Sunday, July 15, 2018

Frugal Happenings 7/15

Good morning and a blessed Sunday to all.
Hard to believe we are already half way through this month.

We have continued to have a heat wave - although there were 2 mornings that windows got opened and the house got aired out.  The humidity just dropped away, and it was heavenly.
It still isn't too bad humidity wise.  We have chances of rain today and tomorrow - it is much needed.  The next week will be cooler with high in the 80's only!  YAY!!!!!!

The garden is really doing great.  I am getting a lot of yummy goodness from it now.  I bet in a few weeks, we will be up to our eyeballs in fresh veggies (here's hoping).

I have only seen the hummingbirds a few times since all the noise and craziness around here on the 4th of July.  Slowly they are coming back around to the feeders.  Poor babies!

My frugal week:
  • Cut thyme and basil and dried
  • G and I worked in the garage a bit on a cooler morning.  Got rid of lots of stuff!  Some "needs work" items went to the curb for FREE - got them out of our way.
  • Watered with rain water when at all possible
  • Line dried laundry
  • Picking lots of produce - broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, both kinds of peppers, cukes, cherry toms, and out 1st regular tomato!!!  19 lbs. worth of veggies this week!!!!!! (Yep, I weigh everything)
Check out this mater!!!!!  1 lb. and 12 oz.  I picked it before it fully ripened, as I was terrified 'something' would take a big bite of it.  I'll let you how yummy it tastes later!

Broccoli the size of a large dinner plate - I have picked 4 heads like this or bigger this week!
  • Staked up the tomato plants 
  • Tore the stove apart and thoroughly cleaned
  • Washed all the windows inside (kitty kisses) and all the mirrors
  • G had  his friend do some welding for him on one of his roller seats to strengthen up the bottom.
  • I "fixed" my laptop this week.  The left hinge completely broke off.  Computer works fine just droopy on that side.  So me and the duct tape worked on it!!! It is holding fine for now, till I decide to let go of some change for a new one (maybe end of year sales)
  • Took 2 tall kitchen bags and one box of old paperwork (receipts, statements, bills, etc.) to the FREE shred it day about 5 minutes from here.  Been waiting a while for one of those days. Glad to have that stuff gone!
  • Made broccoli salad - yum!
  • Used the very last of the milk dated 7/1 before getting a new gallon.
  • Ran to Kroger - gallon milk - 1.39.  1.5 quart boxes of ice bream - .99 each (limit 5).  I can't make it that cheap.
  • Aired out the house 2 different mornings
  • Re-discovered my bib overalls this week!!!!!  They had been put away for ages.  They are so comfy for working in the yard.  No wonder Daddy wore them all the time!!  LOL

Meals this past week:
Zucchini lasagna
Veggie/sausage scramble, side salad & toast
Leftover scramble, steamed broccoli, sliced cukes
Loaded baked potatoes
Cold sandwiches and potato salad
'Mom's' zucchini/sausage skillet dinner
Antipasto sandwich melts and broccoli salad

Not a real exciting week, but a nice one.  Harvested lot's of veggies - worth a chunk of change at the store - and my frig is full!  Got some much needed de-cluttering done.  Did some needed cleaning and got some fresh air in the house!  I like these quiet kind of weeks.
Life is good.

How was your week?  Any produce from the gardens yet?  Great deals?
Inquiring minds want to know!  Share your good fortune with all of us. 
I just love hearing what everyone else is doing.

May you all have a safe and healthy week.  Praying the Lord blesses your gardens to provide you food and nourishment for your families.

Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Yea on all the veggies your getting!
    With all the hustle and bustle around here lately I could use some quiet time too. I certainly wouldn't mind.

    We are still getting the house ready to put on the market. We had an inspector come through the other day to let us know what exactly needs to be done so when we get ready to sell there should be no surprises on things. Mostly little stuff to get done.

    I have been decluttering and packing some as I go. We have put looking at homes off for the time being.

    Have a good day!

    1. Sounds like you have been BUSY! Glad the inspectors didn't find anything big or costly.
      You do need some quiet time - you have ben at this for a while.
      Yay on getting rid of clutter and doing some packing ahead of time.

      Good luck!!!!!!

  2. zucchini lasagna sounds so just may happen at my house too this week. I'm hoping for the cold front to come our way soon! Have a great week!

    1. I hope it cools like they say this week too!
      Enjoy zucchini lasagna.

  3. Highs in the 80's would be wonderful. We are looking at high 90's to 103's this week. Summer can't get over fast enough for me.

    1. 80's will be lovely, for sure. I am over mid 90's. I don't want winter too soon though.

  4. That tomato is HUGE, Cheryl. I bet it will taste delicious. Sounds like you had another good and frugal week. Glad the humidity has lowered some there. Down in the 80s sounds good to me. I am ready for cooler weather. I hope this week is good for you and more hummingbirds continue to come back. :)

    1. It sure is a beauty isn't it?
      I hope for another nice week as well. Summer is my best and most frugal time.
      Have a great one.

  5. I would live in bib overalls but right now it is too hot. We are getting so much out of our garden also.

    1. They sure are comfy! actually I find them kind of cool - but then I don't do shorts.

      I am happy to hear you are getting lots of garden goodies as well! YAY

  6. That tomato would have a future as SALSA in my house!!

    1. It is going to be sliced and go into my belly!!!!! I can't wait for that first bite!

  7. Kitty kisses is really cute. I always said it is our dogs art work when Oreo leaves marks on windows. That is one crazy looking tomato. I'm sure it will be delicious. It has rained 3 times this week which really helps with the gardens. I hope you get some. Glad you are getting a nice bounty from your garden. I hope it keeps up so that you can fill your freezers and shelves. Have a wonderful week. My list is here:

    1. So true. I will clean windows every day if needed, as long as I have kitty kisses!

      The tomato is a 'beef master' which grow big and odd. I so look forward to canning.
      No rain yet - still waiting. It rained all around the area so far, just not here.
      Have a great one!

  8. Wow, your garden is seriously producing! I've got a ton of green tomatoes on my vines but no red ones yet. Still waiting to harvest, but we got a bit of late start planting due to cold weather that never wanted to end (and then planted everything from seed, no starter plants), but we'll get there. This is my first year gardening, really, so I'm excited. :)

    Hurray for cooler temperatures! I'm feeling exactly the same way. The high here tomorrow is 82 and I'm already excited about being able to turn the AC off. I walked outside this morning to get some squash out of the garage freezer and already at 7 am, the humidity hit me like a brick wall. YUCK! I'll take cold weather and snow over that. Have a great week! :)

    1. Stephanie once you start picking, hopefully it just keeps on giving!!! We had a cold and wet spring as well. All in God's time!

      I hate humidity. I hope you get cooler temps too and less humidity. Humidity can just wear you out.
      Have a great week.

  9. OK my friend, how on earth do you get your tomatoes that big and how do you keep the bugs from eating all your broccoli? I just had to pull out all the cauliflower because aphids attacked and killed it off!

    1. Good soil, I guess. That's all I can figure. My Daddies green thumb inherited? I am not sure - but the garden is doing great.

      I use a combo of half baking soda and half flour to dust the plants. It kills the little worms/bugs and then no white butterflies. The combo actually causes the insects to kind of blow-up (yuck). But it works! I started out having something eating on the broccoli and cabbage and now keep it dusted and now no buggers. All natural!