Sunday, July 25, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/25

 Happy Sunday everyone.  My goodness, this is the last Sunday of the month.  This year is going so quickly.  I hope this finds you all well and safe.

It is getting hot again!  We had a brief respite from the heat and now it is coming back for most of the coming week.  Humidity is what makes it feel so nasty out.  Hey, on a side note about the heat - 5 months from today is Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL
I hope all those in fire areas, flood areas and drought areas get relief.  Stay SAFE!
We had a dry week this week.  We needed that after the rain of the past week.  I have sure enjoyed the big old moon a couple nights this week.  I wish I had tried to take a picture.  Huge, and full and orange!  I think the color might have something to do with the smoke in the atmosphere - but it sure was beautiful.

Captured and removed groundhog number 6 of the summer.  UGH.  This is just crazy for the suburbs/city.
Yesterday the generator came on - we had a power outage for some reason.  It only lasted about a half hour and wouldn't have been a big deal - but it sure is comforting to know that  it works and would when it really counts.

Spent a long while cleaning up comments on here - so many Spam and stupid posts.  I don't know if you  all see ALL of them or not - but I apologize for the nuisance.  I know it happens else where, but it is aggravating.  I wish people had better things to do - if is amazing to think that they actually think they are going to get business from these obnoxious ads.  SMH

My week:
  • After we dried out - I got to mow and do a good trim.  Everything sure looked nice afterward
  • I went with my brother and sil to my gr. nieces on Sunday for a first birthday party!  It was great to see them all - hadn't seen them since Christmas.  Got caught up on lot's of baby hugs and kisses - one was 1 and one is 2!  Had a nice meal of a taco bar as well
  • Been harvesting more garden goodies.  Zucchini coming out my ears!!!  I love it - sure could have worse problems
  • Trimmed the back yard bushes
  • Dropped off library book at the outside drop off when in area
  • Been pulling weeds and dead headed a lot of flowers.  The lilies sure looked haggard after blooming - and I got those all cleaned out
  • Cooked up a couple pounds of bacon to have on hand for various meals
  • Just doing all the normal stuff - cooking at home, laundry in cold, changed out bedding, drinking water and tea, etc.
  • Finally had to water containers this week and used my rain water 
  • Other than my one shopping day outing - I stayed home
  • I did make a grocery run.  I went to Kroger for fresh goodies (got very little).  Did find a couple deals.  I got 3 packs of 4 ea. of beef burgers for 1.99 pack.  That is .50 per meal for meat = 12 meals!!  I also got 2 family size boxes of Frosted Flakes (best by end of 2022) for 1.99 ea. I don't eat breakfast - but it will be good for future snacks!  Donut holes for .99.   Also bought a few cherries to munch on for fruit snack.

Also made the WalMart stop and got a lot of canned cat food.  They are the one place that has had good stock lately.  I also got the night driving glasses there as well and I did get more canning lids.

Meals this past week:
Taco bar at nieces
Burger with zucchini/onion/salsa/cheese
Smoked sausage - chopped potatoes - kraut (home canned) mixed together
Pizza style zucchini boats
Dbl. burger, baked beans and salad
Fried green tomatoes and fried okra (oh yum - it was so GOOD)
Snacks - cherries, donut holes and nacho chips w/melted cheese

Pizza topping zucchini boat - made on the stove top and didn't use oven!  Steamed zucchini - then added topping and cheese and covered on low heat till cheese melted.  This was a smaller zucchini and it was soooooo good and an entire meal.

So how was your week?  How are those gardens doing?  Any canning or preserving yet?  No canning here yet - plan on working on zucchini this week to freeze and maybe dehydrate.
Did you get any good deals this week?
Look forward to hearing from you all!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe and healthy.  
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
Romans 15:13


  1. After a week of fairly nice weather (though smoky), we're returning to our normal hazy, hot and humid. I've been using rain water on the veggies. May get a thundershower today.
    We were inspired to clean out last week. When the house gets too cluttered, I feel claustrophobic and can't breathe. I got rid of a bunch of junk from the mud porch and rounded up some clothes and books for donation. Husband is cleaning out his piles of paper, and I did some long overdue filing and shredding. Still more decluttering to do.
    You sure got a good deal on those hamburger patties!! Ground beef here is around $4.99/lb. I get the 1-lb frozen chubs at Aldi for $4.19 and try to stretch them as much as I can.
    Found $200 in a purse I was cleaning out! Yes, it was my money, but I'd forgotten I had it.
    Saved $26 when I renewed the Sunday paper for Husband. The renewal notice said $130/yr, but when I went online to pay, it was $104/yr.
    I joined Costco this week in order to get their preferred pricing on prescription medicine. Just one of Husband's meds will almost pay for the $60 membership ($29 vs. $81 copay. We can get our other meds for 90 days vs. 30 days, too.
    I've noticed that both WalMart and Aldi have been out of certain items lately. I'm going to both this week and hope they have everything I'm looking for in stock. Otherwise, we're pretty well stocked at home.
    I'm picking zukes and cukes, and the tomatoes will be ready this week. Fresh sure tastes good! Blooming: cosmos, zinnias, hostas, sunflowers, marigolds, snapdragons, tiger lilies, butterfly bush, butterfly weed, and salvia. I like a messy cottage-garden look.
    Had to take the hummingbird feeder down because the yellow jackets took over. We're enjoying watching the juvenile birds at the feeders. They're a lot like teenagers: as big as their parents and always wanting food!
    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. I totally understand what you mean about clutter. It just gets to be too much at times.
      WOW on the $200 find! $50 is my biggest (I forgot) find. It is always nice to have some extra.
      Glad you garden is producing and all those flowers. I am a messy cottage flower garden person too. I just let them do their thing!
      Good deal with the Costco membership. That is a good savings.
      Have a great week.

