Sunday, January 21, 2018

Frugal Happenings 1/21

Happy Sunday all.  Hope everyone is doing well.

We have had quite a whirlwind week of weather.  Started with snow and frigid, sub-zero temps and has ended with upper 40's and rain.  We went from a frozen tundra to a mess of mud.  Most of the snow is gone and we are having a bit of rain today.  Amazingly the forecast for the next 7 days has no frigid weather predicted.  The worst listed is the 30's.  I can surely deal with that.
Each day and week we escape sub-zero, is one closer to Spring!!!

I finally got the Blazer all thawed out on Thursday.  It was a solid chunk of ice!!!!  I didn't even attempt to clean it off earlier in the week, as it was just too cold.

I go out every morning before dawn to feed the outdoor kitties, and I hear all the birds already singing!  It just reminds me of Spring.  I love it.
The days are gradually getting longer hours of daylight, which is lovely.
The kitties are loving the warmer weather.  Yesterday Momma and Fluffy were both out in garden chairs basking in the sunlight!

My frugal week:
  • I got a lot of much needed paperwork accomplished
  • I used ALL leftovers in new dishes
  • I found and rounded up 3 partial bags of ice melt to use on the walks and drive (had been stuck back in the basement last year)
  • Reconditioned and polished the kitchen cabinets
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Salvaged an 18 oz. candle jar (with lid) to use for storage
  • Colored my hair with supplies on hand
  • I finally got out Friday (over a week at home) and ran to Kroger.  I got lettuce for.99, a bag of bell peppers and one of onions for .99 each, and a gallon of milk for 1.39.
  • My Kroger deals this week were 8 packets of 3 each - of yeast for .25 each (dated 9/2019).  And 4 marked down packs of meat.  2 packs of beef cubed steaks and 2 packets of thinly sliced uncured ham for sandwiches.  YAY!

  • Have gotten to actually turn the heat off during the day the past couple days!  Sunshine has been keeping the house warm enough!
  • Just doing all my normal stuff

Meals this past week:
Spicy mac n cheese, fried kraut with beef hotdogs
Calzones (or hot pockets - whatever you want to call them - used up leftovers)
Mushroom/pepper creamy chicken over rice
Baked 'pizza' spaghetti
Cubed steaks, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus
Cheesy beef & potato bake
Beef, bean & cheese nachos
All leftovers used for lunches

Homemade calzone or hot pocket.  Stuffed with a combo of spicy mac/cheese and veggies & meat from leftover soup.  (Broth got frozen for soup starter later).  These were so yummy!

How was your week?  Did you get any great deals?  Create any lovely items?  What ways did you save?
Let us know what is going on in your area.

May your upcoming week be blessed beyond measure.  Health and happiness to you all.


  1. Sounds like a frugal week! Glad that you are enjoying the warmer temps. Your calzone/hot pocket looks good! I'll have to think outside the box, I wouldn't have thought of using leftover mac/cheese. What kind of dough do you use?

    1. Kathy it is just pie dough. It was so flakey and crisp. Hubs loved it too.
      You can use anything you have as a filling. No limits!

  2. Like Kathy I'm stuck on how good the Calzone looks. I love how you think outside the box with the filling. Just about all of our snow has melted also but now we must watch for the ice. We still are having problems with getting our front screen door open. Too much ice on the gutter.

    1. Thanks. I love mixing things up a bit.
      WOW, sorry you still have ice in the gutters. As of right now, pretty much everything is gone. It sure is a soggy mess out there.
      We have a couple chilly days coming up - so things may get tricky!

  3. We were in a deep freeze even down here in NE Texas. Appears there is a problem with a water leak on the south wall of our house. We're hoping it is a sprinkler line that froze and broke and not something in the house plumbing. Oh Lord, it's always something.

    1. Sorry to hear that. You are so right - it's always something. My in-laws house had a broken pipe over the past weekend - 3 hours and $600 later it was fixed! YIKES
      Good luck - hope it is an easy fix.

  4. Looks like you had a great week, Cheryl. :) We found a lot of markdowns when we went to Kroger last week too. I love that store, I wish it were closer so we could check out the markdowns more often. We had to salt our steps last week too. But it was so much warmer yesterday. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Glad you found good deals as well. Yeah, Kroger has some wonderful markdowns.
      Funny this time last week it was sub-zero and this morning we woke up to 50*. We have a thunderstorm that will be coming through in a half hour or so.
      What a change!
      Thanks, hope your week is lovely!

  5. This past week was a home based one. I went out once and picked up sewing needles for my machine. I only made it down to the beach for a walk twice. The tides were high early this week leaving very little sand to walk on. It's just too hot to go later. I did finish off quite a bit here at home. I have plans for making over the wardrobe so that I can get more wear out of what I already have. This is happening and is a bit of fun. I have started recovering the outdoor setting. It is under the veranda so I am just using mattress ticking to cover it. We keep getting teased with cloud cover and increasing humidity, but no rain. It is very hot and the garden is just hanging on. This reminds me that I need to go and move the sprinkler. Have a good week.

    1. How lovely that you are remaking your wardrobe over. I have several pieces I need to work on. I bet the outdoor setting will be nice.
      I am sorry that it is so very hot for you. Hot temps and no rain is not a good combo.
      Hope thing turn around and get a tad cooler.
      Have a good one.