Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stay Safe and Be Alert

Tis the season!  For cheaters, scammers, thieves, burglars, and thugs!  Oh my.

I hope you all stay safe this year.  Remember to never put gifts under a tree if they can be seen from any window.  That is just inviting trouble.
I don't put any gifts out.  The day I am delivering or the day someone is coming over, is when the gifts get set out.

We all love for our Christmas lights to be seen by passerby's at night - but generally that means your curtain/blinds are open.  People are out prowling around this time of the year.
It is dark much earlier in the evening and much later in the morning - so be careful.  If they can see your lights  they can see you and anything in your home.

Keep your doors and windows locked at all times!!!!!  I go in and out several times a day with the cats and wildlife - but the door is locked behind me.  G is in the house - but he wouldn't see someone coming in until too late. 

Never warm up your car and leave it unlocked.  Dailey I see stories on the news about people getting their cars stolen.  DUH!  I have a second key, which I use to start my car on a cold/frosty day - then I lock it with the fob.  I come in the house and it is locked as well!

If you are not going to be at home, and have ordered goods to be delivered - have them delivered to work if possible or to a neighbors address (that you know will be home).

When going out and about, please be careful.  I ALWAYS keep my cash and/or charge card in my pocket, as well as my cell phone and keys.  I know I will be able to get home.
I do carry a handbag - why?  Because if someone wants to rob me, I want them to yank it and run, thinking they got something good!  Maybe I won't be harmed in the process.

Be very vigilant when walking through stores and parking lots.  Be aware of people following you.  Try to go in the daylight.  If you go out shopping at night - take someone with you.

Keep your car locked in parking lots.  If you have purchases in the car (that don't fit in trunk), be sure you have something that covers them.  Don't make the temptation to rob you any easier.

Consider adding longer screws to your door lock/jambs for better security.  Those short screws can be kicked in like nothing.  The longer the screw the safer it is.  Pretty hard to get that to pull out!

Scammers are even entering our home via the phone and computer.  NEVER say the word YES, when answering questions on the phone to someone you don't know.  Always answer no or the word 'correct'.  This is more important in offices/businesses than homes.  You may just be ordering something the business will HAVE to pay for if you say the word YES!

Don't do those silly surveys and question/answer things on the computer.  You all have seen them.  Name your first crush.  Name your grade school.  Your first grade school friend.  The street you lived on in childhood.   Name your favorite color.  Scammers/hackers use these answers to figure out your passwords and take over your computer and/or accounts.  Think about it - many of the questions on those 'FUN' surveys are the same ones the banks/charge card places ask.

Be watchful around your neighborhood.  Know your neighbors vehicles and their normal coming/going schedule.  Watch out for them as well.

Shoot, I think I thwarted an attempted break-in this morning.  I go out early to feed the animals, and it is still dark out (my area behind house has some lights).  The greenhouse has a light as well.  After feeding the cats and animals out back - I walk to the front porch and pick up the newspaper.
The newspaper guy and I are the only ones ever out and about that early!!!!  All the houses around are still dark.
This morning after getting the paper, I saw someone up by the front door messing around, 4 houses down.  He was all in dark or black clothes.  I stood there and watched - he saw me.
He ducked behind the truck parked out in front of their house - and I walked down the drive (making it look like I was going that way) - and he took off running down the sidewalk the other direction.
He had to be up to no good, because why else run!
Kind of scary, because it is generally pretty safe around here.  You just never know and you can't trust anyone any more.

So please be safe, keep your home and vehicles safe, and YOU stay safe and always be ALERT!!!
Blessings my friends


  1. Cheryl my initial reaction to your post was that it was a bit over the top. However I need to apologise as I sat and had a think about it. Here it is light by 5am and not dark till close to 8pm. Just recently our sons dog, a big black cross breed, started up a bark we had never heard before. Our little Jack Russell then used her,'There is someone out there bark'. I went to investigate and there were two youths running down the road. Our daughter had bought a solar sign, "Santa Stop Here", and this is near the front door. We think they may have come up to the house in an effort to take the sign. I like having a big dog with a big dog bark here in the house. Freddie provides us with a bit of extra security.

    1. Jane I am glad you had the dogs to alert you.
      We tend to think we are safe in our homes, but in this day and age I think it is a feeling of false security.
      People work hard at cheating people. There are some mean and crazy people out there.
      We just all need to be alert all the time - not just at Christmas.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Good reminder to be careful.
    How scary about that person at your neighbor's house. It does sound like he was up to no good.
    Stay safe.

    1. You are welcome. So sad we live in a time where we need reminders.
      Have a safe and lovely week.

  3. Oh my that is scary Cheryl. I'm glad your safe and they had sense enough to run away. You are so right about it all and they are great things to remember. It's a wonderful time of year but we need to be safe!

    1. Yes, it is a wonderful time of the year, yet there will always be someone trying to ruin it. Sad.
      I just want safety for everyone.

  4. Cheryl, thanks for the reminders. Since I moved into my brother's home last month, I have seen that the entire neighborhood is very secure. My brother has all kinds of security devices and rituals that he (and now me too) follow. I have always locked the car doors, put the miscellaneous blankets, etc. over back seat purchases (even if I am going straight home), and ritually lock doors behind me (even having locked myself out sometimes). But your reminders are truly timely. Thank you for them, and stay safe.

    1. It is amazing what we do to stay safe - but it is now a necessary evil.
      Stay safe

  5. Replies
    1. Oh I will. Very unusual for anything to happen around here. Just kind of scary.

  6. I am so glad you are okay and your neighbors were not robbed. That is so very scary. I know that my neighbors and I watch out for one another and if we are expecting a delivery to the house and won't be home, we have our neighbor's keep an eye out for the UPS truck. Great idea on those longer screws too!

    1. I love that neighbors watch out for one another. I always watched out for the single gals that used to live next door, since I was home. All neighbors need to be aware of what is happening.

      It sure is sad to think the world has come to this.

  7. AS the years have progressed, we too in our neighborhood have gotten more watchful and careful, security cameras, lights, blankets, neighborhood watch, the whole nine yards, I hope we can all stay safe this season, too.

    1. I think we just have to be vigilant at all times. Sadly people work harder at being bad, than they do working at being good.
      Wouldn't the world be a lovely place, if all the crooks put their energy towards good?

  8. Good advice. The emails I get with scams! I am winning at least a million dollars a day or inherit a fortune! I am so lucky apparently! But a couple have been convincing i.e. they look like they are from my bank, paypal etc... I don't trust any now. Be safe and careful! xxx

    1. LOL Annabel - it would seem so!!!!!
      Isn't it incredible the time and energy people use trying to scam people. So sad.
      Stay safe and vigilant.