Sunday, November 18, 2018

Frugal Happenings 11/18

Good morning.  We are on the downward spiral of the month.  For those in the U.S., Thanksgiving will be here in a few short days.  It seems that Christmas comes very quickly after that - then the year is over.  2018 has gone by in flash.

We have had a lot of winter weather this week.  It seems like we got about a split second of Spring and a split second of Fall this year.  Summer came and went and then it became winter.  It does appear that we will have more fall like temps this next week, which is nice, since so many people will be traveling.
We had ice, cold, wind and flurries this week.  No snowfall accumulations like many had - thankfully. 
It is kind of funny - we are all so used to snow, ice, cold and ick (not that we like it), yet others can not even fathom what that could be like. 
For some strange reason, my allergies have been raging this week.  That is crazy considering everything outside is dead and it is so cold.

My frugal week:
  • I put away all my canning supplies until at least after the holiday season!
  • I did do a little bit of Christmas and winter decorating.  Trying to get myself into the holiday mood - it hasn't worked yet!  LOL
                                                               My little baby tree
Came across this candle holder I had forgotten about.  It holds jar candles nicely and gives a pretty glow
  • I rearranged some smaller furniture items - not much I can move, but it feels good to have it a little different
  • Air dried all the bread for dressing
  • Continued working on deep clean.  Just about done - then it will just be normal daily, weekly stuff
  • Washed and polished the hard wood floors (on hands and knees)
  • Thawed & strained some  watermelon juice I had in freezer and added it to fruit juice.  Tasty.
  • Had about a half inch left in the bottom of a wonderful smelling jar candle - chipped it out and using as melts
  • Preparing ice for company Thursday
  • We received a $250 Wal-Mart GC using bank card points!!!!
  • Ham and turkey are both out of the freezer and thawing in frig
  • Did NOT shop at all this week. Did NOT leave the property!  WOO-HOO
  • Made up my menu for Thanksgiving and checked my pantry for ingredients.  We have all we need
  • Normal weekly activities - making tea & cooling outside, laundry in cold, meals at home, using what we have, etc.
Meals this past week:
Chili with crackers and butter (I love that combo)
Chili/cheese covered rice
Chicken/rice casserole and spinach
Sloppy Joe's, green bean/corn mix and pickled veggies
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Shepherd's Pie and salad
Chicken salad sandwiches and fresh veggies with ranch dressing
We ate apples and peanut butter, some peaches from freezer and ice cream for treats

I have absolutely enjoyed the day or two that we have seen the sun this week!  I sure do appreciate small things like that.  Cloudy skies can get you in a gloomy state for sure.

This week  (probably today) I will finish the deep clean.  I will probably start my holiday baking on Tuesday.  I have a small kitchen, so I have to do things in shifts!  There won't be many here, but I think my brother-in-law may be coming (doubtful on MIL) and we have a friend (next door) coming for dinner.  Of course I will send goodies home with both and we will enjoy leftovers for days.  That is my FAVORITE part - little or no cooking for a few days!!!!!!!
Can't wait for that cold turkey sandwich the day after.  I think I look forward to that more than any part of dinner.

What have you done this past week to stay frugal?  Any good stocking up deals?  Working on Christmas yet?
Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?
Let us know what you are up to.  Love hearing from each of you.

May you and yours have a safe and wonderful week.  Praying that all that are traveling have a safe journey.  Remember to take time to be grateful for the small things and give blessings to others whenever possible.  A smile, a kind word, a dollar - could change someone's day, week, or month.

I saw this quote the other day and loved it.  "The best you can do is the best you can do."  Bob Costas
We all need to remember that and not beat ourselves up.  NO ONE is perfect.
Just do what you can - and let the rest happen.  Life is a journey we can't predict or control.

Blessing from our humble home to yours!