  2. We had a wonderful week with our middle son and family here to visit. It is such a treat to have them here and enjoy the little ones. We ate all our meals out on the porch and had a pile of leftovers when they left but we did well using them up and only a little went in the trash.

    It has been incredibly dry here but we had an inch of rain overnight last night for which we are so grateful. We have had the smoke, too. It is much clearer this morning.

    Yesterday we made a run to the discount grocery and found a whole case of Grands cinnamon rolls for 7.99, a can of whole egg powder for my food storage for 6.99 (dated 2030), rolls of ground turkey with taco seasonings already in it for $1, also an artisan pizza for supper last night for 2.99 which was delicious. The Grands will supply us for small group and friends dropping in for coffee. I will take some apart and make cinnamon twists for something different. Just could not beat the price for the convenience.

    Have a good week!

    1. So happy you had a great visit with your son and family. It sure is nice, especially when you don't get to see each other often.
      My goodness - what fantastic finds you got at the store! Unheard of prices! That really helps the old pantry out. Good for you - you did great.
      Have a good week.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time at the birthday party. Happy Birthday to the wee one!

    I actually got a couple of good deals. Best deal of the week was pasta for 88 cents a box. Couldn't say know so snagged a couple of boxes to add to the pantry. I also got two packages of chicken breasts (four per package) on a two for one. I have limited freezer space but no problems fitting those in!

    1. I did have fun - little ones are so sweet to love on.

      Good deal. Love B1G1 on meat. That is great. It will give you some inexpensive future meals for sure.
      Have a good week.

  4. Sounds like a great birthday party and visit with family! A taco bar is a good way to feed a group.

    Your zukes are really going to town. We have been doing a lot of stir fry type dishes and the zucchini is so good in them. I spied one little green bean while searching for cucumbers. One of the strawberry beds is producing again. I weeded it this morning so we could find the berries.

    We could do without the extreme heat but at least we are not close to the wildfires, even tho we are getting some haziness from them.

    1. The taco bar was wonderful - I will keep that in mind for the next company thing I do.

      Yay on veggies. Once they start it doesn't take long.

      I agree - I will take the heat considering what is going on else where. Thankful for those things we get and those we miss.

  5. The last Sunday of the month?!! OMGosh, you're right! Makes me think I'm a little cooler thinking about Christmas in 6 months :). No, I haven't seen any of the unwanted posts....good job!
    Your zucchini pizza boats look fabulous, yum! How'd you know I've been craving doughnuts? :p
    Aren't little ones' kisses so precious?!
    Lord bless those wild critters - coming into the neighborhoods to find food. Sounds like a job relocating them.
    That's great you have a generator! We have a small one, but not a whole-house one.
    Keep cool!

    1. I know right - a few months and we will be complaining about the cold!
      The boats were so good. Great way of using veggies. I guess I was kind of craving donuts too!

      Baby kisses are so sweet. Both littles have so many medical issues (inherited), yet they are both so happy all the time. Those big wet open mouth kisses - sure are special!!!! LOL

      It is amazing how many critters there has been this summer - not sure why. Yep catch & release takes a while. Have to make long drives so as not to make them someone else's problem.
      Have a good one

  6. Yum, your menu sounds so good! I love fried green tomatoes. And the taco bar at the birthday party sounds so good. I’m glad you got rid of your groundhog, they can do a lot of damage. Great deals at Kroger. Those burgers are nice and big.

    1. Thanks. The first fried green tomatoes of the season are always the best.
      Exactly why the bugger had to go. They can really do a lot of damage and they love eating gardens.
      The burgers are really nice size - a meal for me.
      Have a good one!

  7. Five months until Christmas eve? Wow! I was laughing and then realized I shouldn't be laughing, I should be shopping cause it'll be here in the blink of an eye. I bought some frosted flakes the other day too. I paid a bit more than $1.99 though. You got a good deal. I don't do breakfast either, but I love cereal for lunch. Glad you had a good time at your niece's. A taco bar sounds fun.

    1. 5 months!!!! Just think how fast these past 7 months have gone. Crazy.
      I know I got a real good deal on those Frosted Flakes. I like something sweet now and then - that will do.
      Have a great week.

  8. Wow, how time flies! It's been hotter than blazes here in the Chicago 'burbs. My deck garden is starting to produce enough for evening meals. I've picked 2 tomatoes, and have another 3 ready to go. Peppers are growing, but still a little on the skimpy size. Maybe another week? Carrots are ready, and the basil and oregano need another haircut. In the coming weeks I'm going to have to make a Michigan run for pickling cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, and peaches -- maybe next Sunday (class reunion there on Saturday). And, maybe I can catch some blueberries and blackberries, too. This summer had really gotten away from me and I haven't done nearly the canning I wanted to do. Stayed away from the grocery store and ate from the pantry, for the most part. Need to stock up on some staples today. And tacos may just be on the menu this week. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. I know - hard to think about holidays being 5 months away in this heat. Glad you are starting to get garden produce. Sounds yummy. I have a few cherry tomatoes getting ready to turn red - so it won't be long on regular ones.
      Oh how fun - a class reunion. I always enjoy those. Hoping you can get some great produce deals while you are there. Two birds with one stone!
      Good job on using the pantry.
      Have a good week.

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