Sunday, January 5, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/5

Good morning to all my frugal friends.  I hope this finds you healthy and safe.
Prayers continuing for our friends in Australia that the devastating fires quickly come to an end.  So much loss there. It is all so sad.

I have had a pretty quiet week.  Spent much of it reflecting on the past year and contemplating what might come in the new year.  I truly have no idea what might be.  I just know I have to find ME!

My Coogy and his new favorite toy!!!!   Ribbon from a Christmas gift.  He has played and played with that despite having so many toys.  Just goes to show - it doesn't have to be store bought!
I went to a baby shower last Sunday for a cousin of Glen's.  It was a super nice affair.  I got to see many of his relatives and catch up.  That was nice.  They are just so kind.  It was my farthest trip so far (not that far really), just new to me to go that far away from home.  I am slowly moving out of my comfort zone - very slowly!!!

I watched a part of a marathon of The Twilight Zone NYE and NYD.  I do that every few years.  My goodness, everyone that ever went on to be famous was on that show!!  A fun blast from the past.

The weather has been mild for this time of the year.  There have had many above normal temperature days in the past couple weeks.  A few flurries mixed in and some cold nights and a little rain - but nothing to complain about.

My week:
  • Put away all the Christmas stuff and all my lovely gifts
  • Got all bills that were received and due in January PAID
  • Froze up 2 containers of salsa chicken (left from get together) and gave some to my neighbor
  • Got to turn off heat during the day for the first 3 days of the year!
  • Straightened up and organized the pantry
  • Received a coupon in the mail for a FREE 40 count box of Truvia
  • Made a small brisket for new years and made great use of it
  • Used all leftovers and some odds and ends to make a pot of  "stoop" - thick stew like pot of hamburger/veggie soup 
  • Just doing all the normal stuff around here.  Nothing exciting and the week has been quiet.
  • NO shopping at all
Meals this past week:
Ate at the shower - chicken salad  and veggies/dip - later at home had some beef stick and cheese and crackers leftover
Salsa chicken soft tacos
Fish sandwich and oven fries
Corned beef & cabbage and black eyed peas (new year's tradition)
Reuben sandwich and pickles  (home canned kraut and pickles)
Corned beef hash topped with cheese
Hamburger stew/soup  made from leftovers and odds and ends

This week I need to get myself in gear and start accomplishing some things.  New year - new start.  I need to get out of my own way and start getting busy.  
Did you have a nice new year's?  Are you looking to get back on the frugal bandwagon this month?  It seems we all spent a lot of extra money lately - I am really going to try to spend less on everything.

Take care of yourselves and be safe and stay healthy.  Looking forward to a new year of sharing with you all.  God bless and comfort each of you.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. It was so good to see you at the shower...I have put away most of the Christmas stuff. I leave out my nativity set usually till about February...though I have been tempted to put it away this year. And my stocking that was made for a family member. I just like seeing them.

    I just paid bills yesterday except one that does not come till middle of the month. I could actually have paid a couple days before but am so used to having to wait for a couple of them. It seems like the electric bill and phone bills cannot decide when they want to come out. And our waterbill is the same way. It came late yesterday...but have till the 15th to pay it...for a while it came late like this but only had till the 10th to pay it. I just like to pay them all at one sitting but it is just not possible.

    1. If you like seeing things still out - leave them out. You should enjoy them as long as possible if they bring you joy.
      I really enjoyed our visit.

      I try to keep everything paid up, my first actions were to pay once a month. Glen paid everything as it came in, so I guess I have started that as well.
      Have a great week.

  2. Good job going out of your comfort zone. I think we all need to do that. It helps us grow. We are still busy celebrating the holidays. Our last one will be this week with an aunt. She is a widow and we love spending time with her. She is full of so much knowledge. She is the one who taught my girls to knit.

    1. I guess we all have to reach further to expand ourselves.
      Sounds like you have been having a blast with the holidays. Accept all the advice she has to offer - she and others are libraries of information.
      Have fun.

  3. We will take down our tree tonight or tomorrow. We will leave up the snowman & outside lights (snowflakes) through January. I'm not quite ready for Dark Winter.
    Frugally, we only purchased a little produce so far at Sam's. No other groceries.
    I'm using credits for audio books and if I finish 3 before March 30, I will get a $20 Amazon credit. Free money.
    I will be paying bills online as always way before due dates. No past due penalties. We also paid extra on our car payment, so we have a small cushion, "just in case." We try to do this with any larger commitments.
    I'll be working on farm bookwork for the accountant and upcoming taxes. Not my favorite thing to do but necessary.
    And soon I hope to be able to get back to quilting and the 3 quilts I MUST finish for the 3 youngest granddaughters. Can't wait.