  1. Sounds like your weather has been like our weather. Little to no Spring or Fall but I am grateful that late Fall weather is a bit more bearable for me even with all the rain we've had. I appreciate how you are readying for Thanksgiving. I see you even have your Christmas tree up. I also have to do a little at a time and started early on Christmas just because I have a lot of little things to be done involving household stuff before Christmas arrives. It all involves so much time when one has to go out to shops and try this and try that but it is getting done little by little. One of the things I had to do this year is find a new Christmas tree and now I'm looking for lights and a proper star. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right things. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. The turkey sandwich sounds great :-)

    1. Hello there. It goes much easier doing a bit here and there. I have been working on getting stuff together for Christmas baskets for ages.
      Maybe you can find some good deals after Christmas as well on things for the tree. I know that doesn't help this year - but it sure does save money.
      Thank you and you have a blessed Thanksgiving as well.

    2. Hi Cheryl, yes I often do shopping after Christmas but I also make great use of 40-50% off during the year. I don't think I ever pay full price. I'm thinking this week to make a little extra something for a few people through Dollar Tree baskets. We'll see.

    3. I HATE full price. I totally understand, I don't think I have paid full price in years!
      I love Dollar Tree - I always get a lot of fun goodies for gift baskets there.
      Have fun!

  2. Where to start...
    The week leading up to Veteran's Day was busy with lots of Vet activities, 2 parades that Hubby walked in and 2 Vet dinners we attended. We also took some time to go visit some friends and deliver some jam I made for them.
    I made veggie soup because we have been eating out so much and not getting our greens.
    Yesterday we had breakfast with my Brother and SIL, good time visiting.
    Next month is coming so fast.
    We are celebrating our Thanksgiving tomorrow since my son works on Thanksgiving Day. So today I'm doing my prep and cleaning. I got a 23lb turkey so we will have lots of leftovers. My favorite too!
    I honestly don't remember what I did last week, lol it's a blur.
    We did go visit a good friend who has has some health issues for a few months. He is at a rehab center but they are hoping he'll be able to come home soon.
    Yesterday we switched out mattresses from spare bedroom to our room. We have been thinking of getting a new mattress, pillow top kind and I had one of those Duh moments, we already had one and we never have company or very seldom so we switched them out. It's not a real lofty pillow top but just right for us.
    I have a few things out for the holiday but just not feeling it this year either.
    I'll be putting my canning supplies away for a while too.

    Have a great day

    1. It sure sounds like you have been buzzing around like little bees!
      I am glad your hubs gets involved in the Vet things so much.
      What a great idea to switch the mattresses. I am glad other people have those DUH moments too! Sometimes I think - why did it take me so long to figure that out!! LOL
      I hope you have a wonderful family dinner tomorrow. You get to munch on turkey and goodies all week - we have to wait till Thursday!

      Have a wonderful family time.

  3. It's been cold and rainy here, yuck. But today the sun is shining, so even though it is chilly I am thankful. We are going to BIL's house for T day. I will bring several dishes though to help out. I'm looking forward to spending time with family. I hope ou have a wonderful holiday, Cheryl. Enjoy your turkey sandwich on Friday! :)

    1. How great that you are helping with all the sides. Enjoy your family time friend. I bet it will be great.
      I am anxiously awaiting that sandwich!!!

  4. I love that part of no cooking for a few days. Great break for us all. Great deal on the Bank Card points! Free money is always great! Have a great Thanksgiving (I'm going to be thankful for the warmer weather we are supposed to have).

    1. Leftovers are always welcome. So many different options for using them. I look forward to soup and ham and beans, etc.
      Free money is always a blessing!!!
      Enjoy those warmer days.
      Have a great one.

  5. We will be going to my brother and SIL's for Thanksgiving this year -- there will be 16 of us! This is my favorite holiday. My brother and his wife supply the turkey and stuffing and we all bring something(s) to add to the table. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. It sounds like a lovely time. There will be lots of different sides to enjoy I bet.
      Have a wonderful day with family.

  6. Same here-instant winter-some snow and dreary. Have started thinking about some Xmas gift ideas for grandkids. I do a lot of baking for church and charity bake sales so I need to make dough next week but Thanksgiving first. Agree about that turkey sandwich!!

    1. I have started getting some things together for Christmas. How lovely that you bake for church and bake sales. That is really neat.
      I agree - I will start on goodies for Christmas after next weekend!
      It won't be long.

