Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Keeping it Natural

We see that many are just tired of all the commercialism of Christmas and the holidays.  I think we all get tired of it.  It is always in your face to spend.....spend.....spend!  It starts early in the fall and goes on through the end of the year.

If you haven't started or if you are determined not to fall into the trap, here are some neat and very frugal ideas!

Be observant of what you do, so as not to do harm the earth.  So much trash  is made during this time of year.  Do your part to 'do no harm' and stay frugal.


  1. I love this. I am so trying this year to be more reasonable in my gifts and think of what is really needed.

    1. Good for you. I love the idea of giving an experience. I'm thinking zoo, museums, oak passes, etc.
      We all need to be more mindful.

  2. One of my friend gifts - for my friends that are fellow tree huggers- are silverware kits. The idea came from those crochet hook holders that have little pockets and roll up. I'm putting pockets in for a fork, knife, spoon,& metal straw. The dollar store sells the silverware. Need to shop for straws. And a napkin for inside, which the used stuff can be wrapped in to take home. It'll all be washable and roll up to easily fit in a purse.

    We have a lot of meals at our church and the paper usage makes me nuts. This is my answer.

    I don't gift my friends until Valentine's Day so I'm still working out the details.

    1. I think that is a fantastic idea! Love it. Heck that would be good for picnics, church functions, office, etc.
      That would be a great gift for anyone!
      Good job!