Sunday, April 29, 2018

Frugal Happenings 4/29

Here we are at the end of another month.  May is starting in a couple days and from the sound of things - summer is starting as well.  Forget spring - go straight to summer! 
We did have some nice sunny days this week, and I got a lot done outside.  Last night we had a freeze!  At least no snow.  We are suppose  to hit the 70's and 80's this coming week.
We have had the coldest April in 35 years and one of the wettest.  Glad it is about over!

I spent a good part of yesterday attending a dedication at the place of my long gone grade school.  I know I have mentioned going to events for that school before - but it was such a special place for many, many generations.  It was the center of the community and even after school activities took place there.  We all donated to have a wonderful plaque and memorial placed.  After, we all went to a small local pub and visited.  So many friends and memories from long, long ago - priceless!

My frugal week:
  • Walked the alley and picked up trash 2 X this week
  • Worked on a lot of those 'I don't want to do them' jobs.  Working in small increments allowed me to accomplish so many things!
  • Inventoried and organized all my canning supplies.  Jars, lids, rings, mixes, pectin, etc.  I am ready!
  • Been continuing my efforts to de-clutter and organize
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Colored my hair at home
  • Did some vehicle general maintenance myself.  Checked all the fluids and aired the tires
  • Renewed library books on-line
  • Did LOTS and LOTS of yard work!!  Feeling a little accomplished!!!!!!
  • Mowed and trimmed from front to back
  • Got to air out the house some and have no heat for much of week
  • Worked on all the monthly receipts.  I was looking a spreadsheet and realized I  ONLY spent a GRAND TOTAL of $179 for a combined total of March and April on groceries!!!!!!  WOOHOO!

Meals this past week:
Turkey, Stove Top stuffing, Brussel sprouts
Chicken strips, stuffing fritters, green beans
Tuna salad over a bed of lettuce w/crackers
Beefy, cheesy, bean nachos
BBQ wings, mac n cheese, salad
Cold cut & cheese sandwiches and chips (G's request)
Ravioli and meatballs

I had about half of the Stove Top stuffing left - so I added an egg, shredded cheese, and a little flour and made it into patties and fried as fritters.  OMG were they good.  Truly much better than the stuffing was.  G said that was a good reason to make stove top - just to make fritters!  I think he is right.  I will do that again.

How was your week?  How did you stay frugal?
I have been reading that some of you have been getting great deals at yard sales - I can't wait till they start happening around here!

May you all be blessed this coming week.  Praying for health and happiness for you all.
Remember all the bumps along the road, are part of the pathways we are supposed to take.

Blessings from our humble home to you and yours!


  1. Yes it's going straight to summer here too next week Cheryl. Crazy weather! I need to organize my canning supplies too. I hate to run out of lids. Have a great week.

    1. I guess many of us will have the same weather.
      I think I will be good for the canning season.
      Have a good one.

  2. Your fritters sound delicious. We cook most things from scratch but we like Stovetop better than homemade dressing/stuffing.
    And great job on your tiny grocery spending.

    1. Thanks. I keep stove top on hand for quick meals. I do love my homemade - but this was really good.
      I was surprised I had spent so little.

  3. Wow, great spending on the groceries for two months. Way to go!

  4. Sounds like a lovely week! Don't you love spring? What a nice dedication at your old school.
    Wow on the grocery spending , that is awesome!
    I never would have thought of making stovetop fritters. I usually turn leftovers into a casserole, but I'm going to have to make fritters next time.

    1. I love spring warmth and sunshine.!
      I was really surprised on the spending amount!
      I had never made fritters either - but got a bug up my b___. and did it. So good.

  5. Being thrifty is out the window for now. Getting rid of of gluten things. Nancy

    1. Nancy you can still do it. There are many choices out there now to help. I have a friend who frequents Aldi and gets gluten free items and of course fresh.
      YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  6. What a great week and months you have had Cheryl, those savings! I thought maybe to do the stuffing in the waffle maker too, and then put chicken on the top.

    I too need to organize the canning lids. I got the tomato starts potted up into quart plastic yogurt containers, it has been so cold here, can't harden them off outdoors yet, even in a cold frame. With a drill press, I drilled two holes in the bottom of the containers for drainage. Trying to melt two holes in with a candle and metal skewer wasn't working.

    1. We are just starting to warm up - but I am still hesitant to put out garden. Most often they recommend after Mother's Day.

      I have done dressing in the waffle iron as well. It was good - a little crispy on outside and soft inside. I like biscuits done that way too.

      Very ingenious on getting the holes made.
      Have a good one!

  7. So happy you got time in the yard. I am prying for more consistently warm weather to help me get out in the sun!

    1. Me too! I love 70's and sunny. It is perfect to me.

  8. You did great on grocery shopping for the last 2 months. Doesn't yard work seem never ending? My list is here:

    1. Thanks. Oh it is never ending, but that gives us a reason to get up and move each day!
      Have a wonderful week.