Sunday, January 28, 2018

Frugal Happenings 1/28

Happy Sunday everyone.
We have had a roller coaster weather week again.  We have had freezing rain and ice and warm days and sunshine.  We even had a bit of lightening and thunder this week.  It sounds like this up and down weather pattern is to continue for a while.
That is fine with me, as each of those warmer days, just knocks off one frigid one and puts us closer to Spring!  Daylight hours are increasing, which always helps with my winter moods!

It has been pretty quiet around here.  I have been trying to stay home as much as possible due to the flu threat in our area.  So many have been affected.  I figure the closer to home I stay the better!

                                                                    Good morning!

My fugal week:
  • I received a FREE Reminisce magazine.  It was a complimentary copy - they are trying to entice me back!
  • Got to turn the heat off for 2 days (daytime) and aired out the house
  • Made hard boiled eggs for quick breakfasts or snacks
  • Made a gallon of OJ from concentrate
  • I did go out one day, and did a major cat food stock-up (dry and canned).  Meijer had a great sale.  I also bought an 8 pc. box of fried chicken marked down to 3.49!  That lasted for dinner, lunch and breakfast!
  • NO other grocery shopping this week
  • Used an Outback gift card and got a great dinner for us both (parts of 2 dinners actually)
  • Watched several movies and shows on Netflix  and listened to some 'new' music on You Tube.
  • Did a lot of cleaning and de-cluttering in the kitchen and the office/cat room.  Rearranging makes things look so fresh!
  • Doing all my usual things

Meals this past week:

Open faced Sloppy (Mex.) Joe sandwiches, fried green tomatoes and fried dill pickles
Ham slices (from freezer), oven baked fries and side salad
Homemade Patty Melts and chips
Outback dinner
Leftovers from Outback night along with steak from freezer
Fried chicken and slaw
Salsa meatballs over rice and jalapeno/cheese poppers

What have you done to stay on the frugal train this week?  Have you added anything to your long term pantry?

I sure hope everyone is staying healthy.
May your coming week be blessed beyond measure.  Please stay safe and healthy my friends.
Best wishes from our humble home to yours!


  1. Good morning, we did no grocery shopping since last weekend.
    Staying home is my favorite frugal :)

    1. Yes mam - mine too!
      Can't get much more frugal than that!

  2. You've done well this week. Congratulations! We've avoided going out too due to the flu issue in our area. It really makes it easier to do Low Spend January this year.

    1. Thanks! I am not an Internet shopper, so staying home does pay off for me!
      Stay healthy!

  3. We didn't add anything to our long term pantry this week, but we did stay home mostly due to illness, but it did save on gas money, so that is a positive. Sounds like you had a good frugal week too, Cheryl. I hope this one coming up is good for you and your weather isn't so rollercoaster like.

    1. Hope you are feeling better. I guess there is more than one way to keep frugal - illness isn't a good choice!
      Have a great week and feel better

  4. It's been so pretty here too Cheryl. We are probably not as warm as you but it feels like spring. Hardboiled eggs sound so good for a quick breakfast I believe I will do that.

    1. Today is lovely - didn't think it would be. supposed to get some much colder days again this week. Up and down!
      I love hard boiled eggs.

  5. We also have been staying home to avoid the flu. Hmmm, isn't it odd that we all seem to be managing just fine with fewer trips out and about? Doing more sewing and trying a new-to-me recipe for black bean burritos (which was delicious by the way). Staying at home isn't so bad after all. :-)

    1. Well I think it says something about our preparedness and our bargain shopping! We CAN and WILL survive!
      Burritos sound yummy.
      Happy sewing!

  6. Funny I am starting a hard boiled egg diet tomorrow. Too much Christmas fun and my clothes are tight and I refuse to buy new ones.

    1. I can remember my sister doing a hard boiled egg diet years ago. It worked for her. Good luck.
      I think we all gained a few extra pounds this winter - I sure have.

  7. Both my husband and daughter have the flu. It's very bad. I so hope the rest of us avoid it!

    I do have a lot of food in the house. After shopping for the 2 sets of guests (around 20-25 people total) that were coming this weekend, and having them all cancel due to the flu, I really have plenty:). So, I'll probably not shop again for a while.

    I hoped I would get some extra projects worked on, but only got the basics done in the end. We will not do home-school tomorrow, since my daughter is still sick, so maybe then:)

    1. Aah Becky, so sorry to hear the family is sick. God bless them. I will pray for a quick recovery. Hoping you don't get it.
      I guess you are well stocked, if you were planning on feeding that many.
      I hope you get some of your projects done.
      Stay healthy

  8. I have been avoiding crowds also because of the flu, remember that elevator buttons can be one of the worst germ places, worse than toilet seats!

    I caved and purchased paper towels for No Spend January...could have waited 3 days to payday, too. On the plus side, I was able to continue to return and get credit back on my card, and daughter is slowly but surely paying off her part of the balance, all good.

    1. Husband likes paper towels, not me, I am an un-paper towel devotee.

    2. I think anything in public places that people touch has got to be bad. Thankfully I never go where there are elevators any more!

      Good for you that daughter is getting her part paid down. slow and steady wins the race.
      Good to hear from you. Take care my friend.

  9. The flu and Strep Throat are making the rounds in our area. Our Rachel got sick on Friday night and finally went to the doctor today...Strep it is. :( Jeff and I are praying that none of us get it. We watched Steven for awhile on Saturday so she could rest and we around a lot of people at the stores and bowling alley this weekend. I did pick up some Sambucol while I was there though...just in case. Every place we went was out of the OSCILLOCOCCINUM that I usually take to prevent myself from getting sick.

    1. Debbie I sure hope you guys don't get sick. It is scary, because so many don't stay home when they are sick, and then spread it to everyone.
      Hope all your family gets back to healthy soon.