Thursday, January 25, 2018

Simple Celebrations for Less

We all have celebrations in our lives.  There are those special days that 'some' celebrate, like Valentines Day.  We also have birthdays and anniversaries, retirements, house warming, all sorts of fun things to celebrate.
You know what?  You don't need a "special" day to have special moments and memories.  Everyday is special that you above ground!

You also don't need to spend a lot of money!  Small and simple gestures can mean more that an elaborate celebration.  I  like simple - but I am a simple gal!

We had an anniversary this week (32).  G can't leave, so I went and picked up the special dinner he wanted (Outback), and all it cost me was a little gas.  We had a gift card, so the entire dinner was FREE.  The best thing is that it will give the best part of 2 evening meals for each of us!
It was special, because he wanted it and we don't have often and it cost nothing, and it was special - because of what we were celebrating and the company we shared!

Things that can make any event fun and special:
  • First, it doesn't even have to be a dinner!  You can have s fancy breakfast, a picnic lunch, or a nice tea/coffee and dessert setting
  • Make the simplest dinner an event.  I don't care if you are having PBJ's, burgers or steaks - make the setting pretty and nice
  • Place a candle on the table and turn the lights down
  • Use pretty dishes.  We all have those dishes that are for special occasions!  What are we saving them for?  Isn't everyday LIFE special enough?
  • Get out the china, the vintage dishes, or the pretty teacups and pots
  • Place a tablecloth on the table, use the real napkins. 
  • Have an indoor picnic and lay a pretty quilt out on the floor
  • Place flowers on the table if you can.  In the summer you can pick them.  During the winter you can purchase at the grocery store (keep track of mark-down day).  Place flowers in an old wine bottle, jar or vase.
Treats and gifts:
  • Make a batch of rice crispy treats and form into a "Hershey Kiss" - wrap in foil and you have a giant kiss
  • Make someone a special gift of fudge (instead of buying expensive candy).  You can use a small cutter to cut into shapes (or pour into chocolate molds) or you can individually wrap.  Create a pretty bag or box for the gifting.  There are so many flavors of fudge - this could be fun!
  • Place a bag of Hershey kisses or other candy in a pretty re-cycled jar and add a lovely ribbon, bow, or poem (or saying)
  • Make up a batch of homemade hot chocolate mix - add to re-cycled jars (add some pretty colored marshmallows)
  • Make a gift that will give all summer.  Use a clay or plastic pot - add dirt or Styrofoam.  Get several sticks from your yard (various lengths) and with a dab of hot glue - attached flower/veggie seed packets to sticks.  Place in the pot for a pretty pot of seeds!
  • You can also make a 'flowerpot' of candy as well.  Get a bag of assorted wrapped candies and do the same thing.  Add a dab of hot glue and attach to sticks to make bouquet of candy!
  • Think about making some sweet coasters out of scraps of materials.  Make them look like a quilt
  • Write a poem or a letter to someone special telling them why you care.
  • Make a special dessert for someone, package in a pretty container, and include the recipe
  • Make homemade jelly or preserves and gift
There are no limits to the fun and inexpensive things you can do.  Just look for things that may be different!  Set the bar higher for everyone else to get creative!!!!

Plans ahead:
  • If you don't have any 'pretty' teacups, dishes, or accessories - look at thrift stores and yard sales.  You can often buy antique looking dishes for pennies.  Mix and match!  That is all the rage now and it really is pretty to mix up designs
  • Think about using pretty hankies for napkins.  I have gotten a lot of pretty hankies at Amish stores and dollar stores for next to nothing.  They can be used in lots of projects as well.

  • Cut up a second hand tablecloth (one with stains here and there) and make your own special napkins.  You won't feel bad cutting up something with stains (just cut around them).

Get creative folks!  Don't just keep doing the same thing over and over - variety is the spice of life!!!
You CAN have a lovely event for little money.  It can memorable, sweet, and simple.
I don't know about you, but I would be impressed with an original gift or dinner or setting.



  1. Happy Anniversary to you and G! Jeff and I will be celebrating #33 in March. :) Isn't it amazing when you realize that most of your life has been spent with the man that you love most? :)

    1. Thank you. I was thinking about that the other day. We have been together over half of our lives! Sometimes it seems like yesterday - others - well it seems like forever! LOL

  2. Happy Anniversary, I love some of these ideas, especially the large Hershey kiss. How clever! Just love your posts.

    1. Thanks. Glad you like the ideas. Hopefully someone will get a giant KISS for some occasion this year!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate!
    I love your ideas. I've been trying to think of someway to make Valentine's day special for my kids and husband. One year, I did a pun for every day in Feb until valentine's day. My son would groan about how bad they were, but I think he enjoyed them. :D

    1. Thank you.
      What a neat idea. You could use the letters of their names and come up with a corresponding word that says something special about them.
      Maybe some other readers will have some cute ideas.

  4. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you made it a special day and I've come out with some great ideas! I need to look for some tea cups and saucers. Your are so pretty!! The kiss idea was one to remember!

    1. Thank you. Glad you got some ideas maybe you could use.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great one. I don't find many tea cups and saucers at the thrift store but then I don't get around to looking a lot either! Nancy

    1. I don't go much any more. It seems I find the most items and the cheapest at yard sales. I look forward to yard sale weather!
      Thanks you.

  6. Replies
    1. You remind me that I have gift cards I need to use up!

    2. Thanks! I have a bunch to use as well. I have been thinking it might be nice to use once a month or so. We have a lot of them!

    3. REMEMBER gift cards don't have an expiration date!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Another good thing about ordering the meal to go: no tips, no drinks which really runs the cost up!

    1. All those extras do run a bill up. water is good for drinking and desserts should come from home!
      We did enjoy it.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and G, Cheryl. Yes, we all have those special dishes to celebrate with and it's so nice to pull them out for special occasions like this.

    1. Thank you. We should consider lots of things 'special'. No sense having those things and not using them.