Sunday, November 25, 2018

Frugal Happenings 11/25

Good morning everyone.  I hope this finds everyone healthy and rested.
What a strange week it has been.  I stood for 2 days cooking, but it was worth it.  I sent food home for 2 other families, and we will be eating on the meat for many more meals in the future.  Lots and lots of food.
We had our 12 year old 'baby' kitty pass over the rainbow bridge.  That has been so very sad for us and for the other kitties.  THANK YOU all for your kind words this week.
I didn't do ANY Black Friday shopping this year.  I generally go to Menards only on Black Friday - but was pre-occupied this year and had no interest at all.

We have had cold and cloudy days.  We also had about 3-4 days of actual sun!  How wonderful.  Today is foggy  yet partly sunny - the calm before the storm.  Tonight a front moves in and it supposed to get quite windy and rainy (here) and temps dropped.  Tuesday is supposed to have a high in the 20's!!  YUK!

My frugal week:
  • Finished deep cleaning (I thought) before Thanksgiving.  This weekend I have thrown myself back into it trying to keep busy.  I have de-cluttered more, trashed more  and cleaned even more!
  • I do believe I have laundered everything that wasn't nailed down!  Gotta keep my mind busy.
  • All laundry in cold and many items line drying in the basement (free humidity!)
  • Our friend/neighbor brought me some goodies he got a food pantry and doesn't eat.  We got 2 bottles of mint choc. syrup for ice cream, flavored oats and a chicken salad/cracker snack
  • He also mowed our front & side yard while mowing his for the last time.  It mulched up leaves and looks nice.
  • Eating lots and lots of leftovers this week!
  • I made 8 bags (2 C each) of ham broth for the freezer
  • Turkey carcass is in the freezer to be made into stock at another time
  • I did run to Kroger for weekend specials.  I got limit 5 - 1 lb. butter for 1.99 ea.  Also got 5 boxes (various flavors) of Triscut crackers for .99 ea.  And I purchased a 6 quart - really nice - crockpot for a gift for 19.99.
  • I did a quick color job on my hair (FINALLY).  I mixed and used 1/3 a box of dye.
  • Bagged and froze lots of ham and turkey for future meals.  Slices and many bags of pieces for soups and beans.  We had a lot left after eating on it for 3 days and gifting a bunch.  Considering turkey cost .37/lb. and my ham was a clearance ham that cost .89/lb. - not too snaggy!  Lots of cheap meals.
This was a roasting pan filled with ham and turkey AFTER.  We had lots leftover.  I do not know how to cook a little!!
  • Got all the extra holiday cooking pans put back up in the closet in basement.  Some pans I only use a couple times a year
  • Totally cleaned and straightened the laundry room area

Meals this past week:
Shepherd pie and salad (I had made 2 pies last week)
Fried chicken and salad
Chicken/bean/rice burritos (beans/rice from freezer - chicken leftover)
Thanksgiving dinner
Turkey Manhattan's (hot turkey sandwich - split, mashed pots and everything smothered in gravy)
Ham, turkey - dressing and green bean casserole

Snacks - holiday sweets!  Cherry cheesecake, fruity Jello salad, and brownies

Exactly one month from today is Christmas Day - oh my.  It will be here before we know it.  Are you ready?  I am getting there, but more to do.  Oh, and there is all the baking and goodies!  We will definitely be watching our diets after the new year!!!!!!!

How was your week?  Any great deals to be had?  Tell us how you have been frugal.

I pray you are all safe and healthy, as well as your families.  Remember to take a moment each and every day to be thankful for the people, pets and things you have in your lives - it's what makes life special.
Blessings this week from our humble home to yours.


  1. You did so well! I love that crockpot and such a great price! Christmas is one month? I better get busier! Have a great week.

