Sunday, December 2, 2018

Frugal Happenings 12/2

23 days till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Oh my, how did this happen so quickly?

Good morning all.  It has been a quiet week here for the most part. 
It was quite the weather week.    We had the full circle of weather.  We had rain, ice, snow, storms, sun, clouds, fog and warmth.  I guess Mother nature just could not make up her mind!

Looking out the side window one day (see the squirrel).  Today is sunny and it was 57* at midnight.  We had thunderstorms yesterday!  Going to be cooler again this coming week.

My frugal week:
  • Last Sunday the coffee pot (wasn't that old) quit.  I could care less, but G likes coffee each day.  I made a run to Shopper's World to see if I could find something.  They had a smaller one (all we need) on sale through that day for 6.99 (reg. 14.99).  They had 2 left and I bought them both!  I am prepared!!!
  • Ran next door to that store to the Dollar Tree and got a few stuffers for the kids goody bags.
  • Ordered 3 additional gifts (additional to goody baskets) on sale from WM and no shipping.  I figure staying home and not being in the stores IS frugal for me!
  • Our bank called as they were having an audit.  G hadn't signed in to safety deposit box in years, and they needed a new signature card from him.  I explained that we have no way to get him there (being disabled), and bless their hearts - they sent a representative to our house!  I thought that was amazing.
  • I just keep finding more areas and things to clean - I have been on a roll!
  • I got to pick up Pooty's cremains on Friday, so she is back home.
  • While out I stopped and filled gas tank for month.  Used points (saved .30/gal.) and purchased gas for 1.89/gallon!!!  Haven't seen it that cheap in ages!
  • I stopped at Aldi and bought a Christmas gift.  They had a toy that I wanted for gr. gr. nephew on sale.
  • Been watching lots of baking/cooking shows on the Food channel
  • Washed down bathroom walls - readying it for painting!
  • Meals at home.  Making tea at home.  Doing all the normal things.
Not much going on.  Just been quiet around here.  Trying to ready ourselves for Christmas.

                              My Coogy  trying to sit all 'people' like!!!!!  He is so funny.

Meals this past week:
Ground steak with onions, mac n cheese and leftover green bean casserole
Loaded baked potatoes
Stuffed pepper skillet
Pancakes and sausage
Cheesy loaded potato soup (from freezer)
Hobo dinners (sausage, pots, carrots, onions)
Turkey/noodles and stuffing

Starting this week, I will be doing some extra posts.  They will be quite simple.  It may be a picture I have taken or one that I have saved.  It may be a recipe.  It may be a funny, a memory, advice, or a thought provoker.  I just want to start something a little different during the winter.
Comments welcome - but not necessary.  I hope you ENJOY!

How was your week?  Are you ready for the holiday?  Have you started cookie/candy making yet?
Give us a shout and let us know what you have been up too.
I look forward to hearing fro each of you.

May the Lord keep you wrapped in His loving and protective arms.  Prayers for any of my readers that live in Alaska (hope you are safe.)  Also any Australian ladies that live in the fire areas - prayers for your safety.  Health and happiness and security to you all.

Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. You did run the gamut on weather this week. We had some ice and lots of rain. It warmed up towards the end of the week. Great deal on the coffee pots! I agree not going in the stores is frugal. Works for me too. That was so great of the bank to send a rep to your house! So nice. I'm loving the lower price on gas here too. Your melas sound delicious. I hope you have a terrific week, Cheryl. :)

    1. I like to shop too much - and if I meander through the stores.....well. Staying home works for me.
      I guess gas prices have lowered a bit every where.
      Thanks, you have a lovely week as well.

  2. This weather has been crazy this week hasn't it Cheryl? You have had a great frugal week. I can't wait to read your posts! Have a great day!

    1. It sure has been crazy weather. I just wish it would decide on something and stay!
      Have a great one.

  3. We order a lot online now too. Sure is easier. Such a darling cat! Nancy

    1. It sure is easy. Never been my thing - but the older I get, the better it seems!
      Thanks, I think he is a sugar bug!

  4. Cheryl, your banker coming to your house made my week! Our local bank is wonderful too. We drop off our leftover bags of Halloween candy to make up for the piece we get each time we are in there.

    1. It really surprised us. Never have they made an offer to come like that - but I we never had that situation arise either. It was very nice of them.
      It is nice to have such friendly service in a pretty good size city.

  5. A banker house call? Wow! That's unusual, but good for them!

    Baking starts this week. Husbands coworkers want caramel corn! It's so easy, just bakes slowly. I always feel like Cinderella when I make it. Sit next to the oven and stir it every 15 minutes. And don't eat too much!

    Got my first of 5 outgoing packages out on Friday. One may not go if I don't hear from my brother-- sadly, I have no idea where he is.

    I'm loving my new spread out holiday\birthday plan spanning from Christmas to VD. Not an ounce of stress and the cost is spread from October to February. It avoids all crowds and post office lines. 😀 My best friend made a very late birthday request for something I have and it's gonna take a bit of hunting to find and have it copied. So that will probably ship later, leaving only 2 things left to ship this month. One is going Tuesday.

    How do you do your stuffed baked potatoes?

    1. Sounds like you have everything under control. I hope you get an aggress on your brother.
      I don't have anything I have to ship to others, but have a few items coming that I have purchased.
      Mmmmmm caramel corn sounds yummy.

      I just make regular baked potatoes and top them with all kinds of goodies. Whatever we have that sounds good goes on them. It makes for a good meal and cheap too!

  6. Your Coogy looks so much like our Stimpy did. She lived for....are you ready?! 23 years!! Honestly, she was wildly chasing her jingle ball under the dining room table one night and went into complete kidney failure the next. We knew she wouldn't live forever, but it was such an abrupt end for Miss Wild Kitty, ya know? Hard on us, but probably a huge blessing in that it wasn't a long illness. Still miss her!

    1. WOW what a blessing - 23 years! That is too cool. The oldest we ever had was 15. Isn't that something that she went so fast. Yes, good for her - but what a shock to you.
      They are certainly our babies and we miss them terribly when they go.

  7. Enjoy your posts! Your kitty is beautiful! thanks

  8. Coogy is so cute. We know who owns your house. :)

    Quiet frugal week here too. We had 6 tornadoes in my area on Saturday night. That made for an interesting evening. No damage to my home, thank gosh.

    1. Thank you - yes the cats rule the roost!
      Oh my goodness. So glad you are ok and no damage. Tornadoes are so scary.
      Weather is sure crazy this fall.

  9. Good morning Cheryl. Not a lot going on here. Work takes up most of my time, then errands and just getting the laundry done. What a bummer to be without a washer/dryer. Sometimes I think I didn't know how blessed I was when I owned them. I am getting ready for the yearly "chex mix" making. And I am thinking about doing some easy two ingredient fudges (from Living on a It is also time to start putting together those meals I want to put into my brother's freezer for when he comes home and doesn't want to cook. I finished the handmade gifts and just need a couple of lottery scratch offs to put with them for the guys I work with. I do need to get the cards done and out. Decorating won't take too long, unless I go to Walmart and start looking...I try to stay out of there. Better go, as it is time for a customer to come pick up a uhaul. Have a great day.

    1. Sounds like you keep mighty busy. It is amazing how used we get to our 'devices' and how for granted we take them. Something as simple as turning on the faucet would be a miracle to others.

      Chex Mix is always a favorite. I like anything with few ingredients and easy to make.
      Sounds like you are just about ready for the Christmas holiday.
      Walmart and other stores can be dangerous for sure.
      Have a good day.