Friday, November 2, 2018

Organizing - the different pantries

Good morning. 
I do believe we all have several pantries in our homes.  Many may not think of some things as pantries - but it helps when you do.

Yes we have food, but what about gifts, health, crafts, freezers?  I think we all have separate areas for these things - so if you look at them as different pantries - it will help when stocking.

FOOD pantries -
Try to keep them organized - it aids you in saving money and knowing what you need.  If you have things that have gotten stuck in the back - it may end up going to waste, and also you may go out and spend money on something you already have.
*  Always put oldest items to the front - use them first
*  Organize by category - keep soups together, fruit together, spices, baking items, dressings and condiments, pasta, etc.  You see where I am going with that?  It makes it so much easier finding things.
*  Don't buy things you won't use!!!!!!
*  Get creative - use up things that are getting older to make something new or different.  Don't waste. 
*  If you have a secondary or over flow pantry area - keep like items together and know what you have.  'Shop' from it before going to the store.
*  If you have little ones around - maybe keep a snack basket for them at their level
*  Check your pantry before you go shopping - know what you are low on, what you have plenty of, and what you might get if the price is right.  Don't run out of things - it costs you extra money!!!!  If you are anything like me - it is almost impossible to walk in a store and buy ONE THING!

It is harder (for me) to use older items first.  I have a tendency to get new items and stick them in the front.  I am usually in a hurry - and that is where they go.  NOT GOOD!  We need to be as efficient with our freezers as our dry pantries.
It is VERY wise to do a sorting, organizing, clean out, inventory, what ever you want to call it at least 2X a year.
I noticed reader LaurieS said on FB that she did hers this week.  It is amazing what we can find in there.  Her mission is to use up the older stuff.  I did this a while back as well.
Good job Laurie!!!!
If you all think about it, write down what you have and stick that on the freezer - it sure does help to use it up!
Keep those frozen goods organized as well.

Debby in KS mentioned in the comments on the last post - to get that cold/flu pantry stocked now.  VERY WISE!  It is that time of the year - that folks will be getting sick.  You sure don't want to run out or have someone else come in while your sick - no need making others sick.  Have tissues, cold meds, antihistamines, Pepto, Vitamin C and Zink,  clear liquids, soothing soups, etc.  Stock up on all those items that will help you feel better.
Keep it where you can get to it and have it sorted by product.  You sure don't ant to go searching for stuff when you feel bad.

I just recently went through my gift basket to see what I have on hand.  I have a huge tote that holds items I purchased on sales/clearance all year long.  It sure does help with Christmas baskets I make up.  It is also nice to have items on hand for special gifts - birthday, cheering up someone, maybe even helping a random stranger.
It aids in not spending as much money at the holidays.  This can be an expensive time of the year for a lot of people.  Some people go into debt for gift giving - DON'T do that!!!!!!  Buy along the way and you will be ready!
Keep an area JUST FOR gift items.  Keep it straightened so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Many of you craft items for gifts.  Keep those items together and keep you supplies organized and together.  Shop at sales and use coupons.  Keeping your crafting and sewing area organized saves money and time.
Norma does a lot of crafting for Vets and those in need.  She is always on the lookout for yarn in different places.  If she weren't organized with her supplies, she would spend a lot more money.
I know my crafting/sewing area is always in need of organization.  I see some gals post pictures of their areas and I am envious!

Organization saves so much money.  If you keep the many pantries of your home organized you will easily find what you need when you need it, you won't have items go to waste, and you will MOST DEFINATELY save money.
Each one of you has a special talent and can be so creative.  It is heartwarming to read all the comments you all leave, and know that there are so many special gals gathered together here willing to help one another.
It is nice that we each add ideas and tips to make life a little easier for all.
Thank you!

Now go and get organized!!!!!  LOL


  1. I have been working on organizing pantry and freezer stock - thanks for the tips

    1. You are welcome. Glad to see others working on it too. We got to make room for all those holiday bargains!!!

  2. I need to organize a few pantry spaces just cause they are so messy. I am messy.

    1. It is the gremlins - I am telling ya. That is who I blame it on!

  3. Because I've been reading your blog for a while, I've added 'adequate pantry and storage spaces' to my list of things to look for in our future home. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide to your readers.

    1. WOW - what a neat compliment. Hope you find just the right thing

  4. I went through my pantry and freezer a little while back. I had started reading your blog and decided one day I'd get it organized! I'll tell you right now, I found enough coffee and my favorite hard candy to last till the end of time!! LOL

    On another note, If my gardening class stinks this week, we will probably quit wasting our time going. I really thought it was going to teach me different ways of gardening. But its about the scientific classification of a grasshopper, the chemistry of grasses and its classification, and other such junk. I can not wrap my head around such boring agony to continue!! Dh feels the same way. We are half way through and I can't say I have learned anything.

    I thought Id learn techniques of gardening, composting, vermiculture, a good potting mix, raised beds, container gardens, green houses and planting trees etc. You know the good stuff!! Anyway I am pretty good at what I garden now, so guess I can just read a book if I want to know more!

    Have a great week!!

