Sunday, July 1, 2018

Frugal Happenings 7/1

Good morning and happy July to everyone.  We are officially half way done with this year.  WOW.
It sure is hot!  The weather wasn't bad at all through Wednesday - then the heat wave hit.
We had rain a couple times and lots and lots of heat.
According to the weather man the temps will be in the 90's at least for the next week if not longer.  We are getting close to setting records on the number of 90* days already.

Working at keeping fresh hummingbird nectar out, and keeping lots of fresh water out for kitties, squirrels and birdies.  They sure are loving the birdbath!

It is working out nicely having our friend live next door.  He hasn't been in a home for many years (always apartments), so there are many items he needs for working on things.  We are right next door and he can borrow what he needs - in turn he has done a few projects for us to help us out.  Love barter!

My frugal week:
  • Got lots of yard work done while cooler at the beginning of week
  • Line dried laundry
  • Spilled a big glass of sweet  sticky drink first thing Monday morning in the living room.  OH MY!  Needless to say - Monday became the day to clean.  Started cleaning the mess - which led into an unintended deep clean!
  • Picked our first crops other than lettuce and rhubarb.  First pick was zucchini, peppers and okra.  I picked several more zucchini during the week!!!!
                                                                    My first harvest
  • Saw a big groundhog 2 days earlier in week.  Set live trap and he hasn't been seen since.  I think that critter has had a education on the finer points of being captured!!!!!!!  My thoughts are he has been caught before.
  • Gutters got a good cleaning during a bad storm this week!  They are all cleared out.
  • Cleaned all the woods floors.
  • Rehydrated mushrooms and onions for recipes this week
  • Refilled all the spice jars and glass storage jars with inventory from downstairs
  • Fixed the toilet.  It kept running a lot.  we had a new inner flapper, which I put in - but it still ran.  It just didn't fit like the old one.  I looked at the old one and it had a lot of buil up hardened water calcification on it.  I cleaned well and put it back in - FIXED!
  • Did all running on one day.  Local hardware for G, library to donate some books, gas station, Dollar Tree to replenish snacks, and ran by Kroger and Aldi.
  • Gas received .30/gal. discount with May points that needed used.  Most of the points came from weekend doubling and free points with surveys. Only needed a half tank.
  • Bought ice cream at  Aldi - had big tubs (1 gal +1 qt.) for 3.99
  • Bought more .39/lb.. bananas at Kroger and a head of cabbage.  There were NO sales worth stocking up on in my opinion.  Figured with the holiday coming up - there would be.
  • Made banana pudding
  • Used rain water on plants when needed
  • Broke my frame on glasses.  Found an old pair so as to see - fixing them.  I can see better at a distance with the old one!!!!  CRAZY.  I glued up the broke ones - so I am good for a while.

Meals this past week:
Crab/pasta/veg salad
Leftover salad and fried shrimp
Baked pizza casserole with a rice crust
Fried zucchini, green tomatoes (canned) and onions  -  YUM! - My summer bliss!
Fried chicken and slaw
Smoked cheesy sausages on buns with chips
Mini burgers and zucchini salad

All leftovers were used for lunches.  Had banana pudding and ice cream for snacks.


I plan on staying in as much as possible this week, as it will be a scorcher.  We are supposed to get rain maybe tonight, so hopefully I won't have to water for a day or so after that.
I guess I will get more de-cluttering done and more cleaning.  There is always a need for both!

How was your week?  Any good deals?  How are the gardens growing?

Take care my friends.  Stay cool, safe, and healthy.  May the Lord bless you and keep you in His loving arms.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Cheryl, You always have the best weeks! Glad your friend is next door for you and better for him being in a house rather than an apartment with good friends nearby.

    Yes our garden is starting to give some things back too. I had to dust my cabbages though, those darn white butterflies.

    I made up pineapple pepper jelly and watermelon jelly from stuff saved. Scraps from cutting pineapple boiled down. Juice from watermelon.

    Can't remember what we ate last week, probably mostly leftovers, lol. Today I'm thinking chicken fajitas though.

    According to the weather channel we are suppose to have your hot weather the second week in July, I guess it's going to flip flop the states, you will get ours that we are having this week.

    Our neighbors are doing some yard work and took out their rose bushes to make way for a RV parking spot so hubby brought home the excess dirt saved us from buying a yard of dirt!

    Have a good day and stay cool!

    1. The jellies sound so yummy. I need to use up stuff in freezer put back for that reason. I just need to motivate.
      Those white butterflies (worms) can sure cause havoc. Glad you are staring to get harvest too.

      I really hope you don't have to endure this extreme heat. it is miserable. Nights are even muggy.
      Good going on the free dirt.
      Sounds like you had a great week to me!
      Have a good one my friend.

  2. Sounds like a good and frugal week, Cheryl. I'd say that groundhog knows what that trap is for, LOL. I hope you get some relief from the heat, it sure is hot out there. I hope you have a great week.

    1. I think he is probably pretty smart to the cage too! Little bugger.
      Relief would be nice. I will stay in as much as possible and kitties stay under the deck where it is shady and cool dirt.
      Squirrels are not as active.
      have a good one!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is one beautiful zucchini! Happy eating!

    1. It WAS incredibly yummy! So was the 2nd one!
      It is that time of the year to get creative!!!! I love it.
      Have a good week.

  4. Oh you have a great first harvest! I'm not there yet but hope fully soon. I bought some small zucchini at the store for zucchini noodles. The price was unbelievable and it was not near enough. I can't wait till we get some from the garden. It was worth it though for spaghetti day. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you. I noticed that zucchini has been running about 1.49/lb. around here. I sure grow a LOT of money every summer!!!!
      Hopefully you get harvest soon!!!
      Have a good one.

  5. I am thinking a zoodler attachment for my mixer will be more cost effective than buying zoodles which by the way were $8 and rotted within two days of getting it, grrrrr! maybe I'll just eat my zucchini the old way, in discs and even save the money on the zoodler.

    1. I was watching the Pioneer Women the other day and she makes her zoodles with a vegetable peeler. Says she can control the thickness better and it costs nothing. YES. they are wide but it works.
      I got a Zoodle. curly fry maker at a yard sale.

      I think I will make zucchini lasagna at the end of the week. (Using the peeler)

      Nothing wrong with slicing and dicing. ENJOY when you get them!

    2. OMG I did try making those noodles, like fettucini, and they are good, but a lot of work and a little bit of waste too, but worth the trouble!

    3. YAY - glad you had luck with it. No new tool at your house!!!!!