Sunday, December 16, 2018

Frugal Happenings 12/16

Good morning.  Can you believe it is just 9 days till Christmas?  WOW.
Today I will be getting together with my sister and brother to celebrate.  Sis will be making a late lunch and we will exchange gifts and OLD STORIES!  The old stories is my favorite part.

Speaking of old stories!  Yep, that is me a couple years ago!!!!  Seeing Santa at Murphey's Department Store was always so exciting.  Such innocence.

It has finally quit raining and the sun is out.  We look to have sun for a few days this week, which will be greatly appreciated.  Out temps are back in the 40's and staying that way all week.  Nights are chilly, but I will take anything above freezing and sunshine with great pleasure!

It has been pretty quiet around here.  I guess it is just that time of the year.
One would think it would be crazy. 
Here is my frugal week.

  • Got the health insurance situation all resolved and settled.  I am good to go (and not a bad price) until the end of next year when I can get Medicare. (Dang that sounds old!)
  • Ran to feed store and got well stocked again.  The birdies and the 'fat' squirrels are very grateful!  LOL
  • Got to P.O. and got postage and then all cards mailed!  I have enough postage for the next year for cards and letters.
  • Worked on Christmas baskets, getting things all arranged
  • Tried a new recipe this week - and it's a keeper for sure (had everything here to make it)
  • Made dip at home
  • Got started on some holiday baking - much to do this coming week
  • Ran to Kroger for a couple deals.  Got cheese for .99/8 oz. (we are cheese junkies!).  I also got 2 - 2lb. bags of HUGE peeled shrimp for 5.99 each!!  One will our New Year's ever dinner (every year), and another for later.  (I should have gotten more - but didn't want them to get freezer burnt)
  • Just doing all our regular stuff
See very quiet!

Meals this past week:
Sliced ham (from freezer), eggs and toast & jelly
Spaghetti & meat sauce and salad
Subway sandwiches and cookies (FREE with GC) - what a treat!
Cheeseburger pie (new recipe) and salad
Cold sammies and chips/dip
Smoked sausage, kraut, and chunk potatoes all cooked together
Beef franks, mac n cheese and salad

This coming week I will be making more holiday treats as the 'kids' (niece and nephews) are coming home for Christmas on Saturday.  I can't wait - just never get to see them enough.
So I will be baking and finishing up getting their gifts all together this week.  I make a nice buffet for lunch when they come.  I have one or two more small things to pick up for baskets.

Are you winding down on baking and preparing for the holiday?  Did you get any good deals this past week?
Are you like me and ready to get life back to normal?

Prayers that each and everyone of you are safe, healthy, and free from any harm.  May your hearts be calm and your lives happy.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. I love your picture! Such a pretty coat and hat you were wearing! It's a busy time of year for sure. Have a great time visiting!

    1. Thanks. The 50's were pretty cool!
      Don't over do it.

  2. Your cat pictures are so funny. Have a great time with your siblings.

    1. I keep seeing cute cat pics on FB and keep saving the. wish I could take credit!
      Thanks, had a great time.

  3. I have one of those old black and white Santa pics, too. So cute!

    I went shopping on Friday and Saturday. Im officially done done with everything for the month, including birthdays. Except for a dairy stop for milk next weekend, I imagine. Im cooking very simply on Saturday for our Christmas dinner to last part of the four days. A ham, sweet potatoes, salad, & pie. I picked up some of that sale cheese and some good crackers. Oh, I guess I'll also need to get some carrots, celery, and jicama for a veggie tray. We're doing home repairs so the simpler, the better is the way for meals. We're having warm weather so we may sneak in some yard work, too. Winter flew in before all the leaves dropped so we've still got leaves to rake up!

    Thanks for reminding me to stock up on stamps. The last I bought were in October. While I still have quite a few left, I wanted to get another bunch cuz of the price increase. Isn't this one a nickel?

    1. Debby it sounds like you are ready! celebrating for 4 days will be tiring. Don't over o it.
      It has been weird for winter. It got cold fast - now having some warmer days again for a while. Looks like we get winter weather to officially start winter next weekend.

      Yes this next increase is 5 cents. Last time I bought stamps was last year this time. We got enough to last till this year. Did the same last week.

      Have a good pre-Christmas week!

  4. I am all done shopping and almost everything is wrapped. I am still waiting on a few packages. I finished my cards finally. My son finished classes and just has finals. YD still has classes until Friday. We will then be baking all weekend. I cannot wait. I love making Christmas cookies. My oldest daughter won't be home until the following weekend to celebrate. Then we will be playing games and eating way too much. It is going to be wonderful!

