Sunday, August 9, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/9

Good day to everyone.  Hope this finds each of you well and safe.
We had a lovely week of weather this past week - more fall like temps.  Cooler (70's) and lower humidity.  We did get rain a couple times.  It was wonderful.
This coming week it sounds like summer is returning.  Highs in the 80's (not bad) but humidity comes back.  Looks like several rain chances this coming week as well.

My neighbors (who had the doggy) got a new puppy.  I was surprised they did so, as quickly as they did.  I guess the guy was having a hard time adjusting!  It is so cute - it's about 4 months old and it will get big.  But he is pretty mellow for a puppy and just as cute as can be.  I think it is part Lab and part Blue Heeler (?).  Bandit is his name.

We had a bit of excitement (I could do without) in the neighborhood on Monday morning.  There was what looked like a bazillion police cars on the street when I got up!   I guess there was a Federal drug raid on a house about 4 doors down!!!!!  There were supposedly 30 raids around the city that morning all before dawn.  They arrested 2 people (one pregnant) and spent hours and hours at the house.  I guess you just never know what goes on behind closed doors!!!  So glad they shut it down - don't need that in our quiet neighborhood.  No one had a clue about drugs being there.  Scary.

My Surprise Lilies (naked ladies) popped up and started blooming this week.  I just love them.  The bulbs for them are far older than me.  They came from my parent's home -as did most of my pretties.  I have two big bunches of them that are blooming now.

My week:

  • Had company come and visit on Sunday - we set outside on the porch and had a lovely visit.
  • I got to spend a lot of time in the yard this week.  Mowed and trimmed.  Trimmed all the bushes and the berry patch.  Got the garden pretty much weed free!!!!!! YAY!   It always looks extra pretty for a day or two after  - then it all starts growing again!
  • I have been picking tomatoes and a few more cucumbers (tiny).  There has to be hundreds of cherry tomatoes hanging out there!
  • Did a lot of porch sitting this week - had the kitties join me a few times!!
  • Ran to the library to return and got 2 cookbooks to read (like I have none!!)  LOL
  • I did a stock-up run this week.  Checked out the dollar tree (didn't get much there) except my shampoo - enough for well over a year.  I also went to a smaller independent store and did well.  Got hair color, more TP (done for a while), dry bleach, olives, cider vinegar, instant coffee, toilet bowl cleaner, cat food (dry and wet), and litter.  
  • Didn't need any regular groceries this week
  • Had a squirrel corn feeder come down this week.  I went out and put it back up and shored up the other two.  All nice and sturdy again.  Fat little buggers!!!
  • Made and canned salsa!  My first of the season.  I plan on doing more this week
Always looks just so pretty to me.  A start to homemade holiday gifts!!!!!

Take a gander at these Roma tomatoes!  Most of them are this big.  It fills my hand.  They sure are nice.

Meals this past week:
Fried 'zoodles' with sauce, tomatoes and cucumber slices
Ramen noodles with veggie soup (freezer) added
Tortilla chips and cheese dip and sliced tomatoes (I was tired)
Tomato and bologna sandwich - a summer favorite
Beef and bean tostadas
Red beans/rice, chicken tenders and sliced tomatoes

How was your week?  Are you adding to your pantries?  Are you canning/freezing/dehydrating  anything?
Let us know what is going on in your life.

No matter how the days go, no matter what the news says, no matter - REMEMBER - the sun will rise tomorrow, the birds will be singing and the butterflies flying, children will be laughing and there is good in every day.  Make the best of what you are given.

Stay safe, stay well, stay happy and stay frugal.  
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Thank you - after a few down days, I needed to read those positive words - sometimes when you can't see the wood for the trees, you just need a plain simple affirmation like that - take care xx

    1. You are welcome. There is always light after the darkness - have a beautiful week!

  2. It is always fun to read about your week and what you are up to---kind of sad about the drug raid so close to your house.
    Glad you were able to have a visit and stay safe doing so.
    Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Thanks. It was nice to have company - sure has been a long while!
      Yes it was sad - and sadly for the young lady who was pregnant - SMH. Choices - so many bad ones.
      Have a blessed day.

