Sunday, July 22, 2018

Frugal Happpenings 7/22

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are all well and happy on this blessed day.

This week we had some more very hot days, then a slight cooling!  Actually I have had a few days that AC got turned off most of the day and windows opened.  Humidity left for a couple days.  Rain came back in the state and humidity has risen since then.  We finally got a couple short downpours on Friday, then rain a big part of yesterday.  We still have rain in the forecast for all of today and some tomorrow.  It is much needed and appreciated.
I think they are predicting only one day this coming week of 90* temps, then 80's the rest of the time.  That is just fine with me.

The hummingbirds have started making a lot more appearances at the feeders and at our flowers.  I love hearing that little chirp of theirs.  You can always tell they are in the area when you hear their little song.

It has really been a quiet week around here - just the way I like it!

My frugal week:
  • Organized and inventoried the upright freezer and the kitchen freezer.  I found things I had forgotten about.  I did make a list - here's hoping I keep it up!  I still have the chest freezer to do - but cooler temps are needed for that, as it is in the garage.
  • Watered with rain water as needed.
  • Both rain barrels are now FULL again - as I had virtually emptied both.
  • Line dried laundry
  • Tried a couple new recipes in the past week or so, and was happy with both
  • No grocery shopping this week.
  • Didn't leave - stayed home all week.
  • Our neighbor (friend) went to Gleaner's (food pantry) this week and received a bunch of food.  He had no choice in what he received - so he got some things he doesn't eat or couldn't use.  He gave us 12 ears of corn (he got 2 doz.), 3 bags of baby kale salad mix, and 12 bags of Soy/Rice casserole mix (I had never heard of it).
I made a bag of it to try.  I made it with chicken broth and it is quite tasty.  Kind of tasted like chicken/rice soup.  Next time I sure won't make a whole bag!!!!!!  Goodness, it expands!!  LOL!!  G really likes it and said he will eat for lunch or breakfast or snacks!   It has dried veggies and TVP in it as well.
I decided to store in a gallon glass jar with instructions attached.  5 bags filled the gallon jar!!!  Guess we are set for a while.
  • I froze 8 ears of corn, chopped okra from garden and froze, and froze ripe bananas as well.
  • Picked rhubarb again this week and it is in the freezer as well.
  • Picked 15 pounds of produce this week from garden.
  • Made an Amish banana pudding (new recipe) - that was like a combo banana pudding & cheese cake. Oh my - rich and yummy!  Lasted many days.
  • Got to do lots of yard work (in/around flower beds) this week while it was cooler.  Didn't need to mow.
  • I separated out the baby kale from the salad fixings we were given and I cooked the kale in ham broth yesterday.  That will be added to todays dinner!  YUM
  • Our neighbor/friend's girlfriend gave him a 'surprise' 65th birthday dinner/party yesterday.  Dinner was provided by her.  Good time and free dinner by walking next door.
                                               Tomato harvest this week - 4 more!  YUM
                                    By the way that first one from last week was fantastic!!!!
Meals this past week:
Leftover antipasto melt sandwiches and broccoli salad
Burgers with sautéed onion/peppers, mac and cheese and sliced tomato
Breaded chicken fillets, mashed/cheesy squash, and salad
Creamy squash soup - 2X
Chicken flavored rice mix, steamed broccoli, corn and tomatoes
Dinner at our neighbor/friends house

So as you can see it was very quiet here.  I did manage to add quit a few items to the winter pantry - between the garden and the free items we received.
I just feel that we were so blessed this week.  What a windfall.

I imagine this coming week will be almost as quiet.  I do need to make a run to the feed store this week for bird/squirrel goodies.  Hopefully that will be it.

How was your week?  Did you get any garden goodies?  Frugal deals this week?

Wishing you all a blessed week of health and happiness.  Stay safe and continue to keep your heart with God.  Always remember  - all things are possible with Him.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Wow were you ever so blessed! It's raining here today ..No watering is so nice. I need to buy some rain Barrels for my garden.

    1. yes, not watering is nice. It has looked like rain all day - just a shower or two.
      You really should get a rain barrel. They sure do help and I think God's water is so much better than the stuff in the hose!
      Have a good week.

    2. I found ours for cheap cheap. A soda plant was closing and they turned the empty drums into rain barrels and sold them for $10 each. Maybe you can call your extension office and ask if they know of anything. I found ours in the paper. We've had them for at least 10 years now.

    3. What a great idea. We made our second one from an old barrel and some window screen (to keep out insects) That is neat that the company used what it had and made a new product. WIN - wIN

  2. We've had SO much rain lately that even a drop causes our rain barrel to overflow! It's a bit comical watching it. You had a really great week! :)

    1. Stephanie ours refilled quickly with the 2 short (10 minute each) down pours we had Friday. It really came down.
      Love having that water to use.
      Thanks I thought it was pretty amazing too!
      Have a great one!

  3. Cheryl, I would say you had a great week also. All of my meals were homemade last week, and I added a pot of pinto beans cooked in smoked ham yesterday. Will have a few meals from that and then freezer the rest for a couple of weeks so I don't burn-out on them. We have had 90's everyday and then thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening. Yesterday, it rained in the morning and then throughout the day and seemed a little cooler. This week we are back at that pattern again. Managing to keep the ac off for the most part. The rain is keeping the tomato plants watered in their railing boxes. I have a few on the vine that are still pretty small, but am hoping they will grow. Hoping you have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks, I really loved my week.
      I remember years ago when I took vacations to Florida - It seemed to rain a little every day. Locals said that was normal.

      I hope your tomatoes continue to grow - they will be great no matter the size! Stay cool and enjoy your meals. Beans sound really good.
      have a lovely week.

  4. The Soy/Rice casserole mix sounds good, Cheryl. I've not heard of that either, but how nice that your neighbor shared it with you. Our meals all came from home last week too. It's such a great way to save money and helps us to stay at home. I hope you have another great week, CHeryl.

    1. He doesn't like rice at all - so was glad to let us enjoy!
      I agree on eating meals at home - so thrifty and just better for you. I keep seeing things in news about restaurants and bugs and gunk - EEK! It has almost turned me against eating out.
      Have a good one!

  5. We finally got rain after almost 3 weeks! So thankful!I had a quiet week as well for which I am also thankful! Life had been too eventful lately- and not in a good way! I am not hanging out laundry as we are supposed to get more rain today. Continue to get squash, bell peppers, tomatoes, cukes, okra, and black/ blue berries from the garden though squash and berries are slowing down.Will be working on frig and frig freezer this afternoon to be sure there is no waste this week.The dessert sounds delicious! Have another wonderful week!

    1. Glad you got rain too! All your garden harvest sounds wonderful! It seems like squash through a slow down phase here too - mine is.

      It is always nice to inventory the freezers and clean out the frig no and then so nothing gets missed and wasted.

      Have a blessed week.