    1. You sound well prepared as well. I like eating the goodies I bake - just dread the mess I make baking!
      Glad your kids will be home with you for a while.
      Enjoy those days and have fun.

  5. The old stories are my favorite part of family get togethers too, Cheryl. That was a great deal on the 99¢ Kroger cheese, we were able to get in on that too. I'm working today and tomorrow and I'm looking forward to being off for the holiday after that. I hope you have a great holiday and wonderful week. :)

    1. Got to love those weekend Kroger deals! They are always good.
      Glad you got some too.
      I imagine you will be off till after New Years - so enjoy your vacation!

  6. I feel so at home here. : ) I too was able to wind or almost wind things up. Finished wrapping a couple of boxes containing things such as cotton flannel blankets I made with a kitty print! On sale from JoAnns probably with free shipping. I got ready a big can of popcorn assortment ready for our trash service as a gift, mail lady's Panettone bread for the mailbox tomorrow. I snagged the Panettone breads for a dollar a piece on the clearance aisle of Walmart. I packed a couple of gift bags with adorable dollar tree finds, including a praying stuffed bear with angel wings for two future grandbabies arriving soon. I also put one of my favorite books in the bags, 'Sergeant Stubby', a true story of a decorated war hero dog. (Excellent). I give books in the spirit of my daddy, he too was a believer in giving good books for gifts so I'm following his tradition to help with my married daughter's family libraries. I had found nice brand new hardbacks of 'Sergeant Stubby'reasonably on ebay a while back in the summer. Woot!

    I enjoyed reading of your finds and little party too. Love the photo of you and Santa! So darling, things were so nice then. We have a Krogers near my husband's office, it's a nice one. I'll have to tell him about the weekend deals. Nice!

    I hope you have a great week preparing and the fun little get together! It sounds so nice. : )

    Blessings! ~Amelia

    1. Amelia, I am glad you feel 'at home' here. That is what I hope happens with everyone. Just trying to keep it real, as I think we all go through so many of the same things. It is nice to share in the joy and failures.

      WOW you really do sound ready. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts. That is a good example of how one can have a great holiday and still stay frugal. I bought 3 of those mixed tins of popcorn for some gifts this year too. Very reasonable and the tins can be used after!

      Those Kroger special deals are usually Thursday through Saturday. If you don't have the digital coupon (I never do) - you just need to tell cashier about the item before they ring it up.

      Thanks for joining us and hope you continue to stay around.

      Have a good week.

  7. Good morning Cheryl. I have to work through Friday, but was able to snag both Saturday and my usual Sunday off together. My boss is leaving for Albania on Thursday, so I can't have my normal day off. Next week I have Christmas day and the following week I have New Years Day. Makes it challenging to get to the laundromat as they are closed on those days. Thankfully I have enough clothes that I will be just fine. Most other things I can work around. But I won't do laundry after working a full day. I would if I had washer/dryer in the apartment, but that just isn't the case. I still have cookie baking, brownie baking, chex mix making, as well as the rest of my brother's gift - I did the beans and rice and they are in the freezer, but I still need to make chicken and yellow rice, and soup for him as his Christmas gift. All of that has to be done on Saturday, and hopefully he will be having dinner with me too, and taking it all home to his freezer then. Of course I will be giving him ham, cabbage and mashed potatoes (leftovers) from Saturday's dinner too. He doesn't like to cook for just himself, for all the reasons singles don't like it, so there are lots of restaurant meals, or just plain skipping meals for him. So I figure that if I load up his freezer, then he will have less of an excuse to eat out, or not at all. All other cards and gifts have been taken care of, including a box of wrapped goodies for the Sunday School class. I am ready.....I think.....

    1. Sorry you will be only getting the holidays off the next couple weeks. Hopefully if you have the laundry caught up - you will be ok. I guess you can always hand wash too if need be.

      Your brother is one lucky guy. All those items sound wonderful - and to not have to make them himself is great! It saves him some money and is healthier too!

      It sounds like you have a plan! Don't over do it. Get rest when you can.

  8. What a sweet picture! I am sure that you have many special memories and good stories to share with your siblings. What special times.
    Glad you were able to get so many things done.

    I have been in such a funk lately, going through the least my hubby and kids have presents, and my brother and his family are done. Dh is going to have to take care of his family, or at least pick up some gift cards. ;)
    I am going to bake some gingersnaps this weekend and make some fudge at least.
    Hope that you have a blessed Christmas, and a very Happy New year!

    1. Kathy you are not alone. I have felt the funk as well.
      I have most stuff done - just didn't really get into it.
      I know a lot of people feeling this way too.
      I will be glad to get back to 'normal'
      Merry Christmas to you and yours.