Sunday, December 10, 2017

Frugal Happenings 12/10

Good morning to everyone.  Two weeks from today is Christmas Eve!  It will be here before you know it.  Are you ready?  I am pretty well there, just some baking to do.

We sure have been on a weather roller coaster this week - mainly downhill!  We started with 70's at the first of the week, and got to a point where highs were in the 20's and we had a light bit of snow.  There was a day or two that seemed brutal because of the temps and the wind.  Brrrrrr. 
Today is supposed to get to close to 40 - heat wave!

My kitties have all found cozy places to be this week.  This is Pooty, and my view most mornings while sitting here on the couch!  She loves her table and Christmas tree.   Coogy is curled up in the rocker, and Lilly is snuggled in with her daddy!

My frugal week:
  • Received another FREE wall calendar this week.
  • Finished up work on my jar recipes for gifts
Here is a couple types all ready for gift bags!
  • Made a 3 1/2 lb. beef roast in the crockpot this week.  It made 3 dinners each, and G had it 2X for breakfast meals
  • Used ham from the freezer as well as broth and made a pot of split pea soup
  • Made O.J. from concentrate.  I have been craving orange juice
  • Made a batch of double chocolate/choc. chip muffins from a mixed I found in the pantry.  Bought it on clearance sometime back - it fixed that sweet craving!
  • Made a gallon of raspberry flavored tea.  We drink iced tea all year, and I decided to jazz it up a bit.  Cooled it out on the porch rail.
  • Made 2 batches of jelly this week.  One batch of black raspberry and one of Concord grape.  Ended up with 4 pints and 12 half pints all together.

Grape on the left and black raspberry on the right.  Mmmmmm!  They all pinged and set up wonderfully.
  • Ordered the last items needed for gift baskets on Wednesday.  Ordered the jalapeno/cheese summer sausage and my bulk dry ham seasoning.  The summer sausage has been a favorite of many for years (can only buy from one place), and the last ham seasoning I ordered, was 3 years ago.  I use it and give as gifts as well. **Amazingly I received both orders on Friday - regular UPS!  One and a half day delivery from OH and PA not to shaggy for this time of the year!
  • Kitties now have a new box to play/lay in - and they love it!  Free entertainment for them!
  • Got all my cards addressed while sitting and enjoying some baking shows 
  • Washed out some zip lock baggies
  • Doing all the regular stuff

Meals this week:
Mexican spaghetti
Cube steak with gravy, leftover pasta and asparagus
Hot dogs and layered bean dip with tortilla chips
Sliced roast beef, potatoes and green beans
Beef enchiladas - (used leftover bean dip and roast in them & enchilada sauce from freezer)
Beef Manhattans
Split pea soup

Beef Manhattan - such warm yummy comfort food!  One of my favorite things.

How was your week?  Did you get any good deals?  Do any baking or last minute crafting/shopping?

I hope you are all taking some time for yourselves and just simply enjoying this incredibly wonderful holiday season.  Enjoy and hug your family and friends.
Tis the season!

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe and healthy in this coming week.  I wish you happiness, calm and snuggles. 
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Just wanted to say your beef Manhattan looks delicious! I'm so glad that all your jelly pinged. It's always a worry then excitement when they ping well here. Poogy looks like a Calico quilt. So pretty!

    1. Yes, we all always breathe a sign of relief when hearing PING!
      She is a beauty!!!

  2. Yes your beef Manhattan looks yummy!

    1. It was - you should try it sometime. We also like it done with turkey at Thanksgiving time too.

  3. On your White Christmas soup do you use a whole package of the gravy mix?

    1. Use a 2.75 oz. package - and yes the whole thing per each jar. Helps make it creamy!

    2. I have some of those mixes. Now I have a use for them!

  4. Your jelly looks good! How do you make your raspberry tea? Nancy

  5. I have some loose leaf tea that is herbal and raspberry flavored. I just use my regular tea bags, then add a bit of the herbal with it. (In a tea ball). You can also buy raspberry tea bags - then I use 2 and the rest regular tea ags. Just a light flavor.

  6. Oh that kitty is so pretty! I NEED to know where you order your sausage from, I have a daughter that would love that!

  7. Cheryl, I saw jars of cookie mixes in WM selling for $4.50 a jar!!