Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How to Prep Cheaply

We all love Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Big Lots - but Dollar Tree or 99 Cent store is by far the favorite (for me).
There are just so many options of things to get for our stockpile and for prepping for THAT day we never want to see!!

Cleaning supplies of all sorts are available - from dish soap to laundry goods to drain cleaner.  Lots to choose from and the price is right!!!  I do mainly use vinegar and baking soda - but for those who don't - Dollar Tree is the place to stock up.

Freezer bags and storage bags - foil, saran wrap, and wax paper.  ALL paper goods are available, including plates, cups, plastic ware, etc.  Those are nice to have on hand for a time when there may not be the ability to wash dishes.  Disposable foil pans for cooking are also available (great for grills & campfires).

Totes, buckets, and storage containers are available in many sizes.  Plastic storage containers for frig, freezer and cabinets can often be purchase 3 or 4/$1

Duct tape, clear packing tape, small hand tools, razor knives, hand saws, and wire can be purchased.

Solar Lights and battery operated lights.  Candles.  Glow sticks and even hard strike matches and disposable long butane lighters (great for camp fires and grills).  Ours even has jugs of lantern oil.

Health items like toothpaste, mouthwash, alcohol, peroxide, Epsom salts, antibiotic creams, band-aids, Ace bandages, etc.

Shampoo, soaps (liquid and bar), cream rinses, shaving cream, razors, Q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrushes........

Think about stocking up on wooden clothes pins (only place I have purchased them), clothes line, twine, laundry tote bags, hangers, etc.

Dish cloths, hand towels, wash cloths, hot pads, Micro fiber cloths.  These are great to have in your own storage and they can also be used as gifts.  Cheaper towels are great for making non-toss paper towels or cleaning rags.

Cheap rain ponchos are generally easy to find - they aren't the best, but may keep you dry in a pinch.  Socks, hats, gloves, and scarves are always good to have on hand.  If things get bad, you'd be happy to have even a cheaper brand on hand.  I have seen umbrellas as well.

Think about flower pots for container gardening, bags of soil and seeds.

All these things are great to have on hand when prepping for an iffy future.  There are just so many items to chose from.
You can also add to your book and simple game selections, and you can even buy a Bible.

All these things and we haven't even mentioned food supplies.  I have found 2 lb. bags of rice for $1, and 1 - 1 1/2 lb. bags of dried beans.  Pasta and canned meats are sometimes good deals as well (it depends on the sales you find elsewhere).  Spices and seasonings and condiments are a decent deal as well.
Dollar Tree is now selling a lot of brand names - but you do have to watch food products.  Often you can get great sales, that far surpass the price of $1.

Don't think you have to spend a fortune to get yourself prepped for THAT day!  It is always the best idea to have things on hand that you MAY need - BEFORE you need them!!!!
Next time you pass the Dollar Tree, stop and give it a look.  You may be surprised.

I can go in and spend $10 - $15 and stock up on all kinds of necessities that I may need (or do use often).


  1. Great post Cheryl! I love their diaper rash cream for my grandkids and their generic Neosporin that they carry and always stock up on those along with baby wipes. Huge gift bags and greeting cards, along with their balloons are things that we get there on a regular basis too. :)

    1. I can have a hayday in there. So many great things to buy. I buy their Neosporin as well. Love it. Wipes that is a great stock up item - we never know when those may be important with no water!

      It sure is a fun place!

  2. Great List! I bought my reading glasses there a couple of weeks ago. They look just like the 7.00 pair I bought at the drug store. I feel much better when I break or lose a pair now.

    1. I got G's glasses there as well. We weren't sure what he needed, so I got 4 different ones and donated the others. Can't beat a buck for a pair of glasses.

  3. Great idea to use Dollar Tree to stock up. I haven't done that, but think now I will look at it differently.

    1. Thanks. it is a treasure trove of goodies and can really help the budget.

  4. I too love the dollar store. I get the rice and beans. Also I love one of their cleaners, can't remember the name but it is yellow. Wooden clothespins I have to get more as the plastic ones are garbage.

    1. Their wooden clothes pins last forever. I have many I have had for years. I used to buy the Awesome cleaner there. Now I petty much make all my own.
      Sure can't a beat $1!!!!!

  5. I love Dollar Tree. I get my shelf stable soymilk there. They even accept coupons and are on Ibotta.

    1. That is where I get shelf stable milk as well. So many great things there.