Tuesday, May 1, 2018

IT'S TIME!!!!! For Yard Sales!!

YAY it is that time of the year again.  I can't wait to go to the first one!  I have been reading that several of you have already started going to sales and you are finding some great deals.

I don't so much NEED anything - I just like going and looking.  Some days something just screams "YOU NEED ME" and I have to buy it.  We have a big neighborhood sale (not mine) coming up in early June.  It is a historic neighborhood with a lot of really neat old houses and it is surrounded by the park - so it makes for a really fun day.

I like yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, you name it.  It is called FREE ENTERTAINMENT.

If you are planning on having a sale to get rid of your gently loved treasures, you need to remember a few things to be successful.
  •   Make sure your items are ALL priced!!!!!  If I don't see prices - I walk away!  If you want people to buy - then mark items or have a sign saying all is priced the same.
  • Make sure your items are clean
  • Group 'like' items together for easy shopping
  • Have plenty of change!  KEEP IT ON YOUR BODY!  Don't not leave it laying on a table - too tempting!
  • If you have expensive items - keep them close to you or someone you have helping.  Sadly, people will steal
  • Put up signs or run an ad in the paper.  Advertise.
  • If you put up signs - make them readable from the car!!!!  Do NOT write in pencil or ink pen - make the address and date clear and bold
  • Be considerate and take your signs down after the sale is over
  • If you have electric items - make sure you have a plug available for testing.
  • DO NOT allow people in your house (unless it is basically empty). 
  • Keep your doors LOCKED - people could sneak in when you are distracted
STAY SAFE but have fun.  You can make some good extra money getting rid of all that clutter around the house.  I remember we had many a sale back years ago and the best day we had was about $650.  That was wonderful.

Think about keeping a list with you when you are out and about.  A list of things you need or might be looking for.  Keep a list of kids sizes and even adult sizes.  Know your prices.  Don't pay retail pricing at a yard sale. 

**Also think about roaming the neighborhood on the evening before or the morning of 'heavy trash' day.  People throw away good stuff sometimes.  I have found some nice items for my yard that way.

Do you have any great tips on having a sale?
I hope you all enjoy your adventures and maybe make a little extra dollars!


  1. Yay, you are going to be going to yard sales soon! I hope you have a blast. Free entertainment at its best! I walk away from items that don't have prices too and so does my daughter. My Dad realized that people will buy when every item is marked with a price during his flea market days. Excellent advice here. I always kept my prices low so I could sell more. I didn't want to have to take it in at the end of the day. Selling more made more money even when the price was low.

    1. That is so right - keep prices low. I always wanted to get rid of the stuff ore than make a fortune - so I priced it right.

      Hopefully I will see some sales before the first of June. The weather is finally starting to cooperate!

  2. I love yard sales, but sadly I buy things I don't need as they are a good deal. Maybe this year with my new habits I will be better....

    1. Oh my, don't buy just to be buying. I hope you find items you need and can resist the rest.
      GOOD LUCK!