Sunday, January 12, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/12

Good morning.  Hope this finds you all well.
It has been another quiet week for me.  I just don't have the get up and go I need to get a lot accomplished.  Winter blahs?  Holiday let down?  Lonely?  Feeling sorry?  Probably all the above.  I need to have a big talk with ME and get in gear.  I hate just wasting time.  Time is such a precious gift.

We have had above normal weather again most of the week.  Friday and Saturday was rain and more rain and lots of wind.  The back yard is a lake!    Got up yesterday morning and it was 63*  This morning it was 33*  You just never know around here.
I looked out the other day at all the critters and it was so cool.  There were 13 squirrels in my yard (that I saw) - not to mention what was next door.  I counted 22 doves and 2 different types of woodpeckers, lots of cardinals, 4 blue jays, and all the other sweet little birds.  It was surely amazing.

My quiet week:
  • I met with my financial advisor
  • Started a file folder with all income tax information
  • I did run to the Post Office and mailed 3 parcels to various areas in the country and got a book of stamps
  • Been working on organization of all the Christmas stuff (wrapping items) in basement storage
  •  Working on craft area - cleaning up and declutter
  • Cooked up about a half pound of burger and used in 3 different dishes this week
  • Made a batch of 'baked spaghetti' - used couple types of pasta instead of spaghetti and used a bunch of other goodies I had on hand.  Turned out pretty tasty.
  • NO grocery store - using what I have
  • Been drinking tea, water and Kool-Aid
  • Got to have heat off for 2 days again this week
  • Still  eating on Christmas goodies - candies and a few cookies.  Also ate fruit, popcorn and apples w/peanut butter for snacks.  Had  cheese slices and beef stick with crackers a time or two as well.
  • Made plans (in my head) for a couple of sewing projects to do this week - small projects to maybe get me motivated
  •  Basic tidy up and all normal things
Meals this past week:
Leftover soup/stew  (froze balance)
Poor man's Swiss steak and mashed potatoes (used homemade soup in this)
Baked fish and a small potato and home canned coleslaw
Baked spaghetti and garlic toast (old buns) 2 X - (froze balance)
Homemade fried rice
Enchilada skillet dinner and served with soft tortillas

There you have it - QUIET!  Just me and the kitties hanging out!
How was your week?  Did you get any good deals?  Are you doing well on no spend January?

I continue to keep our Australian friends and their country in my prayers.  May the Lord bring them lots of rain and douse the fires.  Such a sad situation.
There is a lot of bad weather around much of our country this week and earthquakes in Puerto Rico.  Please stay safe everyone and my prayers for all.

I pray for you all that you are well and safe. Stay safe in this coming week and stay frugal my friends. Blessings to you all from my humble little home to yours.  


  1. I'm sorry you don't have the get up and go, Cheryl. I found it lonesome after we took down the Christmas decorations. I don't know if that bothered you or not. I hope this week is brighter for you.

    We've been drinking tea and water. I have a ton of Koolaid here, and one is my favorite lemonade. I need to make some today. Thanks for the reminder.

    I hope you have a good week.

    1. I think I was around so many people (family) for a few weeks and that was such a big mood lifter - then quiet. This too shall pass.
      I love lemon-aide and I like grape - I have plenty of both. It is nice to have something different and flavorful.
      Have a good week.

  2. You know your life just sounds lovely. Me and kitties hanging out.

    1. Thank you. They sure give me a lot of unconditional love.

  3. Oh my goodness it got warm there! So lucky to have your heat off for a little while.
    It's very sad about Australia...I'm praying for them too!
    Have a great week.

    1. Yes it was like April! Now it is like January again.
      Have a great one.

  4. It's been miserable cold here and when it isn't it's snowing. But it could be worse, so I'll take what we're getting and be thankful for a warm, comfortable home.

    The situation in Australia is heartbreaking, as is the one in Puerto Rico. I was in PR last year and the damage from the hurricanes is still very evident.

    1. I sure hope you stay cozy and warm. Much to be thankful for isn't there?
      Yes, so much sadness around. We just need to keep praying.
      Have a good week.

  5. I have spent $26 this month on groceries so far. I am very happy with that. We had my aunt over for lunch today. We are officially done with the holidays now. She is a widow and likes to spread things out. I sent her home with leftovers so she doesn't have to cook tonight. I am working more hours trying to keep the man I help from getting the winter blues. We went for a walk at the mall the other day to get him out of his house. He is happy to go out to eat anytime so we did that twice this week. He pays. He worked hard and has 2 pensions so he can afford it. He just needs some help getting motivated to go out. Have a great week.

    1. You have done so well. Hey, I don't blame your Aunt for stretching out the holidays. It makes it a bit more festive.
      How nice of you to get the gentleman out and active. That is beneficial for you both.
      Have a good one.

  6. It was a busy week for me as my boss has now deployed so more responsibility has come upon the 3 of us in the office. Farmer & I are also helping with their 5 small children, so he took their son to a class while I took their oldest to Wm and then we met them at the class site so Farmer could take them both home. This will be a weekly occurrence until Farmer starts the 2020 farm season, late March.
    We also took my boss' big packing container to the UPS store in the city and shipped it to him. Saving his wife from having to take all 5 kids to the city after school and in the dark.
    Only grocery buying we did, was some veggies/produce and some dairy for our daughter-in-law's bday cheesecake (today). I've been going to Dollar General instead of Walmart as it keeps me on my list and no impulse buying.
    We are eating from the pantry and freezers as much as possible. Tonight we'll have appetizer type meal with Jalepeno Poppers, Shrimp and Fries. It's our usual Sunday night meal. It's been so cold here I will plan a warming soup tomorrow.
    I hope this week is a bit more cheerful for you. :)

    1. That is so wonderful that you are helping out your bosses family. I will pray for his safety as well as all the other men and women. God bless him.
      You did wonderful on your shopping.
      I think your dinner sounds fantastic. I am not a traditional dinner type. I eat whatever sounds good at the moment.
      Thank you I just need to motivate more!
      Have a good week.

