Sunday, August 23, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/23

Good morning everyone.  New week and an opportunity for new blessings and challenges.
Hope everyone is well.
This week I started out with decent cooler temperatures.  We had rain on Monday and Tuesday - which was needed.  Got to have the windows open and the AC off for a good bit.  That was nice.  It is now heating back up and the humidity is coming back for a while.  I am not going to complain - as fall/winter will be here soon.  I am not a 'cold' person!

I got the opportunity to see a bit of nature this week that I had never seen before.  I was standing outside just looking at flowers and noticed what I thought was a tiny hummingbird at the phlox.  I was hoping Fluffy wouldn't see it and go after it - it looked so small.
I walked over, figuring it would fly off and it didn't.  It wasn't a hummingbird!  I watched it for a long while and came in a researched.  It was Common Clear Winged Hummingbird Moth!  I never saw such a thing - it was so totally cool.
This is NOT my picture but a stock picture.  That is exactly what it looked like.  Had the long snout and tongue and fluttered like a hummy.  Just the neatest thing.  Here I am 65 and still getting to see new things in nature.  I love it.

My week:
  • I pulled out all the onions planted early in spring.  They had gotten nice size and then I planted more onion sets
  • Working on more yard clean-up.  Dead headed a ton of Coreopsis flowers and cut back a lot of stuff in the perennial bed.  So much to do whenever it is cool outside!
  • Picking lots of tomatoes.  Cherry tomatoes have gone wild!!!!
This is a serving dish and I picked these on Monday.  I did this amount or more 2 more times this week!!
  • Cleaned out the refrigerator and the frig freezer.  I found a very small head of cabbage at the back of frig I had forgot about and a single hotdog size smoked sausage in freezer.  Got both out and used them up.
  • Finished up gallon of milk this week that was dated best 7/30 - still tasted fresh!
  • Both rain barrels are full
  • Mowed and trimmed the yard
  • Not necessarily a frugal thing - but a calming thing I 'UNFOLLOWED' a couple of people this week on FB (not unfriended).  They post dozens of political things everyday  - NOT seeing those posts has calmed my world so much!!!!  Decluttering my mind!  Feel happier for sure!
  • Did a HUGE stock-up this week.  I added 5 more cases of canned cat food, got 6 pairs of new socks and 6 of undies, a carbonator for Soda Stream, some extra foody gifts for holiday baskets, cheese (always get), bologna, Stevia, bought 3 pork loins (on sale .99/lb.) and I found canning lids!!!!  I got 6  packs of lids.  Meijer had all kinds of canning supplies - jars and lids and even canners.  I think I am DONE with the big stock-ups - for a while!
  • I tore apart the living room!  Deep cleaned like crazy.  I took everything off the wall of shelves and cleaned and dusted.  I have boxed up 2 banana boxes of knick-knacks that I will be donating.   They just collect dust and they no longer bring me joy!  Nothing sentimental - just things I have gotten at sales/thrift over the years.  I moved furniture, cleaned register vents, moved the TV armoire and cleaned under (I think I found fur for a doz. cats!), redid all the shelves and then vacuumed all the floors on main level.    More to do - but boy did I wear myself out!
  • Just doing all the regular stuff - laundry in cold, line drying, eating from home, using what I have, etc.
Meals this week:
Egg rolls - from freezer
Cabbage, sausage, zucchini stir fry
Mexican chili mac
Leftover chili mac and salad
Cowboy skillet* and a cuke/onion/tomato side salad
Cowboy skillet leftover and grilled cheese
Bologna/tomato/lettuce sandwich - I was tired!

*Cowboy skillet - my invention!  Ground beef, onion, back eyed peas, jalapeno zucc., salsa and a bit of rice, taco seasoning =  YUMMY!

Just an UPDATE - remember a while back I chopped zucchini and added to my big jar of jalapenos?  Well it worked.  Dang they got hot.  I can use the zucchini  bits in anything I want a bit of spice added to.