    1. Leave your decorations up as long as you enjoy them.
      Free money is always wonderful.
      Good thinking on the car payment. UGH taxes. I hate to think about it this year.
      Great going on the quilts. I need to come up with some craft ideas for the winter.
      Have a great time.

  4. I had a relatively quiet but enjoyable Christmas and New year which was welcome as I work for a church and the lead up was very busy!
    I took a notion on New year's Day to move around some furniture so that meant emptying bookshelves & cabinets, cleaning, moving the various bits & pieces, and then putting it all back together. Just going to finish off the last few bits this afternoon. I also changed out some cushion covers and throws (for ones that I already owned but had packed away) - so it feels as though I've done some redecorating but didn't spend a dime!
    I will finish packing up the last few Christmas decorations this afternoon and then take them down to my basement locker room tomorrow - so my apt. will be nice and tidy.
    I've had more than enough sweets this past month so it will be back on my low carb eating plan as of tomorrow - I'm looking forward to a lot of salads!
    The first of the month bills are all paid and the money is in my account for the middle of the month bills. I won't need a lot of groceries this month so hoping for a low spend month.
    Happy New year everyone.

    1. How neat to rearrange and feel like a new house! Love getting a new look for FREE! Sounds like you had a nice holiday.
      Good luck with getting back on the low carb diet. I have had too many sweets and still have plenty around. I shouldn't eat them - but can't help myself this time of the year.
      It is always comforting knowing the bills are paid and there is still money in the bank.
      Happy new year to you as well.

  5. We had a great holiday, and are getting ready to go back to work/school tomorrow. January is typically a pretty frugal month for us, but we are going skiing in February. It's part of our travel budget, but definitely pricey. We'll save & make it work.

    1. So happy you had a good holiday. I am not a very coordinated person and have never even considered skiing - but it sure looks like fun. Hope you save for and enjoy a wonderful trip.

  6. I'm glad you had a nice holiday, Cheryl, and a nice visit at the shower too! I'm always glad afterwards when I make myself do something that is outside of my comfort zone, but it is so hard leading up to it! lol

    We had a lovely and productive beginning of the year:
    *I cancelled our Amazon Prime subscription as the online shopping has slowed after the holiday purchases. I also returned an item that didn’t live up to my expectations and received a refund.
    *I didn’t give up on a stain in a shirt I like to wear both at home and out and about. It took a couple of tries but finally got it out with Dawn dish soap so now the shirt is back in service.
    *Used save chicken bones and organic vegetable scraps from the freezer to make delicious bone broth and then used that for chicken soup.
    *Cashed out my Ibotta earnings for a $20 Amazon gift card and also received a $5 credit from Amazon due to bad service with a delivery. I was also able to earn $3 in the Ibotta app by placing my Walmart grocery pickup order through it.
    *My husband used free materials to work on the addition to the workshop. We hope to be able to make products to sell as well as possibly do cabinet making from home.
    *We accepted the gift of cow manure/old hay that has composted down into a beautiful soil additive for our new garden. I am excited to grow fruit & vegetables this year!
    *We updated our budget and set financial goals for this year. We have started January with progress made towards our goal so we hope to maintain and see the improvements throughout the year.
    *More on my blog here:

    1. You go girl! WOW!! Great progress for sure. I have a couple things to cancel myself, thanks for the reminder.
      Got to love Dawn - it works miracles on stains.
      How cool on a workshop and one that will help you be productive and perhaps make money. That is wonderful.
      Gardens are work, but nothing like seeing that first produce come off the plants you babied and grew. It tastes so good as well.
      Sounds like you are off to the races and doing well!
      PS - Look forward to checking out your blog!

  7. Look at us Cheryl we have a whole New Year to mess up!....:)

  8. Sounds like you had a great time at the shower. It seems like we have a lot of showers than nothing for awhile. This year it's graduations.
    What a great coupon for Truvia! Have a great week!

    1. It does seem like there are years that there are lots of showers or graduations. I think I am now past most of those.
      Have a good week