  7. Praying for sunshine to enter back into your life and to touch your heart. Give yourself permission to have some down days particularly at this time of the year and because you have lost someone very dear to you. Wishing you the best Cheryl.

    1. Thank you dear. I guess I need to realize that all the 'firsts' are going to be extra difficult and not beat myself up. I think I am probably more depressed than I want to believe.
      Thank you!

  8. I roasted a chicken yesterday morning, picked it and made broth. then i took the broth and made the Greek lemon chicken and rice soup, can;t pronounce it for dinner. Tasty! I have about 8 servings left so will freeze what I don't eat or give away. Bones went to 'animals' that live on our property. No eggs yesterday, but I do have 2 hens laying again. I am still working on my no spend January and so far only necessary items bought. Free tai chi and chair yoga classes!

    1. Yum - that sounds so good. Love how everything has a use.
      Sounds like you are doing good.
      Have a good one.

  9. We had such beautiful weather here in SW Pennsylvania on Saturday that my husband and I abandoned our normal schedule (including the gym) and sat outside for a few hours in balmy near-70 degree weather. We can go to the gym any time, but don't get this type of weather in January very often. It is to be in the low 50s today through Wednesday, so I hope to get to the walking trail a couple of times this week before we return to our regularly scheduled winter.
    We don't have room for a freezer or large pantry, so I buy groceries for 4-6 weeks worth of meals. Didn't get any particular grocery bargains last week, but sure am loving Aldi prices and the quality of their produce.
    I did get two good bargains the previous week at the St. Vincent dePaul thrift store (affectionately known as 'Vinny's' in my house). We are using old tea towels as napkins, and I needed some to replace a few threadbare ones. The price on the individual towels was .99 or more, but then I spied a bag marked 'Rags' for 4.99. Senior's Day means a 50% discount, so I got 13 towels (and 4 deemed rags) for $2.49! Some were even good enough to be tea towels, including some brand new holiday tea towels, which I will use all year around.
    The best bargain I got at Vinny's was a pair of new eye glasses frames that sell for $65-80 online for only $2.99! I need new glasses, and these fit me well enough and don't look too bad on my thin face. I visited a new optometrist's office on Friday (my former eye doc is retiring soon), and they told me I could bring my own frames. Using the $280 I got for selling my first (abusive) marriage wedding rings and the husband's old dental gold, I'm hoping I can get new glasses with little or no out-of-pocket costs. I need no-line bifocals, and the lenses are expensive.
    On the clutter busting front, I went through hundreds of photographs and got rid of over 15 lbs. of photos and negatives. Keeping the best, I made a large envelope of photos for each of my sons and kept what I wanted in an old sewing box that my mother won in a 4-H sewing contest as a teen, so it has personal significance, too. I wrote the names (and approximate date and location if I knew) on the back of every photo with an archival pen, too. The very old photos of ancestors got a home with my genealogy files.
    I hope you begin to feel better as the days get longer. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you feel you are becoming dangerously depressed. I have chronic depression and anxiety and know how easy it can be to fool myself into thinking I'm okay when I'm not. Help doesn't have to be antidepressants, either. Sometimes more exercise, healthful eating, and a planned schedule of activities can get me through a low patch. (((Hugs)))

    1. love the name Vinny's. I used to go to Goodwill often (not any more too expensive) and called it GW Boutique! LOL
      What a deal on the towels. That is great. And the frames - WOW.
      Pictures - oh my. We spent (well Glen did) a lot of time a few years back getting everything on the computer and then saved of zip drives and CD's. Both sides had so many old pictures with no names - so aggravating.
      Good job in separating and passing them on.
      I will feel better soon. I try to spend parts of every day outside no matter the weather. I am probably outside at least 6-8 times a day with cats and critters. I need to develop a few new hobbies and then warmer weather will help tremendously.
      We are still decent in the temps and going to get cold by end of week. Enjoy that weather as the REAL stuff will be back. Glad you got to sit outside.
      Have a good one.

  10. Hi, Cheryl, hugs and prayers for you during your down time. I hope it's also restful for you, and spring is certainly bound to show up sooner or later. I live just down the road from my mom who lost her husband unexpectedly 4 years ago. She does seem to have less down days/seasons but still a bit here and there. I'm thankful to live near her so I can help during these times.

    We also had some warmer weather at the end of last week and then lots of rain, so I'm looking forward to sunshine that might peep out today. Here's our savings & fun last week:

    *We stuck to our budget and made progress towards our financial goals for this year.
    *Used online bill pay to pay the 2 bills I have to write checks for and mail. This saved the cost of the checks, envelopes and stamps.
    *Came in under grocery budget so was able to divert that extra to other areas.
    *Redeemed $2.10 in Ibotta rebates for stuff I was already buying.
    *Sold 3 items and listed a book on Ebay.
    *Updated some items from the attic and decorated with a pastel drawing, framed art work and a lovely display of old tea cups.
    More on my blog here:

    1. I am glad you are so close to your Mom. It helps to have someone close by at times.
      You did great with your week. Sounds like some good and fun savings.
      Have a wonderful week.