    1. The crockpot came from Kroger too!
      It will be here before you know it. Have a good one.

  2. Great deals at Kroger, especially on the butter. The crock pot will make a nice gift for someone. I hope you have a great week, Cheryl. :)

    1. I thought it would be great. We have someone basically starting over - so it should help.
      Have a good one.

  3. I got the butter and the cracker deals also. Yesterday I got an email from Fred Meyer/Kroger for Free Saturday download. So maybe check your Kroger coupons for them. I got a Free 3 0z candle, a magnetic can opener/beer bottle type and a set of 4 stainless condiment cups.
    Worth going back to the store for! I picked up some veggies too cause we need to eat more.

    1. WOOHOO good deals. I don't know how to get those free things - since I have no smart phone. Not sure how that would work. I will check into it!
      The butter and crackers were great deals!
      Have a good week!

    2. I don't have a smart phone either. Just go to the stores site on your computer and sign up....they have great digital coupons also.

    3. Cool. Thanks. The weekend specials they have - I just tell the cashier and they give them to me for the special price. I just have to keep them separate and let them know before they ring it up. I will go and sign up for sure. Thanks again!

    4. I don't use my phone for Fred Meyer apps. I get my stuff on my computer mostly.

    5. Thanks Laurie. Good to know. That is on my to do list this week!

  4. Love that crock pot. Well done on getting it for that price.
    Whilst you are preparing for drops in temps we are in our second heatwave for this summer. Tomorrow the wading pool is coming out of the shed.

    1. I wouldn't mind a crockpot like that myself!
      I know envy is sinful - but hanging out at the pool!!!!!
      I am sorry it is a heat wave - stay safe and cool. Be so glad you don't have this cold & nasty stuff.

  5. Cheryl have been thinking of you.

    Definitely ready for Christmas.

    I did find good deals this year. Not a lot of people shopping. I went to WalMart on Thursday just to get out and do something. It was so quiet. DH & I were alone in aisles. The people who were shopping had lists, were only buying one or two things. Most didn't have carts. I live in a lower income area. The lists I usually see but not the other things. I went to Michaels also on Thursday. I didn't see a soul in any of the aisles I went down. There were only like six people shopping at my Michael's. The store was so expensive. If you used all their "deals" it would have came out to retail price. Shame on them. The only thing I bought was a teeny tiny owl punch that was a frugal purchase. I like to make my own sequin mixes. I look for unusual tiny punches.

    Most of my deals were video gaming. DH got a great deal on Xbox Live. Four months for only $12.50. That usually is around $35. We also got some games for way under price. The full deluxe versions of Tomb Raider for $6. We traded games and got two new games for under retail. They were over half off. I read on Reddit Frugal one of the Redditor's got a Playstation 4 for only $27 by trading and taking advantage of the great sales. If you know a gamer this is a good time to be looking for their wish list. The deals were massive and some of the lowest I have ever seen. DH & I are gamer's and readers. We don't watch a lot of TV. We stock up on games around this time of year so we have a frugal plethora to play from.

    I also got a year subscription to Hulu for only 99 cents a month. DH & I were excited about that. We don't watch a lot of TV but the shows we do like to watch we can do that frugally and no cable. Cable is a waste in our home. We have to cross our fingers the library gets those shows, lol. I think that deal is still going for Cyber Monday. I got a subscription to Kindle Unlimited for three months for only $1.00. I also got a new Kindle Fire. That is part of my B-day gift (That was in August, lol) and Holiday gift. My e-reader went to heaven and I needed a new one. If your library system has Overdrive, which most do, you can check out ebooks from the comfort of your home.

    All my purchases were essentially long term frugality. I am so excited. It was good shopping.

    1. You got some fantastic deals! You did great and you are right - you average that out over months and you spent practically nothing.
      I like Hobby Lobby - I have never been a Michaels fan at all. The one close to me has crowded aisles, way to much stuff packed into each aisle and it's expensive.

      Have a great week

  6. Great deals, Cheryl! We drove thru your neck of the woods (I think) on the way home from Nebraska. We had to leave a day early to avoid expected snow and high winds. It is a good thing that we took my father in law's advice (weather reports seem to be his fun hobby, hee, hee) as the bad weather arrived as expected.
    No leftovers at our home, but I will look for sale turkey this week and make one for us. Good job on all your freezer meals. It is SO nice to be able to pull out cooked meat and just add your veggies on a busy day.
    On Black Friday, we ventured out to Menards in Nebraska. It was crowded, but everyone was Nebraska nice (the whole state has this reputation), so no pushing or meanies were encountered. I purchased new drill bits for home and several remote control cars for the Toys 4 Tots bin at hubbies work. That is the only store we went to, since I shop year round for gift bargains.
    Thank you for your wonderful post about thankfulness. I try to remember throughout the year, that those who live in 1st world countries with food, clothing, shelter and running water are rich beyond measure when compared to 90% of the world.
    Wishing you and your readers a wonderful holiday season.

    1. Hello Ellie. Glad you made it home safely with no problems.
      I always love Menards black Friday sale - this year I was dealing with my kitty and had no interest to shop.
      They have some of the greatest deals. How lovely you bought for the Toys for Tots.
      Like you I shop all year.

      Thank you for your kind words. I saw something the other day - "if you only have tomorrow what you thanked for today - what would you have?" I'd have what I have today - for sure.

      Enjoy the season. Please visit again!

  7. Good morning Cheryl. Yesterday was "cook the 2nd turkey" day. I only have my fridge freezer so it is better to cook it, debone, and freeze in packets. I also got the bones in the crockpot (mine looks just like the one you bought), overnight with the broth from the cooked bird and the broth from boiling the hearts (2nd one was a bonus) and the gizzard. Good on the price of the crockpot and the butter and the crackers. I worked Friday and Saturday so didn't get to go anywhere. Yesterday, I was and am still battling bronchitis, so opted to stay in and just tend the turkey. My fresh veggie and fruit stock is dwindling, so when I finally get back to a regular schedule (Thursdays off, and the bank open), I will stock up again. It is rainy and cooler here. Tomorrow we are expected to start out in the 30's, such a refreshing change from 77*. Thankfulness should never be far from our thoughts, so many have so little and I am truly blessed.

    1. So sorry you have been feeling bad. You do well with that frig freezer!
      Glad your schedule will be getting more normal.

      Yes, and as Ellie said we are so much richer than almost all the world. We have much to be thankful for.
      Feel better and have a good week.

  8. You have been busy! Hoping you're feeling well. We had an unexpected death and funeral of my father in law during the holiday week. He's now with his wife of 71 years, just where he wanted to be since her death in June. It's really going to be a different year for us next year without a parent to care for.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your father in law. My heart goes out to you and your husband and his family. You have had quite a year.
      Yes, life will seem different. I remember not knowing what to do with 'extra' time after Mom passed. It took a while to get into a new normal.

      Please accept my prayers for you and hoping that your coming year be blessed in other ways.

  9. That butter deal will last us all year. And, my husband needed snacks for a work thing in 2 weeks so that deal was well timed. DH did go to Menards later in the day on Friday. Good thing there wasn't a run for toilets cuz that's what we needed!! I was joking with him before he left about how to wrestle a toilet away from someone!!

    We got the master bath painted, but the bedroom will have to wait until Christmas. If you need a chuckle, I pulled a muscle in my BUTT! It's an ooooooold cheerleading injury that I managed to upset after 41 stinking years! Let that be a lesson to you...when you're going to do the splits, ALWAYS stretch first lol!!! <----- that's how I hurt my butt at 15. On Saturday, all I did was get up off the floor.

    1. I had to laugh at both stories. I can just see a frenzy at the store battling over toilets!!! LOL

      OUCH! No worries about me learning a lesson on warming up before doing splits. LOL - That would never happen on purpose. That has to be painful. I sometimes have a pulled muscle or spasm and have no clue what I did.
      Take care and I hope your buttache gets better soon!

  10. Hi Cheryl, I am sorry to read of your kitty passing. Sounds like you are getting lots done! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy I have been wondering where you have been. I hope all is well with you. I have noticed you haven't blogged in quite a while. Hoping you are well.

      Thank you for your thoughts.