Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Keeping the Joy

For many the holidays are NOT a good time.  It could be remembering the loss of loved ones, bad memories of the past, weather, S.A.D. disorder, financial strain, etc.
Whatever the reason, it is real for those who feel it.

I do believe this has happened to everyone at some point.  Maybe not every year - but it happens.
Please respect those who feel this way.  Do NOT tell them to get over it, do NOT dismiss their feelings..............Listen if need be and just give a hug and a kind word.

Thanks to LaurieS for posting this on FB - I knew the second I saw it, that I would use this.

Do not succumb to the pressures of spending money you shouldn't spend.
Do not feel bad if you miss a gathering.
Do not give up faith that things will get better.

DO try to do something that helps the less fortunate.  If at all possible - work at a food pantry or a mission serving meals or passing out supplies.  Go to a hospital neonatal unit and hold babies.  Go visit shut-ins in a nursing home.  There are so many ways to help others - and in turn it helps you.

DO try to get more sunlight in your life each day.  Get outside and get fresh air and light - it helps more than you can imagine.  Take Vitamin D as well.  Take a walk.  Get exercise.
DO make plans for the future - make a bucket list.  Anything that takes you out of the past.
DO watch a funny movie or read a classic book.
DO something just for YOU!  Give yourself a spa night.  If you can afford it - maybe a massage or a mani/pedi.  Get your hair done.  SOMETHING  FEEL GOOD!

DO turn it over to a higher power.  Faith can get us through most anything.
Just remember - you have been through bad times before and you are still here.  YOU CAN DO IT.

The joy of Christmas is a "feeling".  We can keep it everyday - not just one time a year.  It is inside of each of us.
IF you can't get yourself to participate now - then spread the joy and love at another time.

It's OK to feel sad.  Please just don't let it take you over!
Keep joy in your heart all year.

Please know you are loved here and we will listen and understand.  Seek understanding and peace from your Maker as well.  Turn your troubles over to a higher power.

God bless each of you having a rough time.


  1. Cheryl, Thank you for this post today. This warmed my heart.
    Such a good reminder that we don't have to be perfect.

    God bless you Sweetie. And I know He does.

    1. You are so welcome. NO we do not need to be perfect - we can't - but God loves us any how!
      We just need to be there for one another, no matter how we are feeling or how others are feeling.
      Blessings my friend!

  2. A wonderful post, Cheryl. It's easy to forget that some people are not as happy as others at this time of year. Loneliness and heartache can make the holidays depressing for some. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. We get so caught up in the family stuff, gifts, buying, baking, etc. that we often forget.
      This can be the worst time of the year for some. That breaks my heart.

  3. What a sweet post and so true. I actually have a hard time at Christmas as in the past it was just so stressful and expensive. I was always under so much stress to make sure the kids were happy. Probably my own doing I am sure.

    1. Thanks.
      I truly think we are the ones that make it tough on ourselves. Kids are so often happy with the simple things (or boxes), especially when little.
      WE have visions of 'grander' dancing in our heads!!! Once we realize there is NO PERFECT - then we will be happy again.

  4. I just sent this to a friend of mine. Her mom was killed last Christmas Eve walking into midnight mass. She is having a really hard time but trying for her kids.

    1. Oh my goodness. How horrible, I can't even begin to imagine.
      Be there for her - this will be a difficult day each year.
      Prayers for her and her family.

  5. very good points Cheryl. This Christmas might be the first year without someone or maybe this time of year brings back bad memories of years gone by. Your right Christmas is not always happy and some people are just putting up a brave front for the family. Two of my neighbors lost their husbands this year. It will be hard I know for them.

    1. That first holiday is always the worse. hey are never as easy or as happy - but the first one is just - well.......
      We just need be kinder when we encounter grumpy or unhappy people, as we do not know their story.

  6. I have really despised Christmas in my life going back to when I was 7 and many following that one. It was not a good time to be in my family. To this day, every thing I do for it is for my husband. He loves it. I tried all the kind suggestions of making good memories and my own traditions, but PLAH!!! Plah was what my 2 yr. old nephew said when he didn't like something lol! I'm not cranky about it anymore, but if the merriment of it disappeared and it became a simple religious holiday, I'd be okay with it, ya know?

    1. Debby I am sorry you have had that experience. How sweet that you try to make it so special for your husband.
      Truly it SHOULD be simply a religious holiday. Manufacturers have changed everything for us.
      Take care and hang in there.

  7. As the child of a parent who committed suicide on Christmas morn when I was 9, I know the continual sadness of the season, and the unforgettable grief that is sometimes overwhelming. But life has a way of softening the hard realities as time passes. We find ways to continue to celebrate, even if it is "fake it, til you make it". And it is easier if I remember that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, and it is not about me. So I try to make it special for others.

    1. Oh no Norma! I did not know that about you. I am so sorry. What a horrible thing for anyone to have happen, let alone a child. That just makes my heart hurt.
      Many people have to make a 'new normal' for various reasons.

      Again, if it were celebrated as a religious holiday instead of a commercial holiday - it would be best.
      HUGS my friend.

  8. I'm new to your blog. I so feel this post, this Christmas is bitter sweet, it's nice when we read someone who has a heart for others. Somehow that feeling aspect seems so lost in blogging these days. I have many blessings and try to count those, as well as trying to minister to those less fortunate in word and deed. : ) Sowing good memories.

    I very recently lost one of my beloved pets, my uncle and a year and a half ago my dad in a horrible situation that still has me asking "Why Daddy".

    It's a Bing Crosby 'O Holy Night' Christmas kind of year...I just love that old fashioned Christmas feel and the Holy Spirit as it wafts through our home but sometimes those feelings of loss sneak in. It's nice to just sit back and chill a bit talking to the Father.

    Blessings to you this Christmas! It's very nice to read your blog. I'm so enjoying it!

    ~Amelia from The Forest Cathedral

    1. Amelia I am so sorry for your losses.

      I have never gotten over losing my folks or some of my siblings, nor my fur babies. Hearts hurt and people need to sympathize.
      No one can understand what another is going through.

      Bless you for trying to bring joy to others. That will help you as well.
      We just need to keep our faith and trust in the Lord.
      God bless you.

      Thanks for coming by and we look forward to hearing your ideas.