  3. Cheryl, I enjoyed reading about your week. Shocking that there was a drug raid in your neighborhood, scary is right. Your tomatoes are huge for Romas. I bet they taste so good!

    1. It shocked the entire neighborhood. You just never know. The real scary part is that they had obviously been watching them for a while!!!!
      They are pretty yummy!
      Have a great one.

  4. Cheryl, when it comes to drugs, they live everywhere. When I lived in L.A. there was a raid on an upper middle class white suburban home. I went to bible study with a couple of women from that neighborhood. They were horrified that people would do that in such a nice quiet area. (They left out the rich white part lol). I made it simple for them to understand. If you were dealing with something highly sought after, worth millions of dollars, illegal, etc., wouldn't you want to be in a safe quiet place where you weren't apt to know people, low crime, etc. where the police weren't wondering about your $100k SUV because there were several on your block? Nobody is immune and they're every where, sadly. My sympathy lies with the children.

    Okay, happier things. I got a lot of ironing done, made 4 masks for my brother and made him up a care package, made toilet bombs, actually did some cooking from my wheelchair, a little cleaning, and made a floral wreath for our bedroom. I made good use of a trip to hobby Lobby and got several things I was out of. All this sewing! Went early on a weekday and it was blissfully uncrowded.

    Meals this week.
    Bbq burgers
    Chef salad
    French dips
    Chili dogs
    Breakfast for dinner

    Expecting steam bath weather this week.

    1. You are so right - drugs make no exception to anything. They are in about every neighborhood - and yes it really does make sense to be in a wealthier neighborhood - draws no attention.

      Sounds like you had a good week. Glad you got out and didn't have to deal with crowds.
      Take care. Your meals sound yum.

  5. Drug folks generally do take up residence in nice calm neighborhoods. There was one many years ago 1/4 mile from my in-laws. (long before meth). How awesome there was a massive raid on this rampant problem! Kudos to your detective team!

    I went to the store this week for a very few items: feta, olive oil, salad tomatoes (mine are not on yet)and a few items by surprise: organic chicken (because it was there, not because we were out), boneless shoulder pork ribs (also because they were there)

    1. Yes indeed for the kudos. It was a concerted effort between FBI and DEA they said - so a major clean-up on all sides of the city. Funny it was on the news about city wide raids at about 9AM - they showed up well before dawn!!!!

      Good for you - got to love those surprises! Have a good one.

  6. Goodness that must have been quite the sight on your street. I'm glad too, that the operation has been shut down. It's sad that people feel this is a way to make a living and I sure hope at least some of them will change their lives as a result.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Well, I think most of the ones that got caught the other day will change - Federal prison is on the agenda for them! Wish it would deter others as well.

      It was something to see. There sure was a lot of porch sitting going on that morning! Everyone was being nosey!
      Have a good one.

  7. My sister, who lives in a small but upscale town known for ritzy summer cottages and upscale wineries, had a similar experience when the drug squad made a series of raids one morning (I think it was to do with Cannabis before it was legal here) - everyone went to the courthouse for the arraignments just to see which of their neighbours had been arrested!! It was the talk of the town for quite some time!

    We are expecting similar weather - in fact we are back under a heat advisory for today and tomorrow. It should be a bit cooler later in the week so I have plans to meet a couple of friends for a long walk down by the lake on Thursday morning.

    Didn't do a big grocery shop this week but managed a couple of small scale visits on my way back from the office - picked up more rice, some crisp bread, more pickles and some Tahini - all of which went into the pantry. I also got a few dozen eggs and I have started freezing them for the first time. As space allows I will add more so that I don't have to worry about it later - eggs are still something that can be hit or miss at the grocery stores.

