pinterest pages on beautiful craft rooms? Wouldn't it be more fun to see how our messes compared?! tee hee...I might win!
    I used to be so good about it. I kept a peach basket next to my table. As I finished with things, I'd put them all in it. Then, 10 minutes before I needed to go upstairs, I'd take the time to put everything back where it was supposed to be. Worked like a charm. I lost control about 3 yrs. ago. I'm way past the 10 minutes now and to the part where it would be easier to remove every item from the room and start over.

    I'm working out my challenges for 2018. I know that I'm going to try making a rug from scraps.

    I smiled when I read the part about the Amish novel. I was a Criminal Justice major in college and am a total crime novel junkie. But they can be realllly dark. At about Thanksgiving, I told my husband that I needed to lighten up my reading for a bit. He took me to Mardel and I attacked the bargain section. I found several Amish book series' there for very cheap. I'm currently working on The Imposter by Suzanne Woods Fisher and am enjoying it. My reading time is while dinner is cooking. I'm not comfortable leaving the oven unattended so I sit in a chair and read for 30-45 minutes until my husband gets home. I love that time!

    1. Well Debby, I wouldn't be putting money on you winning the awful craft room challenge!!! LOL
      Mine is just horrid and frightful. I am so ashamed! 10 minutes wouldn't put a dent in my table let alone any other part.

      I loved Criminal Justice in college. I studied sociology and elem. ed. - but took several criminal justice classes.

      We went through a period of reading books on real murderers and serial killers - there were so many. I also liked things like Steven King. HAD to stop - they really started bothering me.
      Now I stick to much lighter subjects.

      You will enjoy the books (I hope). Several wonderful authors on Amish stories.

    2. I don't craft room was VERY messy. So I might win the "Messy of the Year" award. I had company and had to set up an air mattress, so I hid the mess in my other closets and the attic. Not cleaned up at all.
      Now de-cluttering, and organizing are at the top of my to do list, just like Cheryl.
      One good thing about hiding the mess, it made me realize how peaceful a clean guest room makes me feel. The monster in the closet needs to be conquered though. LOL

    3. Mine wouldn't even begin to fit in a closet Ellie!!! it sounds like we have several of us vying for MESS QUEESN!

      It always feels good to get things back in order. Looking forward to taking down the little bit of Christmas d├ęcor I have out - it will just look fresh!

      Gremlins and monsters - hay hay!
      Good luck

  3. You have some great ideas! Sounds like you are off to a good start.
    Right now I am just trying to get over this cold. I wasn't able to go to my brother's house on Christmas eve nor to my mil house on the 26th. Hopefully I will feel better soon, so I can get some things done.
    Happy New Year to you and your husband. Hope it will be a blessed year for you both.

    1. Aahhhh Kathy I am so sorry you are still sick. It's a shame you didn't get to the festivities.
      Maybe you can all get together when you feel better.

      Thank you and happy new year to you. Feel better!

  4. Great minds! I've just blogged these past few days about the challenges I am setting forth for myself. Now that I 've put it out there on the blog I feel like I'm more accountable -even if only to myself. Maybe you can help hold my feet to the fire. :)

    1. That is so true. When we put it out there for the whole world to see - we kind of have to be accountable!!!!
      Let's keep each other in check. We'll both have to report our progress.
      Good luck!

  5. Great list! I did one on your list just a few weeks ago. I cleaned out my friends list on FB, I'm so tired of so much negative and just stupid post's. Sounds bad but I cut out tons of people and now only have about 40 people who I kept. Mainly family, some people were just too much drama for me. Really enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi tealady. It is amazing isn't it. Unfortunately I think I have some distant family that will make the cut list. Life is to short to listen to the "poor me" so much.
      Thank you for visiting and please come by again.
      Happy New Year.

  6. My list is a lot like yours, esp. the craft room! I unfollowed many facebook friends recently.... the ones who are have drama, post a lot of silly posts, share a lot of links, and the ones who posts pics of abused animals and children... I can't take it. Now I find I spend way less time on facebook and am not nearly as annoyed as I used to be. LOL

    1. EXACTLY =- my hope is to spend less time on FB as well. I am a super compassionate person - but I can't stand the 'abused' posts either. I do what I can to help and to educate - I don't need it in my face day after day.

