Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BE Part of the Answer


I do believe there are certain things that we all have in common - no matter where we live, what we have, or where we came from.
I think we all want the best value for our money - we want to provide ENOUGH for our families - and we want the world to be alive and well for our future generations.
I call all three of those things being a GOOD STEWARD of what we have.

Earth day is coming up on April 22 and will be celebrated all over the world.  I think we should be aware and celebrate this earth EVERY day!
We need to take care of it and replenish when we can, so that future generations will have a safe and healthy place to live.  We only get this one Earth.

There are many small things we can all do to contribute.  Think about your daily and weekly routines and see if there are some little changes that can be made to improve the environment.

  • Don't use Styrofoam - turn it down if you can.  That stuff will never break down in the land fills.  It is also harmful to nature
  • Make or purchase re-usable grocery bags and USE THEM!  More and more places are making plastic bags illegal and paper bags come from our forests (which are dwindling).
  • Compost your waste into rich soil (except meat and milk products).  Meat (minus sharp little bones) can be fed to nature or animals.
  • Keep  a plant or two indoors - they help add oxygen to your air.  Plants are healthy!
  • Plant a garden, flowers, trees, etc.  Not only are you providing food for your family but flowers and trees are beneficial to nature and the environment.  Birds, bees, and other critters can thrive with a little help.  Every critter has a purpose!!
This is so true.  You have faith tomorrow will come, when you plant a garden.  Have faith that there will be tomorrow's for younger generations as well.
  • Use netting from produce or from your stash to make your own produce bags - don't use those plastic ones.  I won't worry about my bag weighing an ounce or two, when keeping plastic from the trash
  • Collect rain water IF it is aloud in your area.  I find it so ridiculous that places have outlawed collection.  Use it to water your garden, flowers, flushing, hair washing, pets/critter water, etc.  God's water works the best for our plants.
  • DON'T use pesticides.  It will kill the bees - which we desperately need to keep, and it endangers wildlife.  Use as many natural things as possible.  THINK ABOUT every bird, squirrel, cat, dog, even children that walk across chemical laden yards are absorbing those chemicals!!!!!!
  • Re-use, re-cycle, and reduce whenever POSSIBLE.  Find new uses for things instead of buying new.
  • Use glass instead of plastic for storage if possible.  No chemicals and it provides more safety for food stuffs.  Use fabric instead of  throw away plastic.
  • Buy from bulk containers if possible.  Many newer 'health or natural' stores provide this service.  Take your own container and have them do a tare weight - then fill.  You will only be paying for product.  Many dried foods can be purchased this way, as well as teas, spices, pet foods, nuts, etc.

  • Limit your cleaning agents to as many natural things as possible.  Vinegar and baking soda should be your FRIENDS!  I love making citrus cleaner from peels.  Chemicals in the air and on surfaces are bad for your health and bad for the health of little ones and pets as well.
  • Eat local as much as possible - saves in so many ways!
  • Use God's natural air to air out your homes if at all possible.  A closed up house contains stale air (and germs) - air it out and stay healthier.  Get outside every day!
  • Plan your driving trips.  Make a plan and use less gasoline and less wear and tear on vehicle.  Less emissions going into the air.
  • Use insulated mugs for your 'to go' drinks.  Take a drink with you and save money and keep trash out of the landfill.
We use insulated glasses for hot or cold drinks.  Insulated mugs (which we have had for years) are used for longer driving trips and for working in the yard.
  • Use leaves and grass cuttings as mulch - instead of buying mulch.  Use fallen sticks and limbs for fire pits or use larger ones for plants stakes and tee-pees for garden.  Try getting FREE mulch from your municipality.  They often cut and grind trees that are dead and provide that mulch for FREE.  I have done this many times
  • Learn to RE-GROW some veggies from scraps - heads of lettuce, celery, onions, etc. 
  • Learn new uses for fruit peelings (jellies, cleaners), egg shells or coffee grounds (feed plants & compost), leftovers (new meals), etc.
  • Up-cycle old clothes, bedding, towels, etc. into new things.  Material can be used for all sorts of things.  Quilts, new clothes, pillows, grocery bags, pet beds, etc.  The material is already preshrunk and comfortable - not stiff and stinky new stuff.  Saves money as well.
  • Check your area for re-cycling centers and what they take.  We can not only recycle aluminum, but if separated out - tin can also be recycled, as well as plastic and glass, and paper and cardboard.

