Thursday, December 6, 2018


There is so much crime in today's society.  It is really scary at times.  There are many ways to stay safe and keep your home safe, ESPECIALLY at the holidays, that costs little or no money.

  • The most obvious - keep your doors locked
  • If you don't have a security system, you can post signs that says you do
  • Perhaps think about getting an outdoor camera (can even be a trail cam)
  • I know people that have  a sign that says 'guard dog' and have auto recorder attached to door - that are action activated.  The recording is the barking of a large dog.
  • Keep bushes and trees away from windows - they are a great hiding place
  • Have motion activated security lights
  • Those living in colder areas - please keep your walks shoveled and salted.  If not for your family - for the postman, utility readers or paper boys.
  • Make sure  that any animal that stays outside has a warm and protected area to be.  Make sure they have food and 'water' (not ice).  If it gets too cold - animals need another warm protected area to be.
  • DO NOT use the oven for a heat source if at all possible.  Carbon monoxide can kill
  • If using baseboard heat or portable heaters - keep anything and everything away from them
  • Make sure you have working smoke/fire detectors and a fire extinguisher close at hand.  It is also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector in or around where you furnace is.   (These are good gift ideas as well!!!!!)

Here's an idea for extra safety in your home.  This is call Jammer and it is added protection for home security.  We have one on each door during the night.  They don't cost a lot - but they give us a little added peace of mind.  Living in the city or suburbs can be intimidating now a days.  We like having a bit more security.   It slides up under the door handle and then you kick it in place.

  • Always lock your car
  • Do not leave packages in view - cover them in some way
  • Do NOT leave handbags, computers, phones, CD's, money, chargers, etc. in view (even in a locked car)
  • Be ever vigilant of your surroundings when walking back to your vehicle
  • If at all possible walk out with other people or a crowd
  • Try not to shop or walk in parking lots at night
  • If living in area with snow and ice - make sure that ALL of your windows are clear of snow and ice - this not only keeps you safe - but others as well.  DO NOT put others in jeopardy because you have an obstructed view
  • If you do a lot of traveling or travel in unpopulated area - keep food and warm blankets (or clothing) in the vehicle.  Have a shovel, ice melt or cat litter for getting stuck, and flairs.  Snow can act as water - but you need warmth for sure.
  • Make sure cell phones are always charged when traveling

  • Do not put gifts under a tree that can be seen from outside - that is an invitation to crooks
  • If having deliveries made - make sure you will be home or have them delivered to your work or to a neighbors.  There are so many stories every day of packages being stolen from porches
  • Be careful of what real holiday plants you have in your home IF you have pets.  Many plants are toxic if eaten.
  • Keep trees, throws, blankets, etc. away from heat vents.  Trees dry out quicker and that can cause fires.  Depending on the heat source - material can catch fire.
  • Keep LIVE trees properly watered
  • Keep tinsel and garland out of reach of animals.  If eaten it can cause damage to their organs
  • Do not feed pets overly rich and fatty foods.  Chocolate and many other items can cause animals to be ill


DO NOT "advertise" on ANY social media outlet that you are going on vacation or traveling.  That is like telling crooks "the house is available for you".

IF you have to attend a close family funeral that has been in the paper - TRY to leave someone at the house to 'house sit'.  Crooks watch the obituaries.

Another tip - when shopping - I keep my car keys and my cell phone in my pockets and not in my handbag.  IF someone gets off with my handbag - at least I can get home and I can call police!  
Sadly this is the world we now live in!

and STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is a great article and many of the things I had not thought of!

    1. Thank you. It is a shame we have to worry so much, but in this day and age you just can't be too careful.
      Glad you got info you can use!

  2. Good morning Cheryl. Another tip is to make sure your windshield wipers are are good and working properly. I just got new ones yesterday. I also have locks on the inside of both doors to my apartment. My brother installed a "hotel lock" that only allows the door to open about 4". The other extra lock was already installed when I got there. Knowing where you have parked is also very helpful. Most parking lots have some sort of labeling system, and I also look for landmarks, or look to see where the door I am expecting to come out is from the car. (I have no sense of direction, and am easily lost in parking lots). Don't use your cell phone as you are exiting a store and become distracted. Shopping with a friend or family member (when possible) is also a deterrent to those who would rob you in a parking lot. Have a great day.

    1. Yes mam, good wiper blades are so important. We have deadbolt locks on our doors as well. You just can't be too safe.
      I always look at the aisle I park in to see if numbered or lettered - if not I make of note of where I am in relation to the door (rows over, etc.)

      You gave many good tips.
      Thank you!

  3. Good post Cheryl. I love the whole concept of situational awareness. The best book I read is called The Gift of Fear. I think that is the title... basically to look around and be aware and strictly to follow your gut feeling. It says that many people who are murdered knew they would be or were in danger but out of politeness didnt do anything and didnt run etc. Forget manners and run, dont let people in the door and so on. There was another concept in it called "false teaming" where someone tries to win you over pretending to be in the same situation as you, trying to help you i.e. to get you alone with them or inside your house... it was really helpful. It took security to a new level!
    I believe have beware of the dog signs whether you have a dog or not are a very good idea. With love