  7. I actually bought some fabric this week! I know that this is unusual as I have been using what I have in my extensive stash. However I wanted to get some stretch jersey and I did not have any. I made my 6 foot tall, buxom daughter, a waterfall cardigan. Her Birthday is mid Dec, not cardigan weather here at all, but I know it is something she will wear when she attends University lectures in the cold air conditioning. On the same expedition to the fabric store I found some Christmas Llamas. These are my daughters favourite animal at the moment. I made this up into a European pillowcase. Even with the cost of fabric, these items still come in well below the cost of purchasing.

    1. Oh how fun! I bet the cardigan is beautiful. It will be perfect for those chilly lecture halls.
      Aaww on the llama fabric. How sweet of you to think of her favorite things.
      Good Mum!

  8. I love it that you include snacks on your list. It really inspires me.

    I did my normal frugal things. I am stocking up like crazy. I hate shopping this time of year and try to avoid the stores. I stock up like a squirrel so I won't have to go out and see rude people, lol. They are out earlier than ever this year. People really hate shopping for the holidays. When did the Holidays become an obligation that stresses people out so much they are mean to those they don't know?

    Stock up deal- Potatoes are around $1.50 for a ten pound bag at WalMart.

    I am done with Christmas. Tree is up and everything is done. It is fun time now. I am just buying for the charity drives. That is a looked forward tradition in our home. DH & I love, love, love kids, teenagers and animals so we do something extravagant every week starting the first of November. It is only DH & I. We have no family and come from abusive homes so we know holidays suck when you are from that environment and you are a kid and especially a teenager.

    Thanksgiving- Pizza and Coconut Cake. DH & I are ready, lol. I hope you have a perfect day with lots of beautiful blessings.

    1. I love grocery shopping, but not too crazy about other shopping. You are right, people get crazy. Isn't it nuts that the day after be thankful - people go out and spend like crazy, fight each other, and act like fools - all for things they probably can't afford and don't need?

      It sounds like you have the right idea about the season - doing for others. Thank you for what you do. I have wonderful memories as a child - but so many do not. It is inspiring to help others.

      We used to have a guardian home a few miles from here (for kids removed from homes). It closed a few years ago We shopped every year and loaded the car down with various gifts to pass on to the kids.
      When I was in college and studying social services - I went with so many case workers to visit with kids. It was so hard to see, especially when around the holidays.

      Now days I just keep my eyes open and listen while out - and randomly bless people in need.

      Love that you don't feel the need to have a "traditional" dinner!! Enjoy it.
      Thanks again for helping!
      Blessings to you.

  9. That Walmart CG will sure be put to good use. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be having my side of the family here. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend are coming home on Wednesday-Saturday so I am very excited about that.

    1. yes mam, I will get good value with that card!
      So happy you will be surrounded by those you love. Enjoy your time together!

  10. Cheryl, I cooked my turkey last weekend, and then was invited to my brother's for Thanksgiving, giving me leftovers at home. It was a 14 lb. bird. Then my boss told me they are giving me Thanksgiving dinner. Not quite sure what all that entails as they are from Greece (only here for 8 years since the economy collapsed). They just told me not to worry about it. I am also hoping to "win" a turkey or turkey basket from the laundromat - they were having a drawing, so I signed up. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. winner - winner turkey dinner!
      You are the lucky one. I am glad you will be with your brother and his family.
      when we used to go away for dinner, I always cooked for home as well, so we could have 'leftovers'!
      Have a wonderful day!

  11. I think I look forward to the first cold turkey with a left over roll after Thanksgiving as much as I do the meal also. Funny how somethings just stick as the best.

    1. Same here. There is just something about it!!!
      Simple be yummy!
      Have a great one.

  12. Hi! Your weather sounds a bit like ours. I have to agree about time flying. Seems like just yesterday we were trying to remember to date things 2018! Our daughter plans Thanksgiving for everyone here. So thankful as with CFS not much energy and trying to get over acute bronchitis. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Nancy

    1. Nancy I was thinking about you the other day - it's been a while. Hope you get to feeling better.
      yes the year is flying by way too quickly.
      Have a great time with family.

      Take care.