Sunday, January 19, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/19

Good morning all.  Oh baby, it is cold outside.  Feels like winter for sure.
Yesterday was in the 40's and lots of wind and rain.  This morning it was 11* when I got up!!!!  High today is to be 18*.   Brrrrr.
There was a lake in the back yard again yesterday.  It was so saturated from last weekend, and no where for it to go.  This morning I have an ice rink!!
I finally started getting cabin fever and went out for a bit one day this week.  I am outside many times each day, but needed to get out and see people!
My neighbor did come over one afternoon and we had a nice visit.  It seems everyone stays inside during the colder weather, and we just don't see each other much.  It was nice to have 'human' conversation.

It was a quiet week again.
  • I found a series I have been watching on YouTube that is kind of interesting.  It is out of Canada.  Young man owns an antique store and he is always on the look for treasures.  He bought a 'hoarder' house.  It was quite a journey.  Eventually changed name of series to "Potter" house - as the lady was a very famous potter.  He has videos on all sorts of other buildings and lots of things he has purchased.  I really have been enjoying this.  He is called Curiosity Incorporated.  I know it was time I didn't accomplish anything - but I enjoyed it - and that is what matters!  If it makes me happy - I am doing it!!  My new motto.
  • I have been cleaning out drawers and doing a lot more de-cluttering
  • Took 3 more boxes of items (way more than 20 items) to the church thrift store.
  • While at church store I got a pack pita bread, bagels and a 2 lb. bag of split peas for FREE
  • Ran to Kroger just because!  I got a 2 lb. box of mushrooms for 1.99, a bag of 4 pears, 5 apples, and 3 grapefruit for .99 a bag and got 6 packs of neutral (can use all the time) tissue paper marked to .30 pack.  I also got a gallon of milk for 2.19.  
  • Chopped and froze the mushrooms
  • Cleaned all the bedding including all bed pillows and pillow covers
  • Doing all the normal stuff.  Eating from home and using up leftovers.  Drinking water and Kool-Aid.
  • Sent my neighbor home with a couple cans of cinnamon rolls (to bake) and some gravy mix for when his grandsons visit over the weekend.

Meals this past week:
Tostadas (used leftover skillet enchilada mix)
Grilled ham, egg and cheese sandwich and slaw (leftover in jar of home canned)
Cheesy potato soup (from freezer) served over Ramen noodles - topped w/sour cream
Red beans and rice w/ground beef 2X
Made layered refried bean dip and ate with Pita bread
Veg. soup (canned condensed - no water added) with pasta added - threw in balance of bean dip

This is the month that I think I tend to just veg out every year.  It is usually the gloomiest month and usually the coldest.  Not necessarily the coldest this year (until today).  The daylight hours are extending a bit in the evenings, but it is pretty cloudy most of the time.  So boring and ho-hum.
I plan on doing more de-clutter this week.  My plan is to take 2 - 3 boxes or bags to the church store every week.
How was your week?  Did you get any deals?  Did you stay on track with low spend?

DID you do the 20 CHALLENGE on anything this week? I look forward to hearing what everyone is doing?  It gives us all that needed boost.

So thankful to hear that our friends in Australia are getting some much needed rain!  Hope the fires  are doused completely very soon.  Prayers to those in the North with all the snow.  I saw pictures of a part of Canada this morning - OH WOW!  They had a ton of snow (blizzard).
May you all have a safe, healthy and frugal week.  May we all keep our distant friends in our prayers.
Stay busy and stay frugal.

Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I also watched the Potter House series last summer. It was really good and I enjoyed it. I know he did the some other things after that but I've not checked it out lately. I need to do that. I hope you're having a good weekend, Cheryl.

    1. He has purchased an old general store and that is what I am watching now. It is interesting and I love seeing how he reuses so many things. Gives me ideas.
      Have a great one.

  2. Glad you had a nice visit with your neighbor, and I'm glad you were able to get out of the house some.
    Stay safe and warm this week. It has been cold here, but we didn't have the ice that they were predicting.
    My girl and I are going to try to walk/exercise 20x each month. We walked 3 days last week, so it is a start. Starting to declutter, and we have more than 20 things to donate so far.
    Have a great week.

    1. Sounds like you are well on your way with the 20 challenge. Good goals.
      Stay warm as well.

  3. I also watched the potter house and found it amazing. I want a house with an attic so bad. I loved the attic. January is dull and dark here also, but I have been so busy with the house that I have not really noticed.

    1. The potter house was neat. What a talent she was.
      I have an attic - but not at all like that one. It was great.
      Don't over do it!

  4. Good for you for decluttering and getting out of the house! Your cold weather found us here in SW PA. It is 20 degrees and still going down today with snow flurries. This is after ice and snow which fortunately turned to rain yesterday.
    I was very good with the 20 Challenge this week. I went to the gym twice, walked 3.4 miles on the walking trail twice, and worked out at home twice in the past seven days. This brings me to 10 times this month. Hubby is at 17 times, but he exercises at home nearly every day of the week.
    I think my major decluttering is done, but I keep a box on the mud porch for things I find that I want to donate. When it gets full, I'll take the box to the Goodwill store that is near Aldi.
    I baked strawberry bread this morning, using strawberries I grew and froze last year. Meatloaf is in the slow cooker for dinner. I quilted a baby quilt for Project Linus this morning and will sew down the binding tonight. Cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed hubby's bedroom, washed and put away five loads of laundry, and put clean sheets on my bed. Don't know where I got all this energy today, but I wish I'd feel like this more often!

    1. Good going on the exercise - that is great. You are doing good.
      Your dinner sounds good.
      Send me some of your energy!!!! Have a good week.

  5. With my downsize move I have taken car loads of stuff to our charity shops. I am trying to do a fast half hour walk every day. Just sat with my daughter and enjoyed "Call the Midwife" on TV. You deserved a sit down after all your activity.

    1. It is amazing the stuff we accumulate over the years.
      Great on the walking. Have a good one.

  6. I'm going to watch that series ..sounds so interesting. January is a boring month for sure. We keep busy shoveling snow and that's about it...I am Decluttering now and crafting.
    I like to see other people too. Stay warm!

    1. It is interesting. They just found so much neat stuff. She was a packrat - not a nasty dirty type person.
      Have fun crafting.
      Stay warm

  7. Hubby is building a built in book shelf in an odd corner of the house. It is right outside of YD's bedroom. We have book shelves in every room of the house so this will help get rid of some of them. He is using materials that we already own. Still working on the pantry challenge. No one is starving so that is good. Have a wonderful week.

    1. That will be wonderful - great use for an odd corner.
      Keep plugging away.