Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up for last week

First, let me say thank you for all the sweet comments, hugs, prayers and blessings you have sent concerning the loss of my beautiful Lilly.  It means so much to me to have people that understand and care.  THANK YOU

We have had a very wet January this year.  I think they said the wettest in 15 years.  Very little snow, but lots of rain.
It is hard to believe that this month is almost over.  We have more daylight hours now.  It doesn't get really dark until after 6PM now - instead of 5PM.  Mornings have light before 8AM instead of about 8:30AM.  Spring is only 50+ days away.

This past week:
  • I did go to the feed store and got squirrel corn.  Odd they had no bird seed or peanuts!  None.  Strange for a feed store - said it was due to holiday schedules.  I have lots of other places I can get seed.
  • My Blazer door was frozen the first of week.  I finally got it open, then the mechanism wouldn't release to close the door.  WD40 and a heavy duty screw driver and it was working again!  When there is a will........
  • I received a copy of Country Woman  FREE in the mail.  They are trying to lure me back
  • Cleaned out the sock and undie drawer.  Found new of both that I had forgotten about
  • Threw out and set aside for donation a lot more than my 20 pcs. from the drawer cleanout and added some other items from around the house 
  • I did run out to find different treats and canned food that Lilly might like - to no avail.  Not frugal - but it will be used by the others
  • While out I stopped at Dollar General - as I had heard most had any leftover Christmas stuff for .25.  I got 3 -  6 packs of 6.5" x 8.5" gift bags and cookie bags (6 bags) for .25 each pack.
  • Tons of laundry
  • All the normal stuff
  • Friday got in upper 40's - so I turned off heat and aired the house for a while. - I know I am crazy.  The kitties loved it though!
Meals last week:
Chicken stir fry over rice
Ham/cheese bagels
Deconstructed tacos
Salsa chicken (from freezer) and cheese roll-up and carrots/dip
Small Mexican type pizza
Baked potato and salad
Nothing - Saturday

Last week sure didn't end the way I would have ever expected.  The emergency vet was a God send for me.  They were pricey, but that didn't matter.  My poor baby.  My heart just hurts.
Coogy keeps walking around looking.  He sure is staying close to me - much more than usual.

How was your week?  Did you stay on the frugal track?  How is your 20 challenge going?
Give us a shout out.

Blessings to you all.  May you and yours stay healthy and safe.  Hug everyone and love them.  Remember to enjoy the smaller things in life - because they are the big things!
Blessings from my humble little home to yours

A rare moment when Lilly and Coogy shared the love seat together!  Usually it was one or the other.
                                                                      My kitty loves


  1. Poor darling, I think somewhere down the road a kitty will find you, he/she will be lost and alone and looking for love. That will spice up Coogies life. It is wet socked in a rainy all week here and I am down in the back.

    1. Oh he and I will be fine. Maybe someday Momma and Fluffy (outside kitties) may want to come in.
      Don't you just hate dreary days? So sorry for your back. You do too much - God is telling you to slow down and take it easy!

  2. My kitties are my children. I would go hungry before I would let them. I have a 12 year old male with cancer. I have spent several thousand dollars for medical treatment for him. I have cut back on restaurants, vacation, new car, etc instead. I understand you saying it didn't matter how pricey the care for Lilly was! XOXOX to Coogy.

    1. Thank you for understanding. I would do anything for my babies. I am so sorry your boy is going through that. I hope he has many more years here with you (and good ones).
      Coogy is getting lots of love!!
      Thank you.

  3. For my 20 in 2020 challenge, I worked out 6 out of 7 days last week, for a total of 16 days this month. Not too bad, considering I made the commitment on Jan. 14. I worked out yesterday, and assuming I work out each day the rest of the week, I will hit 20 days. I did skip today because I drove to the Project Linus workshop about 45 minutes away toward the Big City. That is always a very stressful drive for me and tires me out.
    Filed under Frugality: I found a quarter last Friday. It was still attached to the lock on an Aldi shopping cart that someone had abandoned in the parking lot in the rain, but I didn't let that deter me. I took the cart, used it to shop, and got the quarter when I returned it after loading my car.
    I tallied our grocery shopping for the first 3-1/2 weeks of January. It came up to about $610. That sounds like a lot of money for two people and a cat, but I purchased a lot of cat food (on sale), paper products (on sale), toiletries (on sale), vitamins (we were almost out of) and stocked up on a number of things. I got $7 worth of coupons in Sunday's paper yesterday and will add any duplicates I get in tomorrow's mail before going to WalMart and getting a few more toiletry items.
    I am reading library books this year and not buying books (not even used) unless I cannot find it in a library anywhere. I have two books out now and plan to check out two more this week. I do tend to go on author jags and want to read everything a particular author has written (currently Conn Iggulden). Advanced Book Exchange ( is a terrific place to buy used books, but even at $3-4 a piece, it adds up.
    In the Decluttering Dept.: I exercised a great deal of self-restraint in NOT bringing home any more fabric than I need to complete Project Linus blankets for the coming month. I promised myself I would work down my quilt fabric stash this year. It is difficult to see all the cute kids' fabrics our chapter gets and not bring home more than I can use. When I develop my patterns, I do try to use nearly every inch of the fabric I bring home, keeping it frugal for our PL chapter.
    I like the quilt in the Lilly & Coogy picture. Did you make it?

  4. Look at you! What a great job you are doing. Good job on the exercising. I wish I had that much determination. Sounds like a frugal month despite spending $610. Sounds like you got a lot.
    Good going on the restraint - that is huge. O love that you try to use all the fabric. I know many seamstresses and they try to use everything as well - maybe for quilts or various projects - but it gets used. I love that.
    No that quilt was made my Glen's grandma many years ago. I treasure it. It is so pretty.
    Have a great week.

  5. I was going to make a comment on the quilt, it is beautiful!

    I'm glad you've got Coogy for cuddles. I'm sure you both need and enjoy them even more.

    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you on all counts. I am glad I have him too. He is a little lover bug!
      Have a good one.

  6. Sending hugs. What a sweet picture of your kitties. The quilt is beautiful too.
    Thanks for the reminder to get bird seed. I saw 4 blue birds at the water this morning but I hadn't filled the feeders since it has been so cold and windy.
    Stay warm and snuggle Coogy.

    1. Got to keep those pretty birdies fed! My blue jays just love peanuts in the shell - they steal them from the ones I put out for squirrels.
      Thanks. Lots of snuggles going on - he is curled up next to me right this minute!

    2. Sweet snuggles!!!
      Those blue Jays are mean but it sounds like they love those peanuts. Hope they leave some for the squirrels.
      Do you have eastern bluebirds? They are the prettiest shade of blue with rose/beige bellies, and they make me happy when I see them.

    3. Our are blue jays - pretty big and noisy. I am not sure what type. They do love their peanuts. I put some in the feeder as well, but they love to swoop down and take them off the rail where I put them for the squirrels.
      I don't think we have eastern blue birds - never seen any that look like that. I bet those are pretty.

  7. One of our friends, who we pet sit for, is going through a very tough time with one of her dogs right now. It's so difficult and the cost has been very high, but worth every cent to her.

    1. I am sorry for your friend. Yes, it is difficult. Our babies are worth all we can give them - they are family.