      Have a great day.

  7. Great list!
    I always feel better when the clutter is gone.
    But somehow it sneaks back in!

    1. It IS the Gremlins - I am telling ya!!!!! They just keep sneaking stuff in and messing things up. Little buggers!
      Have a great one!!!!

  8. Cheryl, I so agree with you. I love what you said, "I want my house, my life, and mind free from clutter". That is what I want and I have already started de-cluttering one room at a time. I have made a list of "craft projects not finished", and I am determined to finish them this year (hopefully before starting another one). Happy New Year and stay warm. I am in the south and they are predicting colder than usual weather for us. Cindy Jane (Norred)

    1. Cindy it is cold here as well. New year's day is supposed to be high in single digits. That is just TOO cold for me!

      I think we would all be happier with less stress and all of those things we hang on to (things, projects, people) that cause us stress - good riddance!

      You stay warm as well and have a great new year!

  9. Sounds like you've got some great plans. My winter bucket list will be published soon at Harvest Lane Cottage.

    1. I sure hope I accomplish some of them.
      I will be watching!
      Happy New Year!!!

  10. You guys are all so organized! My list is simple. Get through each day:). One day at a time.

    Seriously, there are some things I'd love to do, but I haven't written them down yet. Hopefully, I will be able to get that done soon.

    I know I need to finish up my daughter's senior year of homeschool, and my niece's junior year. That takes several hours per day, plus correcting and planning. We are taking them to Washington DC in the spring as part of government, so I need to save the rest of the money for that.

    I want to continue to clean and sort out the remaining items that are in the shop, still lingering from our move in here a year ago. That's been an on-going project all fall, and we are a long ways along with getting it done.

    I want to grow another great garden in my back yard. That means ordering seeds, and maybe setting up a way to grow my own starts as I used to do in our previous home.

    I want to go through the cupboards and cull out the things that I haven't used during this first year here. I kept some things I guess I didn't need after all, and they are just cluttering up this little house.

    I will continue to work with my niece and nephew as their PSW, and so am always searching for fun activities I can do with them to help them grow and develop socially and mentally during our times together. (We do chores, read, go places, cook, do crafts, practice shopping with a budget, eat French fries, visit things like the library and museums, etc. along with hang around together as well). So, I'm always looking for things that are free (like library programs) along with some that cost money(like the zoo which I bought a pass for).

    1. Becky - I think you have plenty on your list already!! Schooling is the future - so that is so important. Congrats to you for doing that.
      I know in our city we have FREE days at different museums and such - generally on government holidays. Love the library for things to do. Our area parks all have summer activities for young people as well.

      Moving as well as the schooling, I think you have a full plate girl. It always takes so long to get organized after moving.

      I think you are doing great and have great plans as well. If you ever need encouragement, just stop by! We may not get all our plans done - but we have fun! That is what it is all about!
      Have a great new year.

  11. It's summer here in the sub tropics of Aus. It is hot and very humid. I still have a list of things I want to accomplish. I find that if I set a daily task, a small step to a larger one, it all adds up and doesn't seem so overwhelming.
    Todays task is to clean out the glasses cupboard in the kitchen. If I finish this then I might do the recipe book cupboard over the stove as well. Small steps towards the big goal of a clean and organised kitchen.
    In between jobs I will be getting in and out of my wading pool to cool off. This little pool is a life saver.
    Enjoy getting your home organised how you want it.

    1. Jane thanks for reminding us that SOMEWHERE on the planet it is warm!!!!! Most of the U.S. is in a deep freeze at the moment. I would be tickled to just see the 30's again!!!

      You are a wise women on the way you are approaching your tasks. It seems when I go slower and don't get in a huge hurry, I do accomplish more.
      Slow and steady wins the race....

      Tomorrow there will idiots taking what is called "the polar bear plunge". Frigid weather and they jump in a whole in the ice of a lake!! No thank you. I'd rather be dipping my toes in your warm wading pool.
      Have a great one!