Thursday, July 19, 2018

Being Ready for the WHAT IF'S

What if you lost your job this week?
What if you had unexpected medical bills come up?
What if you suddenly lost all your money (savings)?
What if there was a nation wide trucker strike?
What if food reserves were gone due to catastrophic weather every where?
What if you were suddenly thrown into an off grid existence?
WHAT IF.......................................

There are so many what if's in this world.  The majority of the population depends on grocery stores for there food, medication, and home goods.
Stop and think!  If you live in the U.S. (especially), you know what happens at the grocery when the word SNOW is just mentioned!!!!!!  The shelves are wiped out in a day or so.
Never do I hear 'we are going to have light snow today" any more - it is always portrayed as a "snow storm".
People panic as if they won't be able to get out of the house for months!  I just have to laugh, because I can't believe how crazy that is.
There tends to be a grocery, drug store, or quick mart of about every main corner any more. 
Heaven forbid, people might have to walk some where!
Heaven forbid people might have to do without something for a few days.
MY POINT here is - snow empties the shelves quickly - but what if there were nothing else coming to replenish those shelves?  Most stores could survive 3 days with supplies on hand, if there were a crisis. WOW!

We know - don't we?  We are ready for whatever life may throw at us.  We are survivors!
A few years ago, I knew people who thought I was crazy.  They called G & I  hoarders, conspiracy nuts, etc.  Now, more people are starting to jump on the preparation bandwagon!

Not long ago at all!  But people survived, because they had skills and common sense!

If you haven't started keeping a DEEP pantry - now is the time to start.  You don't have to go crazy and spend a fortune all at once.  Spend an extra $10 or so a week.
Buy an extra can of coffee and a few can goods.  Buy an extra sugar, flour, and salt.  Buy a couple cases of water.  Buy a few jars of peanut butter, or cans of tuna.  Buy dry beans of different types.
Make sure you have plenty of protein items on hand to keep you and yours healthy.  We all need water (including animals).  Remember to stock animal food as well!

We have all be told to have a few months worth of emergency funds put back (in case) - the same goes for pantry items.
There are essential things needed to survive, then there are fun things that would make life easier.
IF the grocery stores closed down this weekend for an extended period of time - would you be OK?

If you have your pantry (which includes all kinds of things) and/or you have your garden - hopefully you would be good.
Take time to go through your stocks and inventory what you have.  Figure out where you are good and where you are deficient.

Work on your deep pantry slowly.  Add something every week, whether from the store or from you own garden.
NO ONE knows what could happen. 



  1. You make some really good points Cheryl. I once read an article by a woman who lived in an apartment and believed in stocking up. She had some really creative ideas for storage, including putting her beds on blocks and storing extra dry goods and canned food under them. Lots of people say they have no room for storing extra food and drink, but if there's a will there's a way.

    1. Absolutely! Under beds, behind couches, make additional shelves in closets, use cases of goods as false floors in closets, space under stairs, etc.
      I have heard of people stacking cases of canned goods and covering with table cloths and using them as side tables.
      You are 110% correct - If there is a will........

  2. We have always done this. It is actually preached by our church. But my mother and grandmother always did this. I think going through the wars and the depression taught them about storing food.

    1. I am sure our parents and grandparents learned so much by going through those extremely hard times. I learned from my parents.
      I know many churches teach to be prepared. LDS church is huge on being ready to provide for your family through anything.

      I am glad that so many of us have listened and learned.

  3. I do this! My parents didn't, and I don't remember my grandparents doing it, but I find it makes the best financial sense, and it's wonderful for times like when the kids are sick or the weather has turned nasty. I always, always have enough on hand to make healthy and delicious meals for my family.

    I only have a very tiny pantry for storage, but I set up shelves in the kitchen on which to store my dry goods (and I caught a great deal on a chest freezer that lives in our garage). It's a wonderful thing to be prepared for just about anything. The only thing I'd really like to do more of is canning, but I have yet to find an inexpensive source of jars. Always keeping my eye out, though!

    1. Good for you! Glad to hear you are on the preparedness bandwagon. It is very comforting to know you can take care of your family no matter what.

      If you have yard sales around your area - keep an eye on them for jars. You might even put it out there to everyone you know that you are looking for cheap/free jars. You never know when someone's granny or aunt want to get rid of some. It sure can't hurt to spread the word!!!!
      Good luck and keep up the good work!

    2. If you know older women, mention it to them. My dad said I was looking for canning supplies a few years ago at his senior center. I was given a canner, dozens of jars, some new lids and other equipment. I have also mentioned it to older ladies at my church and I have gotten jars that way. They don't want to throw the stuff away but didn't know anyone that wanted it. They were happy to give it to me. I always give them a a jar of sauce and jam every year. They love it.

    3. Excellent idea. Older ladies LOVE to see the younger generation learning to can. They are usually more than willing to help!

  4. My husband and I had been married only 6 wks. when the Northridge earthquake hit. We lost power, gas, etc for 3 days. Fortunately, we had everything we needed to get along just fine. We probably would've been okay for a couple of weeks. But, it sure drives home the point of being prepared. We saw the lines and panic of people outside stores, we heard about some stores charging crazy prices. It was dangerous at times. No, I prefer to stay in the safety of my home and ride out emergencies here, if possible.

    1. Thank you for telling your story. I didn't even think about mentioning the "safety" factor of being prepared and staying in.
      The people of this world can be scary at times, and people MAY do anything to take care of their own.
      It is wonderful to know you are ready for anything and can stay sfe and sound AT HOME!

  5. Our pantry has saved us quite a few times managing through some financial rough spots over the years. It's like having money in the bank.

    1. That is one of my favorite sayings!!! It's money in the back. It sure is - and hen you get it cheaply and on sales it's all the better.

      I love it when people verify that being prepared pays off.

  6. My pantry has helped us through Super Storm Sandy, sickness, and financial issues. I am trying to get everything to 6 months worth without blowing my grocery budget.

    I was in BJs today getting a few items. I always look at their coupon flyer by the front door. They had a $5 off coupon for the 8 pack of canned beans that sells for $5.99. They ended up being 99¢. I had Hubby get one on his lunch hour, as he works next door. The coupon said one per person/per day. I will get it another day when I go back or have Hubby get more. It is good until 8/8 if anyone has a BJs membership. Make sure you can cook your food if you have no power.

    1. WOW what a deal that was. I would sure be going back as well. Good for you. Thank you for yet another testimonial on how being prepared saved you through rough times.

      Absolutely, need a way to cook. Propane, grill, open fire, something. Having food that can be eaten without cooking is good to have as well.
      Great job this week!

  7. Thanks for the reminder. I have to get more water - I have 4 gallon jugs and a 24 pack (even though I don't care for them - environmental waste). I have stocked tuna and several kinds of meat and hash, lots of canned beans, and pickled beets, marinated artichokes, salsa, chow-chow, mild chili peppers, a jar or two of pickle spears etc. I also have some pouches to make up of mac and cheese, rice mixes, etc. in case too. AND, I keep a supply of paper goods and am always adding to that kind of pantry.Have a great weekend Cheryl.

    1. Sounds like you are ready! You have always been great at staying prepared.
      You have a great one as well.