Just stop and think.  Little changes CAN make a difference - especially if we all do them!    This is our one and only planet - this our life and that of children and future grandchildren.   We truly need to wise up and make changes.  These changes cost nothing and provide a beautiful future.

Take some time each week to walk about your area and pick up trash.  We wouldn't have to do that if people quit littering - it is so aggravating.  Litter is not only unsightly, but it can be so dangerous to wildlife and pets.  If our neighbors can't be good stewards - WE can be!

Thank you for being good caring people.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Just a little effort makes a difference.

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  2. You covered it all! I love the citrus cleaner too. Makes the whole house smell wonderful just because you cleaned the sink. Have a good day!

    1. Thanks Vickie. I am sure there are more things we can all do - but it's a good start.
      Have a great one.

  3. Just a note: Our U.S. forests aren't dwindling--Paper manufacturers plant more trees than they cut down. That's why I like paper products, they come from renewable sources which, in addition to providing us with paper and wood products, clean the air and provide shade and habitat for animals.

    1. There is a lot of reforestation that takes place - but there is also many places on the earth being totally stripped of their precious forests.

      The trees do provide so much clean air and habitat for animals, creatures of all sorts and birds as well as exotic plants - but they would do that any way (if we left them alone). I just can't stand to see old growth trees being cut away. It seems sinful to me.

      I know we have our own opinions on these things, and I do not mean to diminish yours or anyone else's. We each do what we feel is right.
      Thank you so much for visiting. Please come by again.

  4. Great article. We do most of these already. When I go on walks I take a bag with me. In the last week I have turned in over $8 in cans and bottles. I would pick up a nickel so I pick up the can. My daughter and her boyfriend just this weekend worked at a clean up at her marina. They collect 7 bags of garbage between the 2 of them. If every one did just 1 more thing every day we would be better off.

    1. Thank you for what you and your family are doing. It all helps so much. I seem to go out daily and p/u trash around here - it has been so windy lately.

      Good for you on turning in bottles and cans. By the way - I pick up change too!!!! (even pennies)
      Thanks again
      We could all do a little more and better!

  5. This is a great blog post, Cheryl. Our local recycling place will buy our tin cans. I wash them out and take them with me when I go to drop off aluminum cans. We don't get much for them, but it's better than them going to the landfill.

    1. Glad to hear they take tin cans. I usually wash cans out any way even if I were placing in trash (keeps smells and gnats away).
      I think it is wonderful that more places are accepting them.

      Thanks for helping the environment

  6. I found no less than ten canvas bags that came our way one time or another. On a recent trip to the woods for cutting wood, we used four of them to carry food, drink, dog bowl/tp/ear protection, and the gas/fuel mix we needed for the chain saw. Very handy. What a gold mine we had and finally realized it.

    1. WOW - canvas bags. that is wonderful - but a fantastic find. Glad you finally realized what you had.
      I would love to have some canvas ones - they would last forever.

    2. Another item I use everyday are the screw top containers that talenti gelato come in. Even though they are plastic, they are lightweight and a reusable alternative to baggies, even can go through the dishwasher wash cycle...and what a good reason to eat good gelato! the screw top lids are very secure with liquids in my take-to-work backpack.

  7. Our local community Earth Day has a Community Clean Up day. This year I am joining a crew that will do four hours along a local highway.

    1. Ellen, how cool you are volunteering. THANK YOU! We always have several events around the city. I generally just stick to my local neighborhood.

      Tat is a neat re-use for those containers. Better than throwing in the land-fill for sure. Confession: I have never ate gelato!!!!

  8. Love your post here Cheryl. We take our worn out towels and old rugs to the dog rescue for them to use washing the dogs and for bedding. We use canning jars for so many things, but my favorite is putting leftovers in the fridge. Walmart has reusable plastic caps in their canning section that make using the jars easier. A good pork chop won't get lost in the back of the fridge if it's in a see-through quart jar where you can see it.