I managed to keep busy this week and I really feel refreshed.  Hiding some of FB and accomplishing a good deep clean - really worked wonders for me.  Working outside in the mornings as weather allows is also invigorating.  My home is well stocked and I should be good to go for a long, long while.  
I will be concentrating on more yard work, cleaning and canning this week!  I suddenly feel like I have a huge burst energy and I am taking advantage of it!

How was your week?  Did you add to stockpile?  How are the gardens doing?  Any canning/freezing/dehydrating?  Let us know what is going on your world.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Let us all work on being a better human being, a better friend, a better citizen and a better family member.  The world needs to see our best NOW and always.  Every little positive we put into the world is pure energy and a blessing. 
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Good to hear you got a break from the heat this week. Autumn is just around the corner for us, with cooler nights and while I'll be happy for some relief from high temps I'm not looking forward to the cold either.
    What a deal on the pork loins! I think the least I've ever seen here is $4.99/lb. Good on you.
    Take care and stay well!

    1. I like the 60's and 70's during the day. Cool nights. That is my perfect weather.
      Yes, it was a deal for sure. Since it is just me and maybe holiday company - they will last for a while. I am thrilled.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. We don't have humming birds here in the UK but I have seen a humming bird moth in the garden and was amazed as like you I thought it was a bird but tiny. Your tomatoes are amazing.

    1. I just love our hummingbirds - little flying jewels. I have several eating a lot lately. Yes, I thought it was a tiny bird - amazing!!!
      Thanks the cherry tomatoes are going crazy!

  3. We fed the missionaries this weekend and I found a great sale on beef roasts and stew meat so I stocked up. Still have canning jars on the list.

    1. That is wonderful. Glad you found a good deal. Hope you find your jars soon.

  4. Hummingbird moths are amazing! I haven't seen one lately, but we had one that came to our garden in a house we lived in previously. Our little garden plot is doing well with lots of tomatoes and cukes. Red beets are coming, but not great. Green beans have been finished for a while. We get a veggie share from a farm every week, so my dehydrator has been working a lot, and I'm doing some freezing. Every bit count!

    1. Glad to hear your garden is doing well. Farm shares can really be a blessing. Glad you are making use of everything. It will surely be tasty this winter!

  5. I bought literally the last two cases of diced tomatoes at the market. My friend in Cali hasn't been able to find them and I got a little worried so I checked. The shelves were EMPTY! The two I found were bottom shelf, way in the back corner. I figured people didn't crawl down and look. Bless my husband's long orangatan arms!!
    Also got two pork loins but ours were $1.59 lb. Again, got the last two. Found some alcohol wipes at Menards and got a few of those since the regular kind are gone. I got some chocolate chips and flours to start my winter baking stock up. Strange days at the market, for sure.

    I am planning to hit Joanns for sewing supplies to get me thru winter. I need some cotton sewing machine thread in case I decide to make bowl cozies.

    1. Glad you got what you did. I keep seeing that about tomatoes. I did see lots of brand name tomatoes - but no store brand at all. Weird. Still a good deal on the pork loin.
      Get that sewing stuff together - just in case.

  6. Oh, I did most of my cleaning but my knee isn't happy about that at all. Sore.

    For extras, I made laundry soap and toilet bombs. I also made bread. I made all my yearly doc and dental appts. since they all got cancelled in spring. They're all in September so maybe I'll actually get them done!! Including the dreaded dermatologist. Why dreaded? Because I did horrid sun damage to my youthful skin and I never leave the office without stitches and stinging freeze burns. Ouch!

    Lastly, meals last week included:
    *Cold cuts subs
    *Burrito bowls
    *Green chile enchiladas
    *Pizza and salad
    *Diced kielbasa and Mexican seasoned corn
    *Caesar salad with shredded chicken.
    I think we're skipping dinner tonight because we had a late lunch of big turkey subs with avocados. I made them way too big!!

