Thursday, November 8, 2018

Getting Holiday & Winter Pantry Ready

This is old gal is feeling kind of flushed today.  I have been a busy bee.  It is nice to sit down and rest my back for a few minutes.
I decided today was the day to get myself in gear and get the holiday and winter pantry sorted, arranged, cleaned out and ready to go.

I started with both of the freezers (actually last night).  I finally got outside and went through the deep freeze in the garage.  I brought a lot of items in, and placed in the upright freezer.  There was sadly a couple things that I just tossed.  I believe I had gotten them free (not that waste of free is ok), and they were very old.

Downstairs & frig freezers are now all sorted (AGAIN) and have new inventory.  Deep freeze is ready for sale turkey or hams!  YAY!

I totally cleaned out the refrigerator and combined bottles and got rid of a few.  If I have had a half bottle of something for a few months - it obviously meant we didn't LOVE it.  Washed all the shelves and re-arranged things.

I did my HUGE Aldi shop of the season this morning!  I get several things to last through the winter, just in case.  I like being prepared for anything during the holidays and I like knowing I don't have to run out for basics if the weather gets nasty.  I got several cases of veggies that I just don't grow or can myself.  I am great on fruit.  Got extra baking goods and some boxed items that we really like.

I then ran across the street from Aldi to Meijer and took advantage of .37/lb. turkey!!!!! WOOHOO.  I got a nice big one for $7 and change (limit 1).  I will use it for Thanksgiving and the others (2) that I already have went to deep freeze.  I will keep my eyes open for more cheap turkey in the next few weeks and for inexpensive hams.  Heck, you can't buy lunchmeat for .37 pound!
I got a few stocking stuffer gifts as well.

It was absolutely pooped after loading the car from Meijer, packing my groceries at Aldi and loading car - then unloading the whole mess and finding a place for it!  They need to send someone home with us to do that - don't you think???  LOL
Sadly much of my EXTRA storage is in the basement - and that gets tricky and scary, carrying things down.
I rearranged some things on some shelves we have in 2nd bedroom and made room for extra pantry storage upstairs.  That will help me make a lot less trips.  I can get extra from there - then replenish that at my leisure. 

I have one more store I want to go this week.  Sav-A-Lot has some good deals.  Potatoes are super cheap, as well as fresh sweet potatoes.  Both will last for a good while in the cool basement.

I basically had everything I needed for Thanksgiving here already - so we are also ready for whatever the holidays or winter throws our way.
I feel accomplished knowing what we have on hand and that it is orderly and accessible, and that I am well stocked for the winter.
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

Now I just to need to finish making jellies - and using up all that fruit I brought in.  I do need to dry more bread for dressing, and finish the fall cleaning chores.  Then on to Christmas fun.

Are you taking advantage of the great deals that can be found this time of the year? 
Are you ready for Thanksgiving (in 2 WEEKS!!!!! YIKES)? 
Have you got your pantry in order and inventoried?
Now is the time!


  1. Turkeys are on sale starting tomorrow for 39¢ a pound limit 2. You have to spend $25 so that is what I will spend. I told my sister that if she goes shopping to get me 2 also(she is single and won't cook a turkey). Hopefully I will be able to get 4 for that price.

    1. WOW what a blessings that will be to your food pantry! Such a flavorful, healthy and inexpensive meat to eat!
      Good luck!

  2. Yay for you! It snowed today so I should've done what you did. Instead, I cozied under a blanket and read! Shame on me. I just couldn't stop looking out the window at the fat, beautiful flakes!

    1. I heard that it snowed out that way. Oh my! The first snow is always pretty. I don't blame you a bit for relaxing and enjoying life. We all need those kind of days.

  3. Cheryl we had our first heatwave this past week. It was nasty. In the early morning and the late evening I was as busy as I could be. Mostly my time was spent getting the garden organised and trying to stop it from completely drying out. A most welcome cool change came through yesterday. Today Bluey and I started a project. We are removing about 5 Square Metres of turf in front of our veranda fence and will be paving this area. When My palms and large potted plants go back in place I wont have all the grass and weeds growing up around them. So not much in the way of food sales but still a bit of work happening.

    1. That sounds like a nice project and I bet it will look pretty. We will spend the winter living vicariously through you gals in Australia!
      I am sorry you are having such a bad heat wave. I hope you are able to keep all the gardens thriving. Don't let yourself get over heated.
      Take care.

  4. I had a really busy day off yesterday. I started at the laundromat, then I came home, unloaded the laundry, and took off across town to get the oil changed and that turn signal light bulb replaced (cost $0 because he would have done that before selling it anyway). Got back to my side of town, and on to the bank, the grocery store with the powerball and mega millions tix (machine down). So then I had determined that Sav-A-Lot was the best shopping this week. I got a turkey for $.49 lb by buying $25 in groceries (the price of the turkey didn't count, so I added 4 more boxes of instant mashed potatoes for the pantry to the cart). I also picked up my first ham of the year. Got home, got it all packed away, had lunch, and was off again, to DMV to get the title registered, etc. By the time I got home, I was really tired. And I will be cooking the turkey on Sunday, and then freezing it for an easy day on Thanksgiving. Thankfully it should be cooling off for awhile starting tomorrow. Yesterday was 81*, today is supposed to be 84* and tomorrow, 70*.

    1. Yes you did have a busy day! it always feels good to get so much accomplished, even though it is tiring. I guess that is a GOOD tired!
      So glad you got to add some things to the pantry and YAY on turkey and ham!
      I always cook my turkey the day before Thanksgiving, freeing up the oven for other things.
      Hope you temps stay a little lower.
      Don't over do it this weekend. Blessings

  5. What a blessing in finding all the grocery bargains! And to have a basement and upstairs to store them in!! That must be wonderful! I haven't seen any great sales around here, maybe next week!

    1. It is nice being able to get things so cheaply. I stock up when I do.
      I love having a basement, since we have a smaller 2 bedroom one story house - a bungalow style.

      I surely hope you find some deals this next week. It is that time!
      Good luck

  6. What a great price on the turkeys, Cheryl. You're right, you can't even buy lunch meat at that price. I know what a great feeling of accomplishment it is to clean and inventory your freezers and have space for on sale hams and turkeys, that's terrific planning. :)

  7. Thanks Belinda. It is a wonderful feeling. I just know that I can take care of family and we can survive, whatever may come our way.