    With it being cooler I took the opportunity to make a pot of chilli and one of stew. Ate some of each and froze the rest for later. I also took out some ham so that was Sunday brunch and I'll eat the rest tomorrow in a salad. I mixed in a couple of salads with eggs & cheese as the protein and that took care of the week's meals.

    No gardening or canning for me but I will be in the office 3 times this week (I go in for the mornings) so I'll stop off at a couple of different stores on the way home throughout the week and pick up a few odds & ends. I don't need a lot so I'll concentrate on adding things that might be on sale or something other than "the usual". I intend adding to the pantry throughout August, then halving my monthly grocery budget to just cover fresh food for each month throughout the Fall. I have a CC that I want to get paid off so the other half of the grocery money can go towards that - and because I want to be sure to actually eat from my pantry. If things start to get worse come Cold & Flu season I'll have some funds set aside to do a quick restock if needed. The province has been well under 100 cases per day for over a week now but school opening in a month's time will be the real test.
    Stay safe everyone.

    1. I totally understand - everyone in the neighborhood was sure out and watching.
      Love that you are adding to pantry too. That is what I did this week as well - nothing really needed for daily use.
      Mmmm chili sounds good - can't wait for cool weather.
      Smart plan on shopping and paying off CC. It is always nice to have a little nest egg.
      Have a good week - hope you get your lake walk in.

  8. I love the way you wrap up your week, it was a fun and interesting read!

    1. thank you. Some weeks nothing much happens - some weeks....well. Just life.
      Thanks for being here!

  9. It's going to be close to 100 all week. Just hoping the air conditioner doesn't go out. Your salsa sounds so good. I hope you will give all of us, readers, your recipe. Thanks so much for your,always, encouraging posts.

    1. Judy my recipe is easy - Mrs. Wages. I use the mix, vinegar and tomatoes. I love it, as does my family. Not going to change it up - it is a favorite.
      Thanks. Have a good week.

  10. Wow, you had some excitement in your neighborhood! Didn't anyone notice extra traffic, especially quick in-and-out stops during the night? We lived out at Lizton, a little bitty village, which is in Hendricks County and had a drug dealer live next to us in the country. He had huge dogs in his backyard which served as an alarm system as well as security. We lived within a mile of Tri West High School. Had a fellow who used and sold drugs right across the street from us in a rental house. He was finally evicted for not paying his rent (after three times in court for non payment). Cops were called once for a domestic. Again, traffic in and out at all hours of the night. It happens in all neighborhoods.

    My little dogs were not happy with the thunderstorm that came through at 6:30 this morning! Don't think it's going to rain all day.

    You always keep busy and productive! Salsa is always a fun thing to make. That is one big roma! Since it is too wet to work outside, I have plenty of indoor chores.

    1. Well the traffic must have been during the night - as really no one noticed much. They did have a couple male friends that came by every other day - I am thinking maybe not a lot of indiv. deals but maybe to other dealers(?) They had a cute puppy and she was pregnant with their first child - so no one really suspected. Their family owns the house and had lived there for years - no problems. SMH

      My outdoor kitties were not happy either. Didn't see Fluffy till it was well over. She was hiding under the deck/greenhouse. It is beautiful and sunny now and HOT and MUGGY! More to come tonight I guess.

      Salsa is fun to make and it tastes so good!
      Have a good day.

  11. Wow on the drug raid. Hope things are calmer now.
    I have never seen surprise lilies before, they are so pretty and delicate. How special that they came from your parents house.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Things have been quiet this week!
      Really? They are every where here in our area. They are so pretty. The greenery comes up in the spring and then dies back, and then poof overnight during the summer they just pop up. They don't last long, but sure are pretty and they smell divine.
      have a good one

  12. I love your photo of the salsa...I planted 5 tomato plants, one of them is producing good. The other one that was one of the first two I planted is just weird and have only gotten about 3 tomatoes from it and they have just a hard is just woody. Have to cut half of it away. And then the ones I planted late just are not doing any good at all. But the one is taller than me and has produced right along, have had two or three that rotted...and those not the ones down low. Just strange.