    I've only seen pics of those hummer moths. So strange! I'd love to see one. I saw my first Oriole last year and went crazy with excitement! I love seeing new things too... I even got excited when I saw my first turkey vulture... And they're UGLY!!

    1. Sounds like you got a lot done. Oh the dreaded doctor visits.
      Your meals sound delish!

      It was such a neat thing to see. So exciting. I was the same way when I saw my first turkey vulture in person - heck I took a picture. Nature sure is beautiful.

  7. I'm with you - I've been avoiding Facebook altogether (removed it from my phone) & staying away from social media. Instead, I'm also trying to put more positivity & kindness into the world. Today, for example, I was able to give a neighbor a folding table she needed for her grandson (he's evacuated due to fires & needs a place to do his remote learning). I was also able to share jalapenos with a neighbor.

    1. Good for you for having such discipline. I haven't given up on all of it - but some people are just toxic. Who needs that?
      So nice of you to help out and share. That is what we all should be doing. Thank you

  8. We also got that great deal on pork for 99 cents per pound. This is our first year of growing zucchini and it has done so well. Always so exciting to out to our yard and find something to eat.

    1. Isn't that the best? Walk out the door and pick food from the yard! Glad you got in on that pork deal too.

  9. It is great getting an unexpected burst of energy. So much can be accomplished can’t it. I wandered outside last evening just to pick a few herbs for tea. It just made me smile watching and listening to what was happening. Wish we had hummingbirds or even those moths.

    1. Yes, I am one that needs to take advantage when I get those bursts!! I can be a slug.
      Outside is so awesome - love nature and the sounds. I adore the hummingbirds and I am always so sad when they leave.
      Be blessed

  10. That's great that you found canning lids, Cheryl. So many people are having trouble finding them. Your hummingbird moth is so neat, I had never heard of them either. Your cherry tomatoes are beautiful and I'd say they taste great, probably like eating candy. LOL

    I've unfollowed people on FB for the same reason as you. It gets old after a while. I hope you have a good Monday and a good week.

    1. I was lucky and was at the right place at the right time for sure on the lids.
      Those tomatoes are my candy - I can't walk by the dish without grabbing 2 or 5!!!
      Maybe after the election and the aftermath slows I will follow those people again - just don't need that crap in life.
      Glad to hear I am not the only one doing that!
      Have a good one

  11. I have never seen that moth before. How beautiful.
    I deactivated my FB 3+ years ago. I wasn't liking some people very much, and I was letting it steal my peace. Wasn't helping my blood pressure either. ;)
    I bought a couple pork loins on sale too. Need to find a sale on chicken now
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. It looks just like a hummingbird only littler!!!! If you can imagine. About half the size.
      Good for you on FB. I am trying to stay off it more each day.
      Can't beat the deal on pork! Hope you find a chicken dea soon.
      Have a nice one.

  12. Finding a hummingbird moth in your yard! It is interesting what we find if we take time to look around. I found some sort of stick insect/praying mantis while I was picking beans Sunday morning.
    He was a pretty good size fella and not shy at all. I posted it on Instagram and nobody seems to know for sure what it is. You've done some major cleaning like I need to do. Even in a small house, things get out of hand quickly it seems.

    1. Yes, it is amazing what you can find in your own backyard. It is also amazing to get to see and experience new things even at this age.
      It sure does get out of hand easy. My house is small - but boy does it need this AS DO I!

  13. The cowboy skillet sounds interesting...I am getting enough tomatoes to have one with meals part of the time. No way could I have one with every meal. I do have some I need to pick. And I had two last night as my snack. I think I could have eaten two more.

    But am thankful to have of my plants does just plain way do I have enough to can.

    1. It was quite tasty. I am big at mixing stuff up and making a one dish meal.
      LOVE tomatoes with anything at anytime.