    1. I am so glad that we motivated you to organize! That's funny about the coffee and candy.

      Bummer on the class. Those would be the things I would want to learn about as well. Things that you will use in every day life. I never was a big fan of science - so that wouldn't excite me either.
      I took a horticulture class in college and fond that to be interesting.
      Good luck - hoping it gets better for you both.

  5. I'm flattered that you mentioned my sick pantry! It was from a very hard lesson that I learned. I was single and living alone and I got the flu. I didn't even have a Tylenol in the house. Pure misery that I now hope to avoid ever ever again! That was the reason I have never missed a flu shot since! My friend later told me that was the Hong Kong flu and the worst she's ever seen...she's a doctor.

    Lecture over, lol!!! Sick Pantry and a flu shot- they're good things!!

    1. It was a great reminder to us all. So thank you.
      We all need to be prepared for the 'what evers' in life.

    2. I do so agree with you Debby. After having the flu one time, I learned my lesson too. now, right now, is the time to stock up on those meds, AND GET THE OLD ONES CLEARED OUT. Nothing worse than taking old meds that are not as effective any longer and their chemistry will change with time. Not like eating an older can of soup - this can have some serious side effects.

    3. Norma that is a great tip as well. Medicines can lose their effectiveness over time.
      Thank you for that reminder.

  6. I've been knit knit knitting hats for the last several months. I've given them to our church for the Operation Christmas Child boxes, I've got some ready to go to the Community Clinic where folks can pick them up for free, and I took some to the chemo center. If you make hats for the chemo center, please make sure they are very soft and of a fashionable color/design. We cancer patients have tender scalps, and we don't want to wear things that make us look even odder.
    Glad I dropped by tonight.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura what a great reminder to those that crochet and knit. There are so many places that need our help. What wonderful causes you are working for.

      Prayers to you that you continue to heal and be stronger each and every day!!!!
      Thank you for a great tip. I am glad you dropped by as well.

  7. So true. A friend was getting rid of 2 mini lockers and I turned them into my medical closet. It works great. I have a tote with all of my wrapping, tissue paper, bows and cards. We have a small craft closet with everything we need. I have a several bins with all of my sewing stuff. Everybody knows where everything is. We don't double buy this way.

    1. How cool on the lockers - perfect use for them. Love that all knows where things are and you don't waste money buying things you already have.

  8. Thank you for mentioning me!
    I need to get organized also. My health pantry is a mess.

    1. No problem - your freezer clean-up and use of fruit was inspiring.
      Love how everyone inspires someone else!

  9. Hey Cheryl, thanks for highlighting something I love - crafting, and crochet. If you organize one area, it seems to spur you on to the next area, and pretty soon, you are done.

    1. No problem. I know you love what you do and it shows. So many people benefit!
      You are right - one thing leads to another!

  10. Dear Cheryl, This is so good! It was Patsy who first made me realise about different kinds of pantries in the house. Now I am much more aware of it. I have my actual food pantry plus the freezer. I have a gift pantry I always called it the gift cupboard but yes it is a pantry. I have a craft pantry which would enable me to make and create and mend so many things. I have a medical pantry. Now I have a whole double cupboard for that. I have worked on this pantry most of all in recent times. I have a bathroom pantry... this is my supply of shampoo, conditioner, soap and so on. And I have a laundry pantry which is laundry and cleaning related. I have a preparedness pantry for emergency situations with matches, candles, flash lights, lanterns etc. I love them all. I am finding different seasons and opportunities to build up my various pantries. After Christmas I will stock up on wrap, tape etc.
    Just now I have lots of things to add as we are emptying our cellar from the house we sold. Mainly that all is stuff for the food and emergency preparedness side of things. But I will get them home and added to the right pantries! Many thanks Cheryl. Love

    1. Thank you for the reminder that there are many more types of pantries than was even mentioned. You are so correct that there are 'seasons' for different stock-ups. We sure need to take advantage when we can.

      The more we all work together and remind each other of these things, the better.
      I hope you get everything organized and situated in your new home quickly.
      Blessings my friend.

  11. I need some organizing in my sewing/crafting/computer room too. It's a very small area. Thanks for the motivation..I'll try to look on Pinterest for ideas.

    1. I LOVE Pinterest. I can get lost there for hours!!!!!! There are so many great ideas.
      Good luck on that craft room.

  12. Must be Pantry Month! Without reading these posts, last week I also went ahead and have been cleaning out the food pantries, kitchen junk drawers, and clothing closets - will make a nice donation to Goodwill. Like I've heard before...May my things be someone else's blessings.

    1. Hello Ellen - I have been thinking about you. Glad to see you post.
      I think maybe we like the thought of having things organized somewhat to end our year!
      Absolutely - by donating you are giving blessings to someone else. Just no way to know what an impact that can make on someone else's life.
      Be a blessing - for sure.
      Hope to see you again soon!!!!!

  13. And don’t label things in your pantry that are in clear containers and easily identifiable. It’s just silly. Teach your children what a rolled oat looks like and the difference between a grain of jasmine or basmati rice. Of course always label the paprika and the chilli powder LOL.