Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jump Starting Your Budget

Does anybody need to jump start their budget?  Have you slipped off the frugal highway?
We all do it at times.  Stuff happens, and we just start taking short cuts that cost us money.

There are so many ways to get back on track and stay on budget.  There are ways to live on one income or a limited income and live WELL!

DON'T WASTE anything!  Use leftovers and re-invent into new meals.  Feed chickens or other animals food scraps.  Compost.  Recycle.  Limit electricity use - lower/raise thermostats, line dry laundry, keep lights off, use a fan, etc.  Catch water and use for plants or toilets.  The list goes on and on.

GARDEN - which is basically free food.  Even if in an apartment you can grow something in a pot or window sill.  Whatever you grow, is something you don't have to buy.

USE LESS.  Eat less meat.  Use less utilities.  Eat smaller portions (more healthy).  Plan your running around and use less gas.

MAKE THINGS FROM SCRATCH - learn to make pizza, bread, tortillas, etc.  Make your own special coffee and teas and sports drinks.  Make your own cleaning supplies from natural things.  Make gifts.  Learn to can or freeze or dehydrate inexpensive foods for later.

STOP BAD HABITS - quit smoking, eating out, shopping for wants versus needs, going out for coffee, impulse buying, etc.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of point programs - for gas or free gift cards or gifts. 
EXAMPLE - buying GC's as Christmas gifts?  Buy them at Kroger/affiliates on the weekends and get 4X their value in points to use for gas.  Shop on days that you can get double points.  Take surveys to earn extra points.  If you have charge cards that give points - use them - and pay off monthly!  I use those points to get GC's to use at the grocery or for gifts.  LEARN TO USE THE SYSTEM!  They take advantage of you - so learn the tricks to help yourself. (Do nothing unethical)

SAVE the first 10% - 15% of every pay.  PAY YOURSELF first!!!!!

Watch for DEALS and MARKDOWNS - don't pay full price if at all possible.

Make your own ENTERTAINMENT - Learn to do things in your area that are free.

There are so many ways to stretch, enhance, or jump start your budget.  It takes a little time getting used to doing these things - but you will be richer in so many ways for it!
There are blogs, You Tube, library, etc., to watch and read to give you ideas. 
Places like here and other blogs - where we can all share ideas, have fun, and learn, and teach!

It seems that thrifty, frugal, backyard homesteading, home schooling, one income, and ENJOYING LIFE if becoming popular again!  It is a new movement again.  It used to be a way of life - then things became too easy.  I think people are finally realizing AGAIN, there is more to life than making money. 


  1. Those are all great ideas .now can you jump stat my brain please?

    1. LOL - I know there are days that we all need that too!!!
      Some days it seems I do good to remember my name!
      Hang in there.

  2. Off topic, sorta, but our basement rec room is almost totally cleared out of junk! It's 15 x33 sf so it's a big space. But for an eentertainment unit, 2 recliners, and a hutch storage pantry, it's empty!

    1. You go girl!!!! I wish mine basement family room was empty!
      You are doing fantastic!

  3. I love this and I too think people might be coming back around to this way of thinking. I hope so anyway. It's a good life to live without the worries that a consumer driven debt filled life can wreck havoc.

    1. I hope it is becoming the thing to do as well.
      Debt is generally the problem that causes the most problems in relationships.
      It is no fun having sever debt covering us up. Debt free and simplicity is so much better.

  4. Oh my gosh we had a bit of an expensive week here. The fur baby caught a rat that we think may have taken a bait. Within half an hour of killing the rat she was frothing at the mouth. An emergency visit to the vet and she was much better. Huge bill. The same fur baby had to go back two days later for her yearly shots. She is one expensive little dog.
    The fuel pump on the car looked like it might be leaking. It went off to the mechanics. Thankfully it was just a perished hose. Add the cost of this repair to having the brakes all done and a full service. As we usually dont spend much at all this week was a bit of a shock to the system. We did have a healthy emergency fund. This is somewhat depleted but is still a good amount if the unexpected was to happen.
    We head off on our road trip in the caravan tomorrow. The car, the caravan, the dog and the husband have all had a grease and oil change and should all travel well. Frugal living, whilst on the road, will happen.

    1. Oh my what a week. That my friends is why we are frugal!!!! it is always so nice to have that emergency fund and not have to go into debt for the unexpected.
      Hope your pup is all better and feeling frisky again.
      Have a lovely trip and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Please check in and let us know how it is going!!!

  5. Great list. We do all of them. We also do a budget every month. We go over it together every week for 15 minutes. It really makes a difference. Last month our septic tank had issues. We reworked the budget and didn't need any money from the emergency fund. We have several categories that we roll the money over every month, such as clothes and vacation. We don't spend money in those categories every month but it helps us save up for when we do need it. It works for us.

    1. Great tip. It is so nice to have the money for those types of expenses. Good going!

      I don't have set amounts allotted for different items, but we do keep track of everything by category.
      Stay frugal my friend!

  6. Cheryl, I meant to add that deep cleaning is also good for the budget! Free entertainment and exercise, the discovery of long lost treasures, and better organization so it's easy to find things. And, the possibility of a donation tax deduction!

    1. Minimizing is always good for the wallet! It is amazing what goodies we find when digging around!
      Great job.

  7. These are good reminders! I would love to get rid of satellite tv, but hubby, not so much. :-))

    1. I know - I could do without cable TV - but that is about the only entertainment G has, that and the computer.
      Hang